What To Write In Graduation Thank You Cards

Graduation ceremonies are among the unforgettable moments for every student. Whether you’re graduating from high school, college, or trade school, you must have received some heartfelt congratulation messages and gifts from your loved ones. You might even be surprised to realize there are so many people who know you and care about you. You may also be wondering how to show your family, friends, teachers or mentors your appreciation for all of their kindness, well, there are no better ways to do so than to say thank you with some personalized graduation thank you card.

Why a Thank You card? Well, this is by far the easiest way to show your gratitude as you might be short of words to express your feeling. You could also personalize your thank you card to make it special with your well-crafted words that x-ray just how glad you are with them. Once you have a nice pile of graduation messages, congratulations and goodies, you should begin to think of how to say thank you. Now if you are ready to write some graduation thank you cards, here are a few pointers to get you started.

What To Consider Before Making your personalized Graduation Thank You Card

  • Keep track of the gifts: Every gift is as important as the person that sent it and you would not want to leave anyone behind when writing your thank you card. So before you set out to write, make sure you keep a record of who sent what gift. This will not only make your graduation thank you cards writing much smoother but will also make every one of your well-wishers feel you value and appreciate their gift, no matter how small.
  • Know who receives which Thank You card: Basically, your thank you message to a much older person or even a close member of your family would not be written as you would do to your pals. However, you should also remember to keep it witty, sweet, and tongue in cheek.
  •  When to write and send your Thank You cards: Graduation thank you cards are usually sent after the graduation. Soon after you receive your graduation gift, a thank you note should follow. If possible, make it ready within a couple of weeks. Although it’s still proper to wait up to a month after graduation, the sooner, the better.

What Should Be Written in The Cards

Say Thank You: Since this is not a long essay, you shouldn’t any time saying anything than ‘Thank You’. You could start with “Thank you for the generous gift/ message”, or “Thank you for joining me in celebrating my graduation.”

Mention the Gift: This should come in your second sentence. Mention if you did receive a gift and say what gift you got from them. You can as well go further to tell them what you intend to use their gift for. By doing so, you try to place much value on what you received. People, especially the older ones, love to imagining their gifts in action.

If it is money or any other tangible gift you received, you can also specify so while writing. There is also a thank you card for those who attended your graduation ceremony. Their attendance alone is worth a thank you note.

Watch your diction: Carefully select words that will rightly express your gratitude as you would not be present to explain what your words mean. Your right choice of diction goes a long way to determine what tone and the image you are about to create in the eyes of your well-wishers. Your diction should also be simple and thoughtful.

Keep it casual: Remember, graduation thank you note is usually sent to those who supported you the most as you step out of a classroom. Hence, there is no need to be overly formal in your thank you note. In addition to keeping your message short, it is also sweet, friendly and humor induced. This kind of message doesn’t necessarily need to contain multiple paragraphs for it to feel sincere.

How Long Should Your Message Be?: Your thank you card need not contain multiple paragraphs. As a matter of fact, a carefully drafted thank you card should contain just about two sentences to one paragraph. The important thing remains that you ensure that whatever you write, it comes from the heart.

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Graduation Thank You Card Samples

1. Thank you for the beautiful watch you gave me for graduation! It’s going to come in handy when I head to college in the fall. I’m not exactly known for my punctuality, so I’ll think of you whenever I make it to class on time. It also means a lot to me that you made a point of coming to commencement. I loved seeing you there, so thank you again!

2. Thank you so much for the book you gave me for graduation! I’m already busy enjoying it. It was very thoughtful of you to think of me on my big day. So glad I got to grow up with great neighbors like you. Gratefully.

3.Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift and for attending my graduation party. It really meant a lot to me to have you there for the celebrations.

4. Thank you also for the lovely watch you bought me as a graduation present! You always spoil me so much, calling me your favorite niece. I love you too Uncle!

5. I was so happy that you could attend my graduation party. And thank you so much for your thoughtful gift. I will use the corkboard to create a fun photo collage of my family and high school friends. When I hang it on the wall of my college dorm it will remind me of you and all of those special people back home who love and support me.

6. During my graduation ceremony, it was so wonderful to look up into the crowd and see you sitting there smiling and supporting me. That was such an important day for me and I am so glad you were there to share it. Thanks again.

7. Thank you for coming to my graduation. It’s always fun to have aunts and uncles there to celebrate such an important event.

8. It was a really awesome moment for me to see you at my graduation ceremony. Not only was it awesome that you were able to attend, but you made my day by gifting me such a great book. I hope I’m able to finish it before my university classes start back up in the spring. Otherwise, I don’t know how I’ll study.

9. Thank you so much for giving me my first watch for my graduation. I have always wanted a mechanical watch, and I plan to wear it daily for years to come. I wish that you could attend the ceremony, but I understand that some commitments cannot be avoided. Hopefully, we’ll have some time to go camping once things die down at the office. All the best.

10. Thank you so much for attending my graduation ceremony. I know it was a long trip down for you and I appreciate your driving to be there on my special day. Thank you also for your thoughtful gift. I know I will be putting it to use very soon.

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