Brian Urlacher Wife
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There are a couple of reasons why anyone should know the wife of Brian Urlacher, a former linebacker for the Chicago Bears. Aside from the fact that she is married to the former NFL star, Jennipher Frost also competed on the popular show, America’s Next Top Model. On the show, she left quite an impression, despite not emerging winner in the season. Her marriage to the former NFL player is just another in a long line of marriages between fashion and entertainment celebrities and sports stars.

Despite being married to a man who spent 13 years playing in the league, Jennipher Frost does not have mainstream popularity, and not much is known about her. Here is our attempt at changing that with this article on everything you need to know about her. Check it out below.

What We Know About Jennipher Frost

She is a Native of Idaho

Brian Urlacher’s wife, Jennipher Frost, is a native of Pocatello, Idaho. She was born there on the 11th of January 1982. She has shared very little of her background so far, although it is believed that she grew up in a middle-class family. She attended two colleges, Boise State University and Idaho State University.

Jennipher has Worked Different Jobs Since Graduation

Post-graduation, Jennipher Frost has had a busy professional life working in various industries and performing different roles. The exact timeline of her professional career is unknown, but she has worked in the nightlife industry as a club and casino hostess.

She has also worked in marketing as a marketer for Angel Music Group, working for different companies. In the hospitality industry, Jennipher worked as a manager at Altitude Pool SLS Hotel Beverly Hills. At Beverly Hills, she spent ten months before she relocated to Las Vegas, where she worked in a similar position for one year.

Additionally, Brian Urlacher’s wife has worked at Hard Rock Hotel, Body English, and as a hostess and marketer for AMG/Wet Republic. Her resume also includes time spent at Andreas Restaurant at Encore in Las Vegas as a manager and marketing manager.

Brian Urlacher’s Wife Competed on America’s Next Top Model

Perhaps if her time on America’s Next Top Model had ended differently, Jennipher Frost’s professional career would have been a lot more streamlined. The wife of the former Chicago Bears linebacker competed on the popular reality TV show in Cycle 3 in 2004. She finished 10th overall at the end of the show, but not before she left a lasting impression.

While she was on the show, Jennipher got into a physical altercation with a fellow contestant named Ann. The fight spiraled into a three-way fight, with Eva, another contestant joining the fray. Despite getting into the fight, she remained on the show. A move that surprised viewers who were expecting her to be disqualified. The decision not to disqualify her made her the first girl to get into an altercation and not get disqualified.

However, the grace that kept her on the show was not enough to lead her to victory, and she was eventually eliminated from the show, finishing as the 10th contestant. The fight was also not the only incident involving Frost while she was on ANTM. During a runway judging challenge, she walked the runway with the show’s acronym, ANTM, written on her butt.

She Had a Brief Career as a Model

Even though she did not win America’s Next Top Model, Brian Urlacher’s wife worked briefly as a model. According to the public information available about her, she worked on a couple of test shots and modeled for some swimsuit calendars. It is unknown why her modeling career came to an end.

Jennipher Got Married to Her Husband in 2016

Brian Urlacher Wife
Jennipher Frost with her husband, Brian, during his hall of fame ceremony

Five years after she competed on America’s Next Top Model, Jennipher Frost was introduced to Brian Urlacher by a mutual friend. The two hit it off and dated for a few years before they eventually got married on the 13th of March, 2016, in Queen Creek, Arizona.

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Since they got married, they haven’t given birth to a child. However, she is a stepmother to Brian’s three children; two daughters – Pamela and Riley Urlacher, whom he had with his first wife, Laurie, and a son, Kennedy, a product of Brian’s relationship with Tyna Karageorge. Jennipher and her husband currently live in Arizona, with all three children.

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