20 Good Excuses To Get Out Of Work Last Minute Or In Advance

One of the biggest concerns of most people who work in an office or for a boss anywhere is how to come up with good excuses to get out of work. If you are an office worker, I’m are sure you know what we are talking about. Apparently, no matter how good working feels, sometimes you just get the urge to stay off work and refresh.

Apart from feeling broken and getting the urge to refresh, there are several other things that can make you want to miss work; you may have an emergency to attend to or you may even have a job interview to rush to. Or, perhaps you are just be in a bad mood and want the day off to get back to your happy place.

You’re Not The First To Want A Day Off

Seeking a day off work to relax is nothing to be ashamed of because you are apparently in good company. According to a survey carried out in 2015, 38% of respondents confessed to calling in sick at work when they were perfectly fine. This was done mostly to just cool off and refresh themselves to do better when they resume. Subsequent surveys showed that the percentage of people calling in sick was increasing virtually every year. So, you won’t be the first person to seek a day off work by, well, lying – and you will definitely not be the last person to do so. However, you will need some really good excuses to get out of work so that you won’t spark certain suspicions.

So, what are the good excuses you can come up with to be able to stay away from work at ease for an entire day? We have come up with a number of some viable excuses which you can use to get a day or even days off work. Continue to see for yourself.

20 Good Excuses To Get Out Of Work Last Minute Or In Advance

1. You Have a Family Emergency

Now, this is one of the most frequently used excuses for getting away from the office but it is indeed one of the good excuses to get out of work. You don’t need to tell your boss exactly what the family emergency is, but if the boss demands a description of what that emergency is, you can come up with certain lines like ‘an elderly one demands my presence because of an illness’. However, make sure you don’t lie about sensitive issues like ‘someone just died’ especially if that person is still alive, as it is not acceptable at all, well at least, for your conscience’s sake.

2. I have Fallen Ill

Good excuses to get out of work

Now, this is another line many people use to get away from work. In fact, this arguably happens to be the most frequently used excuse most people give their bosses whenever they are fed up with work and need some time off. Apparently, if you wake up one morning feeling groggy in bed, this is the best excuse to give. Also, if you feel spent while at work and feel you need some time off, this is also one of the best excuses to give in advance. Make sure you present your case in a way that does not make you appear mendacious.

3. I Had an Accident

No one will expect you to come to work if you have just had an accident. Right? However, you have to be careful with how you present your case. Don’t go about blowing everything out of proportion by saying for instance ‘My leg broke in two’. If you do that, you may have to prove it with photos. So, keep it mild but make it clear that you have been traumatized and need some time off.

4. I Ran Over an Animal

Good excuses to get out of work

If you have a car, this is one of the good excuses to get out of work. You are on your way to work but then you ran over an animal – probably a pet – and now the owners have held on to you, demanding that you do something about it. Obviously, you’re in a fix and your boss should understand that.

5. The Rain is Really Heavy in My Area

Apparently, you can only make this excuse if you’re in the rainy season. If it is a rainy morning and you woke up feeling like you really can’t get to work that day, you can send a message to your boss insisting that the rain has kept you indoors because it is so torrential and the public transport is a little far from where you live.

6. I Was Wrongly Arrested

Good excuses to get out of work

This is one excuse no one can drag with you. You were on your way to work and witnessed a crime on your way. The police arrived at the scene and you were mistakenly arrested for allegedly being one of the perpetrators of the crime. However, you are now out but you’re traumatized by the development and need time off.

7. My Street is Flooded

If you live near a river, then this is a great excuse to use. There was some flooding around your home and you have been stranded inside your house. However, this is also risky because your claim is easily verifiable and if things do not match up, you’re in trouble. So, be careful how you go about this.

8. Thieves Burgled my House

Good excuses to get out of work

This is another good excuse. You were out of the house on Sunday night and returned to find out that thieves had burgled your home and carted away valuables. Your boss would understand that you need time off on Monday to sort things out at home.

9. Someone I Know is Sick

Now, be careful about how you give this excuse. If someone is really sick and you want to bank on that to take a day off, then good for you. But if no one is sick and you just want to make it up, you must be careful not to label anyone with extremely grievous ailments like cancer and the like. Just explain that someone needs your help because they are not well. Be gentle with your excuses.

10. My Child’s Caregiver Failed to Show Up

If you are a parent, this is perfect. You always have a caregiver for your kids but on this particular day, they did not show up for some reason and now, you have to stay at home to take care of your baby. Some bosses may demand that you show up with your child, but make it clear that your baby would only hinder both your work and that of your colleagues.

11. Someone Died

People use this excuse a lot, but it is not advisable to say someone has died when they are still alive. If you want to use this line, be careful to mention only the people you know who have already died and, make it sound like the incident happened only recently. Of course, make sure you don’t ‘kill off’ the same person twice or you will lose respect if caught.

12. I Got Robbed

You were at home and robbers bust into your house to rob you. They beat you and left with valuables. This has left you really traumatized and you need some time to sort things out. Your boss will understand.

13. I Have a Doctor’s Appointment

No one can stop you from keeping a doctor’s appointment. Everyone knows your health is very important. Just explain that you have to see your physician to get checked.

14. There is a New Baby in My Family

Someone just gave birth in your family and you are required to be there to cater to them. This is apparently a good excuse to stay off work. No one expects you to leave your family member in need at that sensitive time. Your boss will be rejoice with you upon the receipt of that excuse.

15. Someone Just Went into Labor

Apart from someone just giving birth, another excuse similar to this is that someone has just gone into labor and apparently needs you to be there for them. Of course, the person’s husband will be there, but you also need to be there as a family member to provide support.

16. There is a Marriage in My Family

No one expects you to miss the marriage ceremony of a family member. All you need to do is explain how much the person means to you and how you really need to be there to witness them get married.

17. My Spouse was Arrested Wrongly

If you are married, this is an excuse you can use. Your spouse witnessed a crime and was wrongly arrested by the police. Now you have to go out there and help them out. No one can stop you trying to help your spouse out of trouble.

18. It’s My Birthday

Usually, a birthday is not supposed to keep you away from work. After all, you can celebrate your birthday in the office. But you can explain that family and friends have planned a grand celebration to mark the day and you can’t possibly miss it. Your boss should understand that. After all, it’s a once-a-year affair.

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19. I Lost My Voice

Now, you can only give this excuse if you are your company’s customer care agent who needs to talk to customers all the time. If your voice is gone, you certainly cannot work. However, you will need to convince your boss by calling them and trying to talk so they can hear your cracked voice.

20. I have Menstrual Cramps

For the ladies, this is the greatest excuse to be away from work and it really works like magic most of the time. You have very painful menstrual cramps and it’s really taking a toll on you. Your boss would not expect you to come to work with all that pain.

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