Who is Evan Breen? Here are Facts To Know About The Instagram Star

There is no doubt at all that the emergence of social media has become a real blessing to many people around the globe. Talented persons who feel they have something to show the rest of the world have stormed platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more to provide content, and while their mates have only used social media for mere fun, these few talented persons have used it to make a name and living for themselves. One of such persons who has changed his life via social media is Evan Breen.

Breen is an American social media star and comedian who has become a huge sensation online because of his absolute hilarity. Starting off on Vine, the now-defunct short-form-video-hosting service, he provided incredibly hilarious contents that kept his followers glued to his page and always coming back for more. He has a very infectious personality that has been hailed as ‘accommodating’ by his fans and his popularity has soared over the years. He now has hundreds of thousands of fans spread around different social media platforms.

Who is Evan Breen?

Evan Breen was born on the 7th day of November 1988. The Instagram star was born in Detroit, Michigan and grew up there. Evan is very proud of his hometown of Detroit and has often talked about his fondness for the city. However, even though he is clearly American, Evan is reported to also have Irish and German roots.

The identities of Evan Breen’s parents remain unknown, however, we know that he has a sister called Kelly, with whom he grew up in Detroit. The siblings share a deep bond and are fond of each other.

Growing up, Evan attended Grosse Pointe South High School, a public secondary school located in Grosse Pointe Farms, a suburban town bordering Detroit, Michigan. He graduated in 2006 and gained admission to Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan to acquire a degree in business. Unfortunately, Evan did not graduate from college but dropped out before his final semester.

He worked as a transporter

Before he became famous, Evan did different jobs to keep body and soul together. According to reports, when Evan Breen dropped out of Western Michigan University, he took up several odd jobs in order to pay his bills.

One of the things he did at this time was to work as a transporter at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan. He soon found his way into social media fame.

How he became famous online

Right from when he was just a teenager, Evan Breen had already taken interest in comedy, as well as acting and even took a few acting classes to boost his morale. By the time he gained admission into Western Michigan University, he was already writing comedy and creating comedy sketches and while he was still a student in college, he stumbled upon the Vine video-sharing app.

Evan Breen fell in love with Vine in 2013 after seeing another comedian called Chris D’Elia’s funny videos on the app. Evan soon started creating and sharing funny contents on Vine but at first, his contents did not catch serious attention because they were poorly presented. However, he enlisted the help of another comedian called Pete Holmes, who taught him what to do and he soon improved dramatically.

Evan eventually caught the attention of a Los Angeles-based media company and this was when everything changed for him. He started gaining serious attention on Vine, raking in lots of views and very often, causing quite a stir on his ‘LAturtle’ account. In 2016, Evan had already garnered as many as 1.8 million followers on Vine and became one of the app’s well-known figures. However, Vine was shut down that same year, forcing him to seek another place to showcase his talent.

Evan Breen
Evan Breen with actress Michelle Mylett

After Vine shut down, Evan turned to Instagram and YouTube and is now doing very well on the platforms. He now has nearly 400,000 followers on Instagram and almost 500,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. Today, Evan does not just create funny content for his social media pages, he is also known to develop interesting video content for different other channels and media companies.

Net worth

There is no doubt at all that Evan Breen has been able to make a fortune for himself over the years with his involvement in content creation on social media. His YouTube channel now has so many subscribers and this allows him to rake in millions of views on his videos, apparently making money off the viewership. He also provides content for other companies and get paid for his efforts.

However, the exact net worth of Evan Breen is not known at the moment. With time, it is expected that these details will emerge.

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Evan Breen is of average height, standing at 5 feet 9 inches tall. He has also maintained a weight of about 72 kg (159 lb). Details of his other body measurements, including his arms and chest are not quite certain.

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