5 Amazing Things You Need To Know About Ashley Martelle

With a striking facial beauty that very often instantly catches people’s attention upon the first glance and a charming, appealing body that has often left men gaping open-eyed at her, Ashley Martelle is an Instagram star who is regarded in some quarters to be the ideal definition of gorgeousness. The young woman has grown into a huge brand on the photo-sharing platform, winning over lots of admirers to herself in the process.

Ashley Martelle who now has more than 1 million followers on Instagram is often seen posing in very appealing dresses and in some instances exposing large portions of her body for her followers to see. Without a doubt, this has helped in pulling crowds to her page every day.

Ashley Martelle Biography

Ashley Martelle was born on the 28th of June in 1995. According to reports, she was born in Louisiana. However, she would later move to Miami, a city in Florida. The identity of Ashley Martelle’s parents has not been revealed. Details about her early life and what she did growing up are also not known. However, reports show that she grew up in Louisiana.

Ashley Martelle has a brother with whom she grew up in Louisiana. His identity is however still a mystery. This is mainly because the Instagram star has not spoken much about her family. It is, however, believed that she has a good relationship with her family. She has shown off her parents on her Instagram page before without mentioning what their names are.

The names of the schools that Ashley Martelle attended while growing up have not been given. It is believed, however, that the Instagram star has had some formal education.

Like any normal young girl wanting some attention on social media, Ashley Martelle joined Instagram in the early days of the photo-sharing app. However, she was not known until 2014, when her photos began to catch some attention because of their very appealing and sensual nature.

1. She was a Member of Taz’s Angels

Ashley Martelle was a member of Taz’s Angels and banked on her membership to gain a lot of fame on social media. The Taz’s Angels is a 5-piece group of beautiful girls and Instagram vixens who are famed for the provocative pictures they post online showing them wearing almost nothing and twerking to the camera. They own their Instagram page that has a huge following and mesmerizes followers with sultry contents. The girls are managed by a man named Taz. This is why they are called Taz’s Angels.

According to some reports, Taz who has described himself as the “Black Hugh Hefner”, runs an escort service and uses the girls to make some money by letting them out as escorts to rich people. However, this claim has not been verified. All the girls lived in a mansion in Miami and did things together. They usually met every day with Taz to discuss things they had to do and the things they had done. Ashley and the other Taz’s Angels eventually opened an online clothing store which they called Caviar Blaque.

Ashley Martelle became one of the most famous members of Taz’s Angels at the height of the group’s reign. This was because Amber Rose, a popular American model singled her out and declared love for her. Amber Rose revealed that she has had a crush on Ashley, a confession which further made Ashley popular.

Despite her reign with Taz’s Angels, Ashley Martelle left the group in 2015 and went on to do other things. She has concentrated on building her brand on Instagram.

Ashley Martelle
Ashley Martelle and Amber Rose: Image Source/Instagram

2. She Has Had Her Body Enhancement Surgery

Ashley Martelle has had body enhancement surgery before and she has proudly shown her body off after the surgery. In 2018, the Instagram star posted a photo of herself with Dr. Ashkan Ghavani, a surgeon who specializes in Rhinoplasty, breast surgery and other kinds of body enhancement surgeries. She asked her followers to tune in to watch her getting an implant. This got her many followers very excited.

According to reports, she has embarked on breast surgery as well as bum surgery. Apparently, very proud of the work she has done on her body, Ashley Martelle loves showing off her curves on social media for everyone to see.

3. Her Net Worth

Ashley Martelle has been on social media for a while and has modeled for brands who come to her for adverts. She was also a member of the Taz’s Angels group who owned their online store and shared the proceeds. These ventures and more have ultimately enriched the Instagram star over the years. At the moment, her exact net worth is not known. However, it is believed that she is worth several hundreds of thousands of dollars and keeps amassing more wealth every year.

4. Ashley Martelle’s Boyfriend

Ashley Martelle used to be in love with a man called Irv Gotti. Irv Gotti is a hip hop and R’n’B music producer who is known within the music circles in America. He founded The Inc. record label and is respected for is work it produces. The couple dated for a while and flaunted their relationship on social media for all to see.

However, their love did not last forever as they broke up sometime in 2016. Neither Ashley nor Irv has spoken about why they went their separate ways. At the moment, the Instagram star has not spoken about whether or not she has a new man.

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5. Her Body Measurements

Ashley Martelle is a gorgeous woman with a very beautiful body which many men lust over very frequently. The Instagram star stands at 5 ft 8 inches or 1.76 meters in height. Her body measurement has been given to be 32-24-34 inches. This means that her breasts are 32 inches, her waist is 24 inches wide and her hips are 34 inches wide.

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