Who Is Carl Azuz The CNN Anchor, What Is His Age & Net Worth?

As the world evolves and technology redefines industries and how we live our lives, the journalism industry has had to respond to the growing change in a few innovative ways. Some of these ways have introduced new mediums and introduced new faces to members of the public. Carl Azuz is one of the new faces who fulfills his role as a journalist through CNN 10, an on-demand news broadcast.

The show is geared towards those who seek summarized versions of happenings in the world between their schedules. Through the role, Carl Azuz has developed cult status, particularly among young people. We explore everything you need to know about him below. Read on to learn more.

Who is Carl Azuz & What is His Age?

Carl Azuz was born on the 14th of August, 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia. Not much information is available about his background, particularly his family background but when it comes to his academic background, we know that he attended the University of Georgia and earned his bachelor’s degree in Telecommunication Arts Production.

As for his career history, while it is believed that he worked for a couple of media outlets prior to joining CNN, there is no available information about them.

However, his career at CNN has lasted for a few years, during which he worked as a page writer for CNN Interactive, a writer and producer for CNN International before he found his golden role as the anchor for CNN 10, a program that discusses and delivers news to high school and middle school students.

For the program, Carl Azuz has covered major topics like the war in Iraq to fluff pieces like the most expensive ice cream sundae. As an anchor and primary face of the show, he has interviewed students for CNN’s Fix Our Schools series.

When he is not working on CNN 10, he is a regular contributor to CNN Newsroom and has brought his wealth of knowledge to a range of stories like the US debt limit, costs of college and a few others.

As a journalist, his reports have appeared on every CNN platform and outside of CNN, Carl Azuz is a public speaker who has delivered speeches at various events such as national conventions, workshops, charity events and graduation ceremonies across the country.

What is His Net Worth?

Carl Azuz
Carl Azuz with a guest during an episode of his CNN 10 show

His career with CNN has proven to be a very successful one for him, not just in terms of his popularity but also his finances. Carl Azuz has been able to amass a net worth of $2 million through his career with the cable news company. His net worth is believed to have come via an annual salary of $200,000.

Is He Married?

When it comes to his personal life, Carl Azuz, despite a large fanbase that seeks to know more about their hero, has chosen to keep his personal life away from the media.

Through observations of his social media postings, we have, however, discovered that Carl is a married man to a woman named Kenziie Ann. The discovery was made through a series of tweets about her and the woman’s posts about him, going as far as tagging him as her husband in one of her tweets.

As expected, not much is known about their relationship and they are not believed to be any known children.

Other Facts About Carl Azuz

Carl Azuz is a good-looking man who has a height of 6 feet 2 inches. We couldn’t possibly say if he works out a lot but he maintains healthy body weight and has a well-defined body. Other noticeable physical features of Carl include dark brown eyes and dark-colored hair.

His popularity among teens and young adults across the globe has made him the subject of viral memes, including a humorous group who describes itself as The Cult of Pittsburgh. In appreciation for his work and their love for him, the group claims he is their Lord and Savior.

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Carl Azuz has a major social media presence on both Twitter and Instagram. On Twitter, he has the profile, @CarlAzuzCNN and on Instagram, the popular journalist has the account, @carlazuz.

Some of the other major stories he has covered include the Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal, factors that drive gold prices and the history of the US Postal Services.

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