Top 30 Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings Till Date

Ah! How we love our celebrities! From their incredible talents to their exquisite lifestyles to their extravagant events, we just can’t get enough of looking in on their comings, goings, trappings, and exploits. One event that grabs our attention is their wedding, or should I say weddings. Here we report on what we consider to be the top 30 most ridiculously expensive celebrity weddings, in order of their price tag. If you were standing, I advise you grab a seat as some of the price tags in this list could get your knees weakened, LOL!

30. Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom

Price Tag: $1 million

Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings

When it comes to the Kardashians, your expectations should have no limits. Knowing each other for just six weeks, both agreed to get married in 2009. After nine days of planning, married they did in a million dollar lavish wedding which took place in Beverly hills. Her Vera Wang dress was a center of attraction. Barely four years later, the couple split.

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29. Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt

Price Tag: $1 million

brad jenifer Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings

The pair got married in 2000 and became Hollywood’s most popular couple. The wedding took place in a flower-groomed tent in Malibu. Most of the price tag for the wedding went for champagne, the 50,000 flowers, and the fireworks display that ended the day. Brad and Jenifer divorced five years later.

28. Elin Nordegren & Tiger Woods

Price tag: $1.5 million

tiger-woods wedding

The pro-golfer tied the knot, before all the affairs, in an elaborate ceremony that was shrouded in secret. The guest list was modest, as most celebrity weddings go. To make sure their privacy was honored, the couple rented the entire hotel, including the sole helicopter charter available. That’s a lot of rooms, space, and security to pay for. Disappointingly, as the wedding was held in secret there were no photos revealing as much as you might have liked – Apologies! We respect Tiger Woods privacy, and giving us little or no visuals of his big day doesn’t make us love him any less.

27. Madonna & Guy Ritchie

Price Tag: $1.5 million


The ‘American life’ singer married British filmmaker in December 2000, at Skibo castle in Scotland. With the number of guests around to pepper the event and for privacy’s sake, the couple rented the entire 49 room castle for their wedding event.  Madonna‘s dress designed by Paul McCartney’s daughter, Stella McCartney of Paris had its fair share in the price tag, other expenses include the bride’s accessories, champagne, flights. Security worked to match their pay as no single wedding photo was seen by the public. The couple divorced in 2008.

26. Sir Elton John & David Furnish

Price tag: $1.75 million

Sir Elton John and David Furnish wedding

Technically not a wedding maybe, but this civil union still sports a hefty price tag. The ceremony was held at Windsor’s Guildhall, followed by a reception at Sir Elton’s Windsor mansion. Maybe it was the pink champagne that ran up the price tag.

25. Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman

Price Tag: $2 million

Chritina Aguilera

In 2005 Christina Aguilera tied the knot with music producer, Jordan in a traditional Jewish wedding inside a white rose and silver crystal decorated tent at a privately rented family vineyard, welcoming at least 130 guests. The ceremony featured a 14-piece orchestra, the bride looked elegant in her bespoke Christian Lacroix gown. The pop-star and her new groom partied with friends all night long till dawn.  Five years later the couple went separate ways.

24. Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Price tag: $2 million

Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes - Wedding Day

At the time in 2006, it was hard to tell this wedding from a fairy tale. The site was the 15th Century Odescalchi Castle. Katie’s incredible silk gown was designed especially for her by Giorgio Armani.

23. Elizabeth Hurley & Arun Nayar

Price Tag: $2.5 million


Nope! The photo above isn’t in one wedding, but two, call it a double threat…lol! The Hollywood actress and model got married to the Indian business mogul in an Anglican style at the Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire, England, and also in a traditional Hindu wedding in Jodhpur, India, the groom’s birthplace which lasted for a week. Major expenses went to cost of accommodating and mobilizing the guests. Sadly, their love race dramatically ended 3 years later in 2011.

22. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden & Daniel Wrestling

Price Tag: $2.6 million


The crowned princess was swept off her feet by her fitness trainer and went ahead to marry him ignoring disapproval from her dad, King Carl XVI Gustaf, the king of Sweden. They married in 2010 at the Stockholm Cathedral, Sweden. The wedding was then tagged the biggest wedding in Europe since that of Lady Diana to Prince Charles.

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 21. Heather Mills & Sir Paul McCartney

Price tag: $3.6 million

Paul McCartney Heather Mills wedding

Sir Paul met model, skier, and author Heather Mills in 1999 at an awards ceremony. The pair was married in 2002 in Ireland, in an extravagant Indian-themed wedding. The flowers and fireworks ran up a bill of $300,000 entirely on their own. But it was the rental fee for the castle that ran the total bill up to a whopping $3.6 million.

