Briana Latrise - Bio, Net Worth, Parents, Age and Family Facts
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Briana Latrise is an American photographer, blogger, writer, and reality TV star who rose to prominence as a result of her role on the popular reality TV series, Growing Up Hip Hop. Despite being the child of rich and famous parents, she had to struggle to the top like every regular ambitious American kid. Having been involved in several controversies right from childhood, Briana was able to keep her mind fully focused on achieving her dreams. Today, she serves as a role model for millions of people out there who see her as a major source of inspiration. There is much more to learn about the life of this Briana, read on if you’re interested.

Briana Latrise Bio & Age

Briana Latrise was born on August 3, 1986, in New York. She is of black ethnicity and American nationality. There is literally no information as regards her childhood and educational qualifications, but judging by how shrewd she sounds while expressing herself during interviews, it’s safe to assume she is properly educated.

Her rise to fame began in 2016 when she was cast to appear on the We TV reality show Growing Up Hip Hop (GUHH), in which she was first assigned a supporting role but her love for controversies quickly saw her become a major character. In 2017, she was involved in a feud with fellow GUHH star, Angela Simmon. It was so serious that Angela once refused to continue filming after walking out of a party because Briana was present. During the Instagram Live Session of that particular episode, Briana accused Angela of trying to reduce her pay by pleading with the producers to prevent her from attending certain key events.

That’s not all! During the shooting of GUHH season 2, Briana Latrise found her way to the top of the news once again, after pictures of her bloodied face, suggesting she was domestically abused by her then-boyfriend, DJ Iman Omari, hit the internet. It came as a shock to most of her fans as her relationship with DJ Iman seemed like one filled with so much love and care. Speaking to the press, she claimed to have had a concussion after being at the receiving end of Iman’s strong blows and threatened to file a lawsuit against him.

After the whole incident, she took some time off the show to fully recover before making her much anticipated comeback on later episodes of the show. Since then, she has grown to become one of the most important casts of the show.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Having been a regular on the famous reality show, Growing Up Hip Hop for several years, it is only normal for one to expect that Briana Latrise is worth a huge amount of money. However, she is yet to reveal the exact figures of her net worth or how much she earns annually. Unofficial sources peg her net worth at an estimated $500 thousand, but the authenticity of the figure is highly questionable.

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Briana Latrise’s Parents and Family Facts

Briana Latrise and Kendu Isaacs: Image Source

Biologically, Briana Latrise is the child of Kendu Isaacs and his teenage girlfriend whose name is very much unknown; her stepmother, however, is the famous singer and songwriter, Mary J Blige. Unlike most celebrities who share a strong bond with their parents and are quick to say nice soothing words about them any chance they get, Briana is a clear exception.

She once revealed that she and her mother do not agree on anything; a factor that made her flee to her grandma’s home in Miami at the age of 15. She also revealed that in 2013, she hit a rough patch in life and was left stranded, pregnant and homeless, but her dad and stepmom did nothing to come to her aid.

Anyway, the relationship between Briana and her dad seemed to take a new turn in 2016, when her dad demanded to be paid an alimony worth up to $100,000 by Mary J Blige before finalizing their divorce. She supported his position fully, claiming that he had made significant contributions towards the success of Mary’s career. Nevertheless, in November 2018, she called her dad out on her Instagram page, referring to him as “garbage” for showing no care towards his grandson.

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