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Even though she was not into music as a profession, Dreka Gates has contributed immensely to the music industry. Kevin Gates’ success story cannot be complete without mentioning his gorgeous wife, Dreka. She did not only help the music artist build the kind of home any man would wish to have but also contributed immensely to his musical career. Simply put, she is that complete imagery of Kevin Gate’s music that the hip hop world is enjoying.

Kevin sings her praise with every given opportunity. In fact, there is rarely a song made by Kevin that Dreka’s name isn’t mentioned. What more can we say? She is his best friend; professionally, she is his booking manager and at home, she is a loving wife and a mother of his adorable daughters. Let’s get to know more about the brainiac.

Early Life

The African American lady was born in the beautiful city of Baton Rouge, Los Angeles where she equally grew up. She was born as Shedreka Centuri Haynes on August 31, 1986. As for her educational background, Dreka attended high school in Los Angeles where she not only made good grades but also was known as one of the few students in the school to own a car.

It was presumably her high academic profile as well as her influence that caught the attention of Kevin Gate who also was a student at the Los Angeles-based High School. According to sources, the couple started dating in 2002 and by the time they were married in 2015, their relationship was already over thirteen years old.

Dreka Gates’ professional and personal life was of no interest to the public until 2015 when she was announced as the wife of the famous American rapper, Kevin Gates. Dreka grew up well off but she stayed clear of the public notice throughout her time as Kevin’s girlfriend but all that changed when she officially became his wife. Before her personal status upgraded she served as Kevin’s booking manager.

She also supported him in every stage of his musical career even when he constantly gets into trouble either with the law enforcement agency or with the other women in his life. Also a business-minded person, Dreka does various businesses in order to earn money for herself. In addition to being a top social media personality with an enviable number of followers, she has also appeared in a couple of videos alongside her husband.

Kevin’s debut album “Islah”, released on January 29, 2016, is a good example of such videos she appeared in and received deserving praises from her singing husband. Another is Angela Yee’s Lip Service, where she appeared with Kevin in one of the show’s episodes.

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Dreka has no initial flare for the music industry but she practically got herself involved in the business when her then-boyfriend informed her of his vision in the industry. Not only did she go out of her way to learn more about music and its promotion, she practically ensured everyone listens to her boyfriend’s song. She also reached all music promoters in various part of the city to sign a deal that will get Kevin on stage. Today, all thanks to Dreka, Kevin Gates is one of the most interesting personalities to grace the hip hop genre in recent times.

Dreka Gates’ Net Worth

As someone who has shared in her husband’s musical dreams, there is also no doubts she shares in his career success and wealth as well. Outside having a share from her husband’s wealth, she also must have generated quite a lot for herself being involved in different business ventures. Her net worth is however estimated at $1 million.

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Other Interesting Facts about Kevin Gates’ Wife

1. Dreka and her husband are very popular personalities on various social media platforms. While her husband racks over 7.5 million followers on Instagram, the Afro-American lady garners over 2.5 million and over 71.6k followers on Instagram and Twitter platform respectively. This is all thanks to a man named Raheem who is responsible for their digital integration.

2. To a very large extent, she is regarded as an epitome of true love and her untraditional love life with her husband serves as an inspiration to many couples across the world.

3. Dreka has two children with her longtime boyfriend-turned-husband, Kevin Jerome Gilyard. Their names are Khaza and Islah, respectively and they were born before the couple officially tied the nuptial knot.

4. Dreka Gates is a devout Muslim. She even went with her husband for Hajj in Mecca in September 2016 and they both described the experience as a life-changing one.

5. Dreka is a very beautiful woman who can easily pass for a modeling profession, even though she is a few inches below the average height for models. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall which is approximately 1.65 meters. Her slim body also weighs 56kg (123lbs). Dreka has black hair and dark-brown eyes. In addition, she also has lots of tattoos on her chest and left hand.

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