20. Salma Hayek & François-Henri Pinault

Price Tag: $3.5 million


A wedding on a valentines day, what could be more romantic?! The Mexican Hollywood actress cleaved to the French billionaire on 2009’s valentines day at a steamy hot wedding held at the grand Teatro La Fenice, an opera house in Venice, Italy. The reception was a themed mask party and the bride’s best friend and co-actress Penelope Cruz were present.

19. Trista Rehn & Ryan Sutter

Price Tag: $4 million


This wedding sent chills down the spine of fans, it was indeed a fairy tale. The couple met on the ABC reality TV show ‘The Bachelorette’. The wedding served as an episode finale of the show and was on live broadcast by the ABC. It attracted 17 million viewers, BEAT THAT!! However, the couple paid only $1 million of the price tag, while the rest was sorted out the ABC network. Unlike most celebrity marriages, this couple has stayed married since 2003 for 12 years and still counting.

18. Elizabeth Taylor & Larry Fortensky

Price tag: $4 million

elizabeth-taylor wedding

She was one of history’s legendary beauties, and one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Her career clocked more than 60 years, and she has married a total of seven times. It was a construction worker who became her final husband. They were married in a ceremony at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch with 150 close friends in attendance. Celebrities, from Eddie Murphy to First Lady Nancy Reagan, happily attended.

17. Liza Minnelli & David Gest

Price tag: $4.2 million

David-Gest wedding

When the Academy Award winner and the big-name film producer announced their plans to marry, there was never a question that it would be a big deal. With Michael Jackson serving as Best Man and Elizabeth Taylor as Maid of Honor, would you expect anything less? The florist bill was more than half a million dollars. The wedding singers included Stevie Wonder and Tony Bennett.

16. Amal Alamuddin & George Clooney

Price tag: $4.6 million

Clooney wedding

Nicknamed the Hollywood playboy, George Clooney finally takes his pick from his numerous girls and decides to make a lavish wedding, how lucky Amal must feel. The wedding event actually lasted through the weekend and took place in Venice, Italy, where they first met.. The groom appeared neatly in his bespoke Giorgio Armani tux while the bride was full of glam in her customized Oscar de la Renta gown, studded with pearls and diamonds, all rooms in the hotel Cipriani was booked, it was all expense paid trip for all invited guests from Hollywood, won’t forget to mention the after wedding boat ride to their  civil ceremony. With all that detail the price tag should be no surprise.

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15. Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade

Price Tag: $5 million

Dwayne Wade Gabrielle Union

On August 30th, 2014, Gabrielle Union said ‘I do’ to her fiance Dwyane, the Miami Heat shooting guard in front of 200 family and friends including Ludacris, Kevin Hart, LeBron James, John Legend who also performed, among others. Like royals, their black and white themed lavish wedding was held at Chateau Artisan, a castle in Miami. The bride’s dress was a Dennis Basso design while the groom appeared in three different bespoke Dsquared suits. Happy Married Life ‘GaWade’

14. Chelsea Clinton & Marc Mezvinsky

Price tag: $5.4 million

I’m sure you’ve heard of Chelsea Clinton. People have followed her with fascination since her father moved the family into the White House. Marc Mezvinsky wasn’t as well-known but his father was the former Pennsylvania congressman. It could have been the star-studded guest list, or it could have been the hundreds of security guards in attendance, or it could have been the $600,000 tents with air conditioning. Whatever ran the bill up, it came out to a whopping $5.4 million.

13. Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake

Price tag: $6.5 million


The five-year relationship was sealed in 2012 in southern Italy. JT might be a funny guy but he doesn’t joke with his privacy, that’s why he booked an entire Italian hotel for his guests and paid off neighboring buildings to shut down, just to frustrate paparazzi. This was what consumed the major part of the wedding expenditure.

12. Coleen McLoughlin & Wayne Rooney

Price Tag: $8 million


English national and Manchester United talented striker tied the knot with his high school sweetheart, Coleen. The ceremony was a four-day event in Italy. The private Jets  and hotel reservations needed for the welfare of over 50 foreign guests from the UK throughout the ceremony are suspected to be tops on the billing list. The bride’s favorite band ‘Westlife’ was hired at an estimated $700,000, with the cost of their transportation to Italy non-inclusive. Making the guest list were the groom’s teammates; Rio Ferdinand, Steven Gerard, and John O’shea.

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11. Delphine Arnault & Alessandro Vallarino Gancia

Price Tag: $7 million


This list would be incomplete if I didn’t bring in the couple that made the wedding of the year, 2005 in France. Yea! they are that influential and stinking rich, Check this out; The bride is the executive vice president of Louis Vuitton (LVMH), and the groom, an heir to Italian wine empire, Oh! My!!! The wedding was everything. The legendary Château d’Yquem vineyard in Bordeaux couldn’t have looked better with the thousands of white roses the couple bought to decorate it.

