Who Is Abraham Williams, How Did He Become Famous and Who Is His Wife?

When Tulsi Gabbard, representative of Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district announced in February 2019 that she would be joining the Presidential race, it was only normal that there was an increased interest in her political and personal life. The first Hindu member of Congress, and the first female combat veteran to run for President Of The United States, Tulsi is married to Abraham Williams who is a freelance cinematographer.

Abraham Williams may not be one of the names you are familiar with on-screen, but he is surely living out his professional life in the entertainment industry. Currently shuttling between Hawaii and Washington, DC, the cinematographer worked as a volunteer on Gabbard’s 2012 political run for a seat in the House of Representatives, shooting many of the notable images of her campaign.

Abraham Williams’ skills behind the screen have seen him produce quite a good number of films, but his claim to fame is to a large extent reliant on his close ties with the reputable politician. While a lot is known about Tulsi’s personal life, not much can be said about Williams. His relationship with the congresswoman is the first of his relationships that’s publicly known.

Details of Abraham Williams’ Childhood & Career

An American editor, cinematographer, and colorist, Abraham Williams was born in New Zealand in 1989. He is a Hawaiian native and his mother’s name is Anya Anthony, the manager of Tulsi’s district office in Honolulu. There’s no much information regarding his father. However, it is known that his mother remarried Timothy S. Anthony, Williams’ stepfather and a Social Studies teacher at Kalākaua Middle School in Honolulu.

As regards his educational qualifications, Abraham Williams attended high school in Hawaii, after which he enrolled in a University, where he bagged a degree in Arts and Communication. The cinematographer began his professional career shortly after college. Right before he got into full-time cinematography, he held a deep passion for photography and the arts. Interestingly, he started his career as a photographer, managing a site where he offers paid services on photography and cinematography.

Following his creative skills, he receives jobs as a crew member for several quality films, including Raphael Dumtaro: Warrior of Love that starred star actors like Josh Margulies and Gina Evangelisti. Williams is also a part of the production team of the 2016 film The Ace. In 2018, his crew produced Down on the Sidewalk in Waikiki and The Pit Where We Were Born. The same year, he worked as a cameraman for films like Go for Broke and Last Taxi Dance.

The full-length movie, The Candle & the Curse, which was released in May 2019, also had him as a crew member. The film, which was written and directed by Anuja Ganpule-Sheorey, starred actors like Patrick Flanagan, Hayden Lam, and Miles Tegtmeyer. Other films released in 2019 that Abraham Williams also worked on as part of its production team is Knight Watch.

Abraham Williams and his wife Tulsi – Image Source

How He Met And Married Tulsi Gabbard

Tulsi and Abraham kept their relationship private for many months, and she only revealed the identity of her husband a few weeks to their wedding. As the story goes, they met for the first time in 2012, but after a year and half of working together, they became close friends at a friend’s birthday party. Drawn to her political beliefs, Abraham was a volunteer during her 2012 run for a seat in the House of Representatives.

He was responsible for most of the pictures and advert videos used for her campaign, much of which highlighted his talent and professionalism. Incidentally, Williams’ mother, Anya Anthony, is the manager of Gabbard’s district office in Honolulu, and she held this position long before they started dating. Tulsi and Abraham share a mutual love for surfing, hiking, and volleyball. She is on record as saying that their friendship was reinforced when they discovered their love for the ocean and outdoor life.

On one of there surfing sessions was on the South Shore as the sun was about to set, he raced into a lead reaching the shore. As soon as she arrived, Abraham popped the question with a 1.17-carat diamond ring amidst the backdrop of the setting sun and its orange glow. They eventually tied the knot on April 9, 2015, in Kahaluu, a small residential community in Hawaii.

The event has a strictly vegetarian menu in keeping with Tulsi’s diet preference, and even though it was a low key affair, it still managed to attract the presence of some notable personalities, including India’s acting ambassador in Washington Taranjit Sandhu; former governor of Hawaii, Neil Abercrombie; and former US senator from Hawaii, Daniel Akaka. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent in gifts and a private message through Ram Madhav, the Bharatiya Janata Party General Secretary. Former US President Barrack Obama was also in attendance.

While it was Abraham Williams’ first experience walking down the aisle, it’s Gabbard’s second. The Hawaiian congresswoman, who attended Hawaii Pacific University, married her first husband, Eduardo Tamayo in 2002. Tamayo was her childhood sweetheart, but their relationship suffered when she was deployed to Iraq. The two officially separated in 2006, and shortly after that, she met Williams.

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Lesser-Known Facts About Gabbard’s Husband

  • Abraham Williams and his wife Tulsi Gabbard are devout Hindu, and their wedding ceremony was Hindu Vedic with the Hindu priest Pandit Vinod Dave officiating it. Even his wife’s first name Tulsi means Holy Basil, a sacred plant in Hindu.
  • Abraham is also a staunch follower of Chris Butler, his Guru, who is best known as “Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa.” Chris was the one who spearheaded the ‘Hare Krishna’ movement in Hawaii. Williams’ mother Anya Anthony also has a strong connection with the Guru; she is even a registered agent of Wai Lana Productions LLC,’ owned by the Guru’s wife Wai Lan.
  • Abraham Williams tries to keep himself away from his wife’s political life. Asides the odd Instagram post supporting her endeavors, especially in her now suspended run for the 2020 presidential ticket. He never gives room for any political talks that concern his wife’s political ambitions. Instead, he focuses all his attention on his professional career.
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