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Briana Latrise is an American artist, photographer, blogger/writer, businesswoman, and reality TV star who rose to prominence as a result of her role on the popular reality TV series, Growing Up Hip Hop. Despite being the child of rich and famous parents, Briana had to struggle to get to the top like every other kid trying to make a name for themselves. This has inadvertently stirred her towards several controversies but Briana was able to keep her mind focused on achieving her dreams. Today, she has become a source of inspiration, leaving us with so much to learn about her life.

What We Know About Briana Latrise‘s Early Years

Briana Latrise who was born with very conspicuous facial freckles that she never attempts to conceal was welcomed to the world on August 3, 1986, in New York. She is the child of producer and recording executive, Kendu Isaacs. Kendu had Briana with his teenage girlfriend whose identity is not known. Being the only child of her parents, Briana has no biological sibling. She, however, has two stepbrothers; Nas and Jordan from her dad’s previous marriage.

In regards to her educational qualifications, it is not clear where Briana attended school or what level of education she acquired. It is, however, safe to assume that the reality star is properly educated considering how shrewd she sounds while expressing herself during interviews.

How She is Related to Mary J. Blige

Briana Latrise
Briana Latrise and father Kendu Isaacs: Image Source

Briana Latrise’s mum and dad were never married. Worse still, her relationship with them has been nothing to write home about. Unlike most celebrities who share a strong bond with their parents and are quick to say the nicest things about them any chance they get, Briana is a clear exception.

As a child, she had no relationship with her dad. She reportedly did not even have his phone number. As for her mom who raised her, Briana revealed that they scarcely agree on anything. Their constant conflict eventually landed her on the streets where she began meddling with alcoholism and drugs.

Things, however, seemed to have taken a positive turn for Briana Latrise after her dad met and married famous singer and songwriter Mary J. Blige. Kendu, who initially started out as Mary’s manager, later tied the knot with her in December 2003.

Now her stepmom, Blige treated Briana like her own child despite her indulgences, as she had been through similar woes when she was younger. Latrise lived with the duo and soon began dreaming of having a career in the entertainment industry like them. With their help, she soon landed juicy opportunities, the first being at the age of 15, when she got an internship with Apple Music executive and Interscope Records co-founder, Jimmy Iovine.

Unfortunately, things once again went sour for Briana after her dad and stepmom began having serious issues in their relationship. When her relationship with Kendu went sour, Blige cut ties with his daughter, leaving her devastated. In the same vein, Briana’s seemingly repaired relationship with her dad also fell like a pack of cards. The reality star revealed that in 2013, she hit a rough patch in life and was left stranded, pregnant, and homeless while her dad and stepmom did nothing to help her.

Kendu Isaacs and Mary J. Blige eventually divorced after the latter filed an application in 2016, citing irreconcilable differences. Although Briana stood on her dad’s side during his divorce battles with Blige which came to an end in June 2018, she surprisingly referred to him as “garbage” and ” a dirtbag” in a November 2018 Instagram post. She said so because he was not showing any care towards herself and his grandson, Mercury Turner.

Briana’s Relationship History

As stated above, Briana Latrise has a son. Not much is, however, known about him and his father who she clearly no longer has any relationship with.

The reality star is known to have once dated DJ and producer, Iman Omari. The duo’s relationship appeared to be loving to the public but it was anything but that as it was filled with conflicts. The couple eventually parted ways in 2016 after Briana was physically abused by Iman. The altercation left her with a bloodied face, several bruises, and a concussion.

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Facts About How Briana Latrise Earns a Living

Briana Latrise achieved fame in 2016 when she was cast to appear on the We TV reality show, Growing Up Hip Hop (GUHH). Initially, the young girl earned a supporting role on the show but her love for controversies quickly saw her become one of the main characters. She has since grown to become one of the most important casts of the show.

Having become a regular on GUHH, Briana is believed to be paid a juicy salary that is not known to the public. She has since been able to use that to open up several other financially rewarding doors for herself. On her Instagram page, she describes herself as an artist, entertainer, and writer who does everything. On her self-named website, she introduces herself as “a creative, a writer, and a business”.

In regards to her artistry, Briana has done some work in photography and painting. For her writings, she has done some script-writing as she has been credited with contributing to the script for the television series, The People in the Back.

Briana Latrise is further also well versed in astrology and numerology. She offers a wide range of services, from tarot and numerology readings to the supply of incense and sage. Her collection of astrology and numerology items are displayed on her website. Other merchandise she sells includes singing bowls, herbal wands, crystal sets and boxes, and so on.

Other ventures of hers include serving as the strategic consultant for With Love Productions and the event producer for D F Enterprises.

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