Who is Grimmmz And Does The PUBG Streamer Have A Girlfriend?

Grimmmz is a famous American gamer who became popular for his extraordinary ability in scoring record points in popular games like Fortnite Battle Royale and PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds. As a result of his penchant for scoring unreasonably high points at survival and killing games, he has accumulated a large number of loyal fans over the years, thereby pocketing large chunks of money doing what he knows best.

Who is Grimmmz?

Famous gamer and streamer Brian Roncon popularly referred to as Grimmmz was born on January 7, 1988, in California, USA. He is an American national who belongs to the white ethnic group. There is very little information as regards his family as well as his childhood owing to the fact that he barely speaks about it. Speaking about his early educational background and qualifications, there is no information about that whatsoever; however, he was known to exhibit a high talent and zeal for video games while he was a child. As Grimmmz grew up his love for gaming only intensified the more, thereby making him spend most of his time experimenting between games.

Over time, he soon started getting recognition as a popular streamer on twitch for PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds due to his aggressive style of play as well as his ability to record unreasonably high number of kills. As fame began to set in he became even more obsessed at gaming to the point of him spending at least 10 hours a day in front of the screen.

In the course of time, a new image of him unknown to most of his fans and fellow gamers began to come to the light as most gamers started seeing Grimmmz as an egocentric jerk totally incapable of handling even the tiniest bit of criticism or trolling, which isn’t far from the truth given the fact that he was known to ban people from his Twitch channel for saying things that didn’t agree with his sentiments. There was also a tendency for him to make a series of excuses for his shortcomings most especially when he dies in the game. Sometimes, he went as far as accusing people of cheating which in turn led to massive criticism and ridicule from fellow gamers.

Who Is His Girlfriend?

Being the famous gamer and streamer he is, Grimmmz’s personal life is always on the spotlight, however one segment of his life that tends to receive much more emphasis is that of his relationship status. Despite his mastery at keeping things about his private life off the mainstream, he hasn’t been able to keep this part of his life silent no matter how hard he tried. That being said, it is not known to many that Grimmmz is currently married to a fellow streamer who goes by the name of Caliverse. Nevertheless, there is zero information as regards how they met and when they tied the knot.

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His Popularity on Streaming Platforms like Twitch

He is a very popular figure on Twitch and has amassed a total of 940k followers for his gaming prowess. Grimmmz also has a YouTube channel that has seen over 254k loyal subscribers. On the channel, he posts videos of his gaming sessions.

In 2018 he threatened to leave PUBG with his followers if BlueHole fails to make an upgrade that would enable streamers to have the ability to ban cheaters off the game.

Besides PlayerUnknown Battleground which has brought him immense fame over the years, he is also known to be an ardent player of games like Dark Souls and Borderlands 2.

Net Worth

Although there is no official information as regards his exact net worth, several sources speculate he should be worth around $500,000 which doesn’t sound far fetched given the fact that he pockets a whopping sum per month from Twitch as a result of his massive subscribers. It’s even more impressive given the fact that Grimmmz also gets some good money from tournament wins, tips, and sponsorship.

Life outside gaming

Grimmmz also happens to have an immense love for animals most especially dogs. He is known to have a pretty looking dog as a pet but its name is very much unknown.

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