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Between 2003 and 2012, ABC Channel’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (EM:HE) star Ty Pennington brought solace to countless challenged homes via the program. That was however not the first or only time the multi-talented American has attracted media or public attention. Thus, today, the carpenter cum TV personality is very well known throughout America and beyond. However, many of his fans have been wanting to get detailed facts about his wife (or is it girlfriend?), Andrea Bock.

Biography – Who Is Andrea Bock?

Although Andrea shuns media attention, a look into her life reveals a level of uniqueness never seen elsewhere. First off, she is famous only as Ty Pennington’s girlfriend of over twenty years. What is more? Unlike most ladies, she shows no concern about getting legally married to her longtime boyfriend. Neither does she worry about having kids. There is more to her that we are going to look at below but let us start with her basic details.

As a result of Andrea’s extreme media shyness (and some people say it’s humility), details about her are very difficult to come by. Even her exact place and date of birth are lacking. There are however many sources reporting that she was born in the late 1960s in the United States. She also reportedly attended Sprayberry High School the same as Ty Pennington.

While we cannot get more information about Andrea’s early life, family or education history, she has reportedly worked as a celebrity manager in Hollywood. However, the only notable celebrity she is known to have managed is Ty Pennington himself. After managing the TV show host for a couple of years, they began to date each other. Interestingly, the duo’s romance without legal marriage has been on for over two decades now!

Her Family Life

Andrea Bock Ty Pennington adhd
Andrea Bock and Ty Pennington as advocates for ADHD patients: Image source.

Although Andrea Bock and her longtime boyfriend have not been known to get married legally, they are of the view that what matters is the life they share. Indeed as Ty put it, legal marriage is mere paperwork. And, yes, they have proved it is, their relationship having overly outlasted most legal marriages.

So, the only family to which we can link Andrea bock is the one she shares with Ty. Indeed, Ty once spoke of building a home with Andrea. However, the couple (again, you got it right), have not shown any interest in making babies together. Neither is there ever a piece of news that Andrea Bock was ever pregnant for Ty Pennington.

Yet, looking further, you see that the family bond, commitment, and support existing between the duo is far more than you can find in most conventional families. After all, what are families for really, if not to espouse such values? There have been many instances that could have provided a background for the duo to break up, but they did not.

For instance, Ty was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). According to Mayo Clinic. An ADHD patient manifests the following symptoms: low frustration tolerance, poor planning, impulsiveness, disorganization, and problem prioritizing, and more. Each of these behavioral traits would otherwise have worked directly against any relationship.

Even Yvonne Pennington, Ty’s mon, admitted that her son had always been a rambunctious fellow. At another time, Ty was arrested for DUI. Yet, another time, Ty was rumored – and he admitted – to have cheated on Andre Bock. Through it all, Andrea has stood by him. What else is family commitment if not this? So, we can say that Andrea Bock really has one of the most profound family life and commitment one can find.

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Other Facts About Ty Pennington’s Wife

One question many people are asking is “what is Andrea Bock’s net worth?” Having worked as a celebrity manager for years and having moved from managing Pennington to being his lover, one expects she has gathered a sizable net worth. In fact, she still works as Pennington’s manager till date – more closely, even if less formally. While Andrea Bock is not linked to any other career since her romance with Pennington began over twenty years ago, we expect Ty still pays her as his manager.

So, at last, how much is Andrea Bock worth? We have at last found one source from mid-2018 reporting that Andrea was worth an estimated amount of $500,000 at the time. Meanwhile, her fiance Ty is widely reported to be worth as much as $10 million.

Besides, Andrea reportedly lives a quiet life with her longtime boyfriend at their Venice Beach California home. She has no social media presence and no confirmed body measurements or statistics. But she is obviously of White Caucasian ethnicity. She is an American national.

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