Who Is Casey Deidrick: 5 Facts About The ‘In The Dark Actor’

A star who earns a living by embodying other characters, Casey Deidrick exudes charm and easy-going attitude both on and offscreen. He is an entertainer who understands that dreams need time to breathe and manifest and has certainly come a long way since his early hustling days in Los Angeles. Find out how this screen heartthrob makes his fans swoon and how he intends to skateboard his way into the hearts of many more.

Who Is Casey Deidrick?

A native Californian born in Santa Clara on April 25, 1987, Casey Deidrick was raised in different cities in his home state including Hollister and Colorado following his parents’ separation when he was still a toddler. He has four younger half-siblings. He completed high school in Colorado while living with his mom and proceeded to a community college in Denver (Metropolitan State College) but dropped out after the first year to join the military.

Interestingly, although Casey Deidrick loved watching movies while growing up especially that of his screen favorite Jim Carrey, he never wanted to become an actor. Rather he nursed big dreams of becoming a professional skateboarder. Casey was first prompted to venture into acting at age 15 after watching The Lord of the Rings. His first audition was done alongside a friend in high school during his school’s theatrical production of Carousel. But acting actually came into focus for him at age 19 when his mom planted the idea in his head. Casey had already decided to join the Marine Corps until his mom who was always aware of his innate performing talents urged him to first try acting.

His Career and Rise to Prominence

Deidrick thus relocated to Los Angeles in pursuit of his acting career. His early career days were spent in L.A hustling. He took up odd jobs such as waiting tables at different restaurants in order to make ends meet while also attending acting classes and auditioning for roles. Casey Deidrick eventually booked his first screen credit in 2009 which was a guest spot in an episode of 90210 reboot.

Since then, he has appeared and worked in several entertainment projects. His breakout role came in 2009 portraying the character Chad DiMera on Days of Our Lives. Casey had a four-year stint with the series and went on to land other lead roles in MTV shows Eye Candy (2015) and Teen Wolf (2017). Deidrick’s other television credits include guest roles on Wizards of Waverly Place (2009), Body of Proof (2012), Glee (2013), Revolution (2013).

Casey Deidrick and In The Dark co-star Perry Mattfeld
Casey Deidrick and In The Dark co-star Perry Mattfeld Image Source

Potentially, Casey Deidrick’s role on the drama-comedy, In The Dark, could be his biggest and most famous character to date. In the CW series, he plays Max, a food truck owner/money launderer who partners up to a young blind woman, Murphy, to help her solve her friend’s murder. The actor also appeals to his fans on the big screen. He has appeared in two short films Settle (2009) and Running Up That Hill (2013). Others are I Am Not a Hipster (2012), Driven (2018) and American Satan (2018).

Casey also has musical talents. He was once the lead singer of the heavy metal band, A Dreadful Fall. He recently starred in The Chainsmokers music video. Though Deidrick would love to expand on his experiences in the industry, he is more focused on his acting career for now and has more projects in the works.

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5 Interesting Facts About The In The Dark Actor

Health Challenges

Casey Diedrick’s growth journey has been quite remarkable. It is not common knowledge that the very emotional actor suffered from childhood traumas and bipolar disorder. In fact, Casey never saw acting as a job but a healing process that helped him cope with his depression and mental illness. He was initially so scared of performing in front of a live audience but Casey has learned to control his emotions through acting.

First Love

As a child, Casey Deidrick was confused about many things but one thing that was certain for the actor was his love for skateboarding. The sport was one of the most important things for him while growing up. More than teaching him pertinent life lessons such as dedication and persistence, skateboarding also opened up many doors for Deidrick. He was an avid skateboarder up to his teenage days and competed at some tournaments. But after suffering multiple injuries, including a concussion, the actor gave up the sport.

Personal Beliefs

Casey Deidrick’s journey to fame hasn’t been without its own challenges. Interestingly, he has at various times been at the point of quitting acting, but for his extreme stubborn work ethics. At those times when it seemed like the industry was soul-crushing, he pulled through with the lessons he learned from skateboarding while growing up. Specifically, a mechanism that worked for him was the “Positivity Wall” wherein he posted little notes he wrote to himself daily appreciating the universe for things he hoped for.


The In The Dark Actor is involved in some philanthropic causes. He mostly supports children, environmental, and health charities across the globe.


Casey Deidrick is a dog dad who relates well with and has learned so much from his pup. Away from work, the actor loves to unwind by taking his dog on long walks or hikes. Casey is also an avid reader and finds pleasure in listening to music and watching movies.

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