Where Is Graveyard Carz Located, Where Is It Filmed?

American television has continued to maintain its position at the top of the rankings among its global peers due to its commitment to diversified programming and very few demographics have benefited from this than car enthusiasts who have a range of reality shows about cars, one of which is Graveyard Carz, a show that has been on air since January 2012, it runs for 60 minutes per episode and has released over 90 episodes shown in over 10 seasons.

Graveyard Carz, which is hosted by Motortrend, is targeted towards fans of classic automobiles, specifically Mopar muscle cars and it has proven to be one of the many successful reality shows on TV. Here is a compilation of interesting facts worth knowing about the show including details o where it is being filmed.

Where Is Graveyard Carz Located?

As for the location of the show, Graveyard Carz is made on location in Springfield, Oregon. The show is the brainwork of Mark Worman, Aaron Smith and Casey Faris who created the show under the banner of The Division, a film and television production company where Mark is CEO.

The show’s idea came after Mark Worman decided to document the restoration of a 1971 Plymouth ‘Cuda. The car, which was painted Hemi Orange and came equipped with a technical specification of 440 6 Barrel V8, HD Hemi 4-Speed transmission was wrecked following a major accident after the driver lost control during a 100mph race with a pickup truck.

His decision to document the restoration was aided by his friend, Aaron Smith who filmed the process. During the filming, the automotive technicians who worked on the car proved to be fascinating and entertaining personalities and both Mark and Aaron came to the idea of making a show with them.

Along with an already recorded footage and subsequent records, Aaron and Mark were able to develop a concept material for a possible pilot of Graveyard Carz, which was eventually acquired by Velocity and began airing in January 2012.

Contrary to what the name suggests, the show isn’t recorded in an actual graveyard but rather used as a depiction of the show’s theme of bringing a presumably dead car back to life.

Where Is It Filmed?

As mentioned earlier, Graveyard Carz is filmed in an automotive shop with automotive technicians in Springfield, Oregon. The show averages 13 episodes per season and filming of the show takes about 100 days of continuous shooting. The shop is also named Graveyard Carz.

Just like the motto of the show ‘It’s Mopar or No Car’, the show is strictly focused on restoring Mopar muscle cars and it has restored a few of them since it premiered on the Velocity channel, such as a 1970 Dodge Charger, 1968 Charger, 1970 Plymouth Superbird, 1968 GTX and a few more others.

Filming of the show often revolves shooting around elements of key car builds, rather than showing the entire process. After each car is completed, the show films the presentation of a restored car to its owner, should the owner allow it.

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Graveyard Carz, being a reality show, is produced to accurately portray the reality of the journey and life in a car shop as close as possible and as a result, it works with rapid editing at a speed parallel to filming.

Other than the revealing of a restored car, the filming of the show focuses on two aspects – the process of restoring the car and comedic storylines, both of which are shot separately. Over the course of the show’s history, the restoration process has undergone format changes, specifically in the fifth season of the show. The show decided to focus the filming on the cars and their builds rather than the cast and their daily activities.

Who Are The Casts Of Graveyard Carz?

Cast members of Graveyard Carz
Cast members of Graveyard Carz

Speaking of the cast of the show, as mentioned earlier, the show’s automotive technicians are actual technicians and they are Royal Yoakum, Josh Rose, Daren Kirkpatrick, and Mark Worman. They were all starting cast members of the show and in subsequent seasons, other cast members have joined while some have left.

In the second and third season of Graveyard Carz, Holly Chedester joined the show but eventually left in the fourth season while Allysa Rose, who is Mark Worman’s daughter, joined the show in the fifth season as a permanent cast member having started as a recurring cast member in the first season. Will Scott, a painter, joined the show in the fifth season, and so did David Rea, an assembly technician.

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