10. Yvette Prieto & Micheal Jordan

Price Tag: $10 million

Michwal Jordan

Unlike his fellow celebrities, who travel to popular destinations to wed, the basketball legend preferred to celebrate his big day close to home at Bethesda-by-the-Sea church in Palm Beach, followed by a lavish reception at a private golf resort in Florida. There were many things that could’ve run up this price; the seven-layer, crystal encrusted rum cake, the white roses, her bespoke dress, or the stunning fireworks that ended the day. Usher and Robin Thick were around the entertain the almost 300 guests which included Tiger Woods.

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 9. Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries

Price tag: $10 million


Kim Kardashian‘s wedding event gave a new meaning to the word “extravagant”. Kim invested in three different ‘Vera Wang’ wedding gowns. And being aware of the importance of location, she rented a private estate in California for the site of the nuptials.

8. Petra Ecclestone & James Stunt

Price Tag: $20 million


How amazing is it to be born with a silver spoon? The bride’s billionaire dad, Mr. Bernie Ecclestone, a Formula 1 guru, paid for the expenses of his daughter’s wedding that took place in Odeshalchi Caste in Bracciano, Italy in 2011. The lavish wedding was decorated with performances by The Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta.

7. Priya Sachdler & Vikram Chatwall

Price Tag: $20 million


Yea! I know, the names don’t sound so familiar. That’s why I’m here to help, *winks*. The couple is both Indian superstars. The millionaire groom, Vikram aka ‘turban cowboy’ is a model, actor a successful hotelier, and a former investment banker, the bride is a model, actor, and singer. Ok! Enough with the profile….THE WEDDING done in a traditional Indian style was far from the usual, that price tag isn’t a joke, the wedding lasted for 10 days and was spread over three major cities in India, think of the cost of transporting a large number of people in attendance….WOW!! Top world dignitaries, including Bill Clinton, and Matthew Mellon graced the ceremony.

6. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Price tag: $30 million

Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings kim-and-kanye

Kim makes the list again, easily outspending the price tag for her first wedding. Kim and Kanye married in 2014, with Kim dishing out a mere half a million for her dress. The couple spent another $250,000 on transportation for guests. The nuptials were performed in Italy, while the reception was spread over two other countries.

5. Aleksandra Kokotovic & Andrey Melnichenko

Price Tag: $30 million


The bride is a Serbian model and a former Miss Yugoslavia, her husband? a Russian billionaire business mogul. The wedding took place in Cote d’Azur, France in 2005. Entertainment was paramount with performances by Whitney Houston, and Christina Aguilera, who both obviously had a handsome share in the wedding’s price tag.

4. Kate Middleton  & Prince William

Price tag: $34 million

Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings Prince-William-and-Kate-Middleton

After a decade of courting, when these two announced their marriage, there was no doubt that it would be one for the record books. England spared no expense on the celebration. The guest list topped out at 2500. Kate’s dress, the cake and the flowers combined came in at a modest $1.3 million. With the streets lined with citizens with the intention of catching a glimpse of the couple, security took a nice bite out of the bill.  The wedding ceremony itself was broadcast worldwide. The event was flooded with top Hollywood celebrities including England’s former football superstar David Beckham accompanied by his lovely wife Victoria.

3. Princess Salama & Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Price tag: $45 million

Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings Princess-Haya-bint-Al-Hussein-1

Imagine this: a brand new stadium that seats 20,000 is built just for the wedding. The bride and groom ride around on horseback to the various towns in their country of United Arab Emirates to give food and goods to their people. The groom buys and bejewels – with real gems – 20 camels just for the occasion. The total wedding festivities lasted seven days. If the price tag of this wedding which took place way back in 1981 is to be converted to the recent dollar, that would be an incredible $100 million. Whew!! That must have set or broken a record!!!

2. Vanisha Mittal & Amit Bhatia

Price tag: $78 million

Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings Vanisha

Not familiar with these names? Bhatia is a British-born businessman of Indian descent and is one of the most successful bankers in Merrill Lynch. Mittal holds multiple degrees and comes from a steel industry family in Europe. The massive security at the wedding ran the bill up, there’s no doubt about that. The festivities included a private concert by Kylie Minogue at the reception and a private party in the Palace of Versailles.

1.  Lady Diana & Prince Charles

Price tag: $110 million

Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings

Without a doubt, this wedding was bound to be the most expensive. Every aspect of this event was top of the line. England went all out for its future People’s Princess. The guest list of over 3000 required nearly 30 cakes be made. Security was, of course, a large part of the price tag.

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