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If you are a car-lover and a follower of the popular Fast N’ Loud reality TV show, then you must have heard of Christie Brimberry. A television star, Brimberry became well known in the USA after she made appearances in Fast N’ Loud, a popular television show where old, rusty and totally abandoned cars are bought, refurbished and then resold. She stands out on the show because she is the only female.

Beautiful, smart and agile, Brimberry is considered by many fans as the major refreshing influence in the midst of the men working to try and fix cars on the reality show. However, many do not know very much about her background and family. We bring you all the details you need to know.

Christie Brimberry Biography

Christie Brimberry was born on the 25th day of March 1972. Although the exact town or city where she was born is not known, we know that the TV star was born in the United States of America. She has remained quite mum about her background, including where and how she grew up. It is quite difficult getting information about her life before fame on TV.

Brimberry is well-spoken and writes frequently on her social media pages so it is expected that she has had some form of education, however, details of where she went to school have not been disclosed.

TV Career

In 2012, Christie Brimberry was hired by Gas Monkey Garage, a very popular car workshop where old, rusty and forgotten cars are perfectly refurbished and then sold again. The Gas Monkey Garage is owned by Richard Rawlings who runs it with Aaron Kaufman. Gas Monkey Garage is now the focus of Fast N’ Loud, a reality show which features both Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman as they go about fixing cars.

Brimberry was employed by Richard Rawlings to work as an office assistant at Gas Monkey Garage. She got the job after her husband, who is Richard’s hairdresser, asked him to find a job for his wife. She is now the office manager and personal assistant to Richard.

Christie Brimberry became famous when she landed the job at Gas Monkey Garage because she started featuring in the Fast N’ Loud reality show. Fans of the show became fascinated with her tattoos, her beautiful face, and alluring shape as well as her no-nonsense approach to office management. She continues to feature on the show today.

Fight With Cancer

Christie Brimberry was diagnosed with cancer in 2016. The TV star took to her Facebook page to explain to her fans that she had cancer in her Trachea, Lymph nodes and Thyroid. She consequently embarked on surgeries to fight the disease and kept updating her followers with her improvement. In 2018, she finally announced that she was cancer-free.

Is She Married? Who Is Her Husband?

Christie Brimberry
Christie Brimberry and her husband Darren Brimberry

Christie Brimberry is a happily married woman. The reality TV star is married to a man identified as Daren Brimberry. The couple are apparently head-over-heels in love with each other considering the things Christie posts on social media about them. The exact date and place where the couple met as well as the date and place where they got married are not known.

It is noteworthy that before she married Darren, Christie was once married to a man whose identity has remained concealed. She later divorced the man for undisclosed reasons before falling in love with Darren. She and Darren have now been together as husband and wife for more than 20 years.

Together, Christie Brimberry and her husband have 6 children. Their first child identified as Malik Grinage was born in July 1997. In 2016, he graduated from the Birdville High School in Texas. Their second child, a girl identified as Jordan Grinage, was born in 1999. The young girl has grown up into a fine, young woman who is interested in dancing. In fact, reports show that she was the winner of the MA National Dance Championships in the 2016/2017 season.

The couple’s other children have been identified as Billie Modon and Abigale Grinage. The remaining two kids have not been in public space as Christie remains tight-lipped on their identities.

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What is Her Net Worth

Christie Brimberry is a hard-working woman who is admired for her devotion to her job at the Gas Monkey Garage. According to reports, the lady earns about $2,000 every month from her job at the garage. She is also reported to have other business ventures which she operates with her husband. From all that, her net worth has been pegged at $1.2 million by celebrity wealth calculators.

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