Unraveling Storage Wars’ Brandi Passante And Her Recent Relationship With Jarrod Schulz

Brandi Passante is a stunning American entrepreneur-cum-reality TV personality popularly known as the Queen of the A&E Network series, Storage Wars. The TV star has been making recurring appearances on the show along with her partner Jarrod Schulz since 2011. Prior to their appearance on Storage Wars, the couple operated a thrift store situated in Orange County, California.

Brandi and her man have garnered wide popularity as one of the star attractions of the show alongside other cast members. However, in recent times, Mr. Schultz has been missing in action and this has many fans wondering whether all is right in their paradise. Here’s what we know about the current happenings in the Brandi & Jarrod love paradise.

Brandi Passante’s Early Life and Business Relationship with Her Partner

Prior to becoming a reality TV star, Brandi Passante was just a little girl who was born on the 16th day of May 1980 in Texas, United States of America. She was born to middle-class American parents and spent her childhood days in Harris County, Texas, where she completed her basic and higher education. Apart from the above details, there is not much further information about Brandi’s childhood, family, and educational background. However, a mere glance at the media star would tell you that she is highly educated. Additionally, she possesses an American nationality as well as Sicilian ethnic origin.

As a teenager, Brandi Passante moved from Houston, Texas to Orange County, California. While there, she started working with a carpet cleaning company which was where she met future partner, Jarrod Schulz. Schulz worked at the same company, as a manager, and the two immediately hit it off. They later commenced a romantic relationship and it blossomed to the extent that they joined funds and co-founded a thrift store known as Now and Then Thrift Store. The couple effectively managed their store and were able to turn it into a profit-making one. They also blossomed in their personal lives as they welcomed two children namely son, Cameron, in 2003 and daughter, Peyton, in 2005.

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Her Net Worth and Journey to Reality TV Stardom

Brandi Passante has a fortune estimated at $2.5 million and this stems from income from her thrift store as well as reality TV earnings. The Texas native and her partner spent much of the 2000s developing their California store into a profitable concern. They later landed a spot on the popular TV series, Storage Wars in 2011. The Storage Wars production team first approached Brandi’s husband when he went to participate in an auction on an abandoned storage unit in 2011. They asked him if he would like to be on a TV series and he said yes. On the appointed date, Jarrod turned up with his wife in tow. The production team was bowled over by Brandi’s outlook as well as her business savviness and as such, had no trouble also including her on the series.

This marked the beginning of Brandi’s journey to reality TV stardom. Storage Wars has been on TV since 2011 and the couple has grown to become one of the major attractions on the show. Nicknamed The Young Guns, the couple has no qualms with going up against other cast members who have deeper pockets than them. They fight tooth and nail for the units that they want and this doggedness has won them several fans. Another fact that has endeared them to viewers is their contrasting personalities which balances them. While Jarrod is a renowned risk taker who often forgets to weigh the pros and cons properly, Brandi is there to put a stop to most of his outrageous schemes and ensure that they make level-headed decisions.

The couple’s unbeatable dynamics have led to successful forays on Storage Wars. It also gained them their own spinoff show in the year 2014. Appropriately dubbed Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job, the series goes beyond their work lives to also capture their personal lives with their kids. It also chronicled the couple’s preparations for their nuptials. The wedding planning was filled with several arguments and disagreements and by the end of the show, the couple did not make it down the aisle. Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the Job premiered on the A&E Network in August 2014 and ended in September of that same year.

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Here’s What We Know About the Perceived Trouble in the Romance Paradise of Brandi & Jarrod

Even though Brandi Passante and her man commenced their relationship as far back as 1999, they have never been able to make it down the aisle. They have welcomed two kids, and even got engaged on live television, but are yet to formalize their union. Meanwhile, in her official bio on the A&E Network, Passante cheekily disclosed that she was still with Schultz because she is a glutton for punishment. We can, however, surmise that the Texas native may no longer be a glutton for punishment as the latest signs indicate that she and her long-term boo may have split up.

Previously, Passante was quite active on Instagram and loved documenting family/couple’s time on her feed with several gorgeous pictures and lovely quotes. However, in recent times, her posts have been limited to just sultry pictures of herself as well as videos of outings with just her two kids. A perusal of her feed will reveal that she no longer posts anything about her partner, Jarrod Schultz. The last time that he appeared on her Instagram page was as far back as November 2018 and since then, nothing more.

Jarrod, on his part, has also limited his own Instagram posts to pictures with his kids as well as photos of his new venture, The Rush Bar & Grill. This situation has therefore led many keen followers to conclude that the couple is no more together. These, however, remain unconfirmed rumors and speculations. A definitive confirmation would come when the 13th season of Storage Wars starts airing in 2020 as it would afford us the chance to see whether the couple would continue their exploits together or not. Meanwhile, if Brandi Passante and her man were to break up, there won’t be a need for divorce proceedings as they never formally tied the knot.

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