Bar Rescue Cast: Where Are They Now And What Are They Doing?

They say no one is an island, and that has been proven many times over the years. While Bar Rescue might derive its prestige and popularity from its host, Jon Taffer, it still has a cast that works in tandem with Jon to deliver one of the top-rated shows on the Paramount Network. If Jon Taffer is the captain of the Bar Rescue squad, the rest of the team are sergeants and foot soldiers who go into the battle every episode, ensuring victory against struggling bars.

In this article, we took a look at some of the cast members of Bar Rescue, who they are, and what they are doing now. Check it out below.

Bar Rescue Cast Members

Bar Rescue Cast
Cast of Bar Rescue

The show brings in new cast members in every episode, and according to IMDb, there have been over 176 cast members on Bar Rescue, but who are the most important ones?

Jon Taffer

Bar Rescue Cast
Jon Taffer (Image Source)

Every show has its lead character and cast member and in Bar Rescue, that person is Jon Taffer, the bar and nightclub consultant that has been hosting the show since its inception in July 2011. He has appeared in all the over 120 episodes so far.

Outside of being the face of the show, Jon Taffer has also appeared on shows like Marriage Rescue and Gym Rescue. He is also a producer of the show, a role he has also held since 2011.

P.J. King

Bar Rescue Cast
P.J. King (Image Source)

Just behind Jon Taffer with the highest number of appearances on the show is P.J. King. The actor, who primarily does voice work on the show as an announcer, has voiced over 100 episodes of the show.

He began his career as an actor in 2004, making his debut appearance in the film, The Quiet Storm as Tom Callucci. Since his debut, he has gone on to make appearances in over 18 movies and TV shows, including notable titles like Californication, South32, The Whisperer in Darkness, Thieves and a few others.

As a cast member of Bar Rescue, P.J King lends his voice as a narrator and he has been a member of the show since its inception.

Russell Davis

Bar Rescue Cast
Russell Davis (Image Source)

Another notable cast member of Jon Taffer’s Bar Rescue is Russell Davis, who has forged a career as a celebrity bartender. He began his career in the bar industry at the age of 19 and worked his way from barback to bartender. As a growing bartender, he worked at Bourbon and Branch and Rickhouse bars in San Francisco, where he began to build his fame as a talented bartender with his tricks and speed.

Russell began to appear on Bar Rescue in 2013, working as an expert mixologist on the show, and he has appeared in a total of 16 episodes so far, with his last episode being the Stubborn Owners episode in 2015.

He was awarded the Bartender of the Year in 2010 and now runs his bar, Academia in Dallas, Texas.

Mia Mastroianni

Mia Mastroianni is another expert mixologist who has been a cast member of Bar Rescue. Although not a regular face on the show, she has been making appearances on the show since 2013 to date, appearing in over 14 episodes thus far.

Mia is a career bartender and she has been working as the Head Bartender of the Soho House in West Hollywood since February 2010.

Other than Bar Rescue, Mia has appeared on other TV programs like Big Morning Buzz Live, FabLife, Catch 21, and in acting roles for projects like Knock It Down, Hard Evidence, Prom Queen and a couple of others.

Nicole Taffer

Among the large cast of Bar Rescue is Nicole Taffer, wife of the show’s host, Jon Taffer. She has been a member of the show since 2011 and has appeared in more than 11 episodes. On the show, Nicole Taffer serves as a market recon specialist, examining the service and environment of the show before Jon and the rest of the team come in and apply their changes to the bar.

She has been married to Jon since April 2000, although they are believed to have been together since the late 80s. They share a daughter, Samantha Taffer.

Although she is no longer a regular fixture on the show, she continues to support her husband and the Bar Rescue team through her online pages and event appearances.

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Tom Bonello

Bar Rescue Cast
Tom Bonello (Image Source)

Tom Bonello was on the show between 2016 and 2018, during which he worked as a bus driver for the team, and as a bar patron. He appeared in a total of ten episodes as a cast member of Bar Rescue.

However, while his Bar Rescue appearance might not be much, he has had a strong career behind and in front of the camera as a production assistant and as an actor. In either role, he has appeared or worked on more than 35 movies and TV shows, including Mall Cop 2.

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