Why Did Dave Grohl Get Divorced From His First Wife Jennifer Youngblood?

It was once said that hard work would beat talent when talent fails to work hard. Such motivational quotes go a long way to remind us that there are many out there bestowed with unbelievable gifts. Hence, it is not enough that you have these talents, but your dedication and hard work towards nurturing these gifts will make you stand out from the rest. Bearing that in mind, let’s explore how talent, passion, and drive brought Dave Grohl and Jennifer Youngblood together and how their lives turned out afterward.

For Grohl, his passion for drumming started a long time ago. Inspired by Rush’s album “2112” at 16, he came up with a compilation of records that he put out. He would later play the drum for the first time with a band and many others in the spring of 1985. Rolling of sticks and drumming to beats became part of Dave’s lifestyle, as the fluffy-haired rock star started getting gigs and shuttling between cities with bands to perform at shows. It was on one such occasion that a friend, Osborne informed him that there was a drummer vacancy at Nirvana, a Seattle-based band. He auditioned with Kurt Cobain and the year 1990 became a turning point for his drumming career.

On the other side of the world, a pretty young lady in Michigan was chasing her dream as a photographer. It was her passion for photography that drove her from place to place, covering events and life memories and on one of those adventures, she met Dave.

How Did Dave Grohl and Jennifer Youngblood Meet?

In the summer of 1992 a charming drummer boy, living his dreams as a member of one of the best Rock and Roll bands in the world met the missing piece in his life; a Young lady named Jennifer. That year marked the beginning of their love. For the multi-talented Grammy winner and 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, meeting Jennifer was the best thing that happened to him back then. He confessed that she is a weirdo, but at the same time, the funniest person he knows.

The couple met while Dave was on tour with the Nirvana band and their relationship waxed stronger, taking a new direction in 1994 when they officially tied the knot some months after the death of Kurt Cobain.

Later in 1996, Dave Grohl and Jennifer Youngblood made a cameo appearance in The X-Files third season in an episode titled “Pusher”. All seemed well, especially for Dave who was said to have fallen into depression when Cobain died. Surprisingly, the couple announced their separation in December and officially divorced the following year in 1997.

Why Did He Divorce His First Wife Jennifer Youngblood?

Dave Grohl and Jennifer Youngblood
Dave Grohl and Jennifer Youngblood: Image Source

Dave admitted in an interview back in 1999 that he and his ex-wife were young buddies who weren’t really ready for marriage, he thinks they would have remained together if they hadn’t got married. It was also widely reported that it was the Rock star who called it quits due to his own infidelities.

There were also reports that implied Dave and Jennifer Youngblood rushed into the marriage to help the former heal from the void and pain he felt after Cobain died. Perhaps, he was not so interested in getting married at that point. As he hinted in an interview, his current marriage has thrived for almost two decades because he’s very much more mature than he was when he married Jennifer.

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Who Is Dave Grohl’s Wife Now?

How Dave Grohl met Jordyn Blum is one of the most unorthodox cupid tales you would read anywhere. After a disagreement with William Goldsmith, the Foo Fighter frontman relocated the band to Los Angeles in 2000 and started recording in the city of angels. He had no idea he would meet an angel the following year at the Sunset Marquis Hotel.

It all started when he accompanied Taylor Hawkins as her date to the event and she introduced him to her friend who came with Jordyn Blum as his date. Dave jokingly flirted with Jordyn Blum, handing her a piece of paper containing his phone number and these words: “You’re my future ex-wife”. Fast forward to the future, the pair got married in August 2003 and today, Blum is the mother of his three beautiful daughters.

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