Who Is Chris Hemsworth’s Wife, Elsa Pataky? All About The Woman He Married

Between 1997 and 2010, Chris Hemsworth’s wife Elsa Pataky was better known as a Spanish star. But the talented supermodel and actress was catapulted to superstardom after joining the Fast and Furious Franchise in 2011. She is also famed for her marriage to the Marvel star. Elsa’s union with Chris may not be as popular as that of Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus but the power couple has been melting hearts with their beautiful marriage since 2010.

From Pataky’s early life to her career achievements to her romantic journey and gorgeous family she started with Chris, all these facts and more about the woman who stole Thor’s heart you will find in the following paragraphs.

Who Is Chris Hemsworth’s Wife Elsa Pataky?

The woman who stole Chris Hemsworth’s heart is Elsa Lafuente Medianu. The Spanish model turned actress from Madrid was born on the 18th of July 1976. Pataky is an alumna of CEU San Pablo University where she studied journalism. The actress always nursed dreams of becoming a performer and while in school, she also took up acting classes. Elsa later ditched college to pursue her passion – acting.

She debuted as an actress in 1997 and built an impressing career in Spain before joining the Fast and the Furious franchise in 2011. Some of her other notable screen features include Snakes on a Plane (2006), Give ‘Em Hell, Malone (2009), Giallo (2009), the Spanish movie Di Di Hollywood (2010), 12 Strong (2018), and Netflix’s Tidelands (2018).

How Did Elsa Pataky Meet Chris Hemsworth?

Elsa Pataky and Avengers star Chris Hemsworth first crossed paths in early 2010 after being introduced to each other through their mutual representatives. The couple later married over the Christmas holidays that same year while on a family vacation in Indonesia. Since then, the Aussie and Spanish actors have been giving fans heart-eyes over their marriage.

Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth
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Hemsworth and Pataky share three kids together. Their daughter India Rose was welcomed in 2012, and two years later, their twin sons Tristan and Sasha joined the family. The mother of three and her family currently live together in Byron Bay, in their sprawling beach-side mansion, which was purchased for $7.2 million in 2014. Although they’ve lived in Australia for years now, they travel a lot.

Chris Hemsworth’s wife Elsa Pataky who has managed to balance work, marriage and raising kids is very protective of her family, especially from the press. She and the Marvel star are part of those public figures who protect the privacy of their children who aren’t old enough to give photo approval. Though there are tons of photos of the Hemsworth-Pataky kids online, their faces are always turned away from the camera.

Despite rumors of some rough times in their marriage, things seem to have worked out for the Hollywood power couple. Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth continue to melt hearts with their enviable romance which clearly demonstrates true friendship and a great sense of adventure.

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Is She From A Famous Family?

Chris Hemsworth’s wife Elsa Pataky had a decent upbringing. The Spanish-Romanian-Hungarian actress is the daughter of biochemist José Francisco Lafuente and publicist Cristina Medianu Pataky. Elsa’s parents did not have a career in the entertainment industry, perhaps she inherited her acting genes and passion from her grandfather who was a famous Romanian thespian.

Is She Older Than Her Husband?

Pataky’s birth date is a clear indication that she is older than her husband. While the Spanish actress was born on July 1976, the Aussie Marvel star came seven years later in August 1983. Regardless, love has conquered for the A-list couple.

Is Chris Hemsworth Her First Love?

Elsa Pataky appears to have a thing for her fellow actors. Prior to her husband, she was in a relationship with Adrien Brody between 2006 and 2009. The actress was also in another high profile romance with Olivier Martinez but the relationship was shortlived.

How Many Languages Does She Speak?

Given Elsa’s multicultural heritage, it should come as no surprise that the model turned actress is multi-lingual. Chris Hemsworth’s wife Elsa Pataky speaks at least six different languages. She is fluent in Spanish, French, English, Portuguese, Romanian and Italian languages.

How Tall Is She?

Elsa Pataky’s physique was clearly advantageous to her as a model. The blonde Spanish star stands at about 5 feet 6 inches and has maintained a complementary bodyweight of around 51 kg.

Is She On Social Media?

Despite being protective parents, Elsa and Chris have been generous enough to share some of their precious family moments with fans on social media. Chris Hemsworth’s wife Elsa Pataky is very popular on different social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, where she shares many heartwarming pictures of her happy family.

How Much Is She Worth?

Although she is better known as Chris Hemsworth’s wife, Elsa Pataky is quite an accomplished entertainer. In the course of her modeling career, the mother of three worked with several top brands including cover features for international magazines like Glamour, Hola, Cosmopolitan, and Vanidades, among others. She was also once named one of the top 100 highest paid models by People With Money, which arguably confirmed her status as one of the most sought after in the industry.

Pataky’s acting career also got a major boost after she joined the Fast and Furious franchise. That said, it is clear that the model/actress has amassed a sizeable fortune from her career endeavors. While her exact salary has not been revealed, Elsa Pataky’s net worth is currently pegged at $5 million.

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