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An entertainer who loves to express himself through art, Deron Horton’s ultimate goal is to be one of the most diverse artists of this era. In less than two decades, the African American actor has metamorphosed from a solo lad struggling to connect with his peers over basic interests like music and food, into a star actor and a household name.

The Dear White People star was introduced to different cultures while growing up which helped shape his perspective to life, leaving no room for racism or prejudice. Both professionally and personally, Horton is presumed to be living his best life yet. Here’s why the actor’s profile should not escape your attention.

Deron Horton’s Biography

A Houston native, DeRon Horton was born on November 25, 1992. Though born in the U.S, the Dear White People star was mostly raised in Saudi Arabia and was exposed to multi-cultural backgrounds, which helped him develop a liberal mind. Horton’s inclinations towards the performing arts were evident from an early age, thus he was sure of his career path as an entertainer right from childhood. In order to hone his acting skills for the competitive industry, Deron Horton studied performing arts at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).

Horton kicked off his acting career as a college student at SCAD. He debuted with a minor role in the 2014 movie Consultation. He soon followed up with another role in Lions and Lambs that same year. Horton has since added other notable screen credits to his résumé. In 2016, he featured in Dirty Grandpa and The Lethal Weapon while in 2017, he landed roles in Burning Sands and Roman J. Israel, Esq.

Deron Horton in Dear White People
Deron Horton in Dear White People – image source

But Horton’s most famous role yet would unarguably be that of Lionel Higgins in Netflix’s comedy series, Dear White People. More recently, Deron Horton featured in the second season of the Netflix crime docuseries American Vandal and the 2018 Indie drama Dirt. The talented actor has loads of other projects in the works including the films Shotgun and Undying.

Family Facts

The identities of Deron Horton’s parents have not been disclosed. However, it is known that his family relocated to Saudi Arabia when the actor was 10 years old due to his father’s job. Though the young Horton initially had a culture shock following the move, his experiences in the middle eastern country helped shape the actor’s life. Deron was exposed to multi-cultural backgrounds while growing up, an experience that made him develop a liberal mind. But more importantly, the African American actor gives credit to his parents and teachers at SCAD for being a strong support system on his journey to success.

9 Things You Need To Know About The Actor

1. Call it luck or fate, Horton was not the original actor slotted for the role of Lionel Higgins in his most prominent screen feature yet – Dear White People. Interestingly, he took over from actor Tyler James Williams who initially portrayed the character in the 2014 feature film before it was adapted into a series.

2. Judging by his outstanding and versatile screen performances so far, one could easily presume that acting comes naturally to Horton. But the actor admits that acting is not a natural talent but a constant challenge. According to Horton, he is his biggest critic and is always challenging himself in order to keep evolving and improving his art.

3. Many fans (especially the female folk) have been curious about Deron Horton’s relationship status since he came into the limelight. But the actor is apparently one of those celebrities who prefer to keep details of their personal lives under wraps. So far, he has not been romantically linked to anyone, thus leaving an air of mystery around his love life. Given the uncertainty of his relationship status, it is safe to say Horton is currently single and more focused on building his career.

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4. Besides acting, Horton is also musically inclined. In his spare time, the actor loves to relax by creating RnB-inspired music.

5. Horton’s favourite movie genre is drama. While he seems to shine more in comedy, not many are aware that the Dear White People star actually finds comedy quite challenging. He has an incredible love for drama.

6. Among other industry stars, Deron Horton counts Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey, Danny Glover, John Malkovich, Martin Lawrence, and Sidney Poitier among his top acting inspirations.

7. It is uncommon knowledge that DeRon Horton has tattoos on his body. In fact, the actor has two different designs – a pigeon drawing on his chest and an owl drawing on one of his arms.

8. Deron Horton has impressive physical features. While he may not be your tallest nor shortest fan favourite, the actor stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches, complemented by the weight of about 72 kg. His other body measurements have not been disclosed. But judging by his looks, it is safe to say the actor puts in quite an effort to maintain a good physique.

9. Deron Horton is active on social media. While he may not be present on all popular social networking site, he is active and has amassed a strong fanbase on Twitter and Instagram.

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