Understanding Ludacris Net Worth and Facts About His Height & Family

What is Ludacris’ net worth?

Net Worth:
$25 million
Salary:Not available
Income Sources:His music and acting career, his record label, series of business ventures such as Conjure Cognac liquor, line of headphones, various real estate holdings, and a restaurant named "Chicken N Beer"
Age/Date of Birth:
46 years old (September 11, 1977)
In feet: 5 feet 8 inches
In meters: 1.7 m
Last Updated:

A generation of people may actually come to recognize Ludacris first as an actor before a musician.

Although now a regular mainstay in the Fast and Furious franchise, Ludacris is a well-versed entertainer who wears the various hats of rapper, actor, music producer and entrepreneur. Ludacris is worth $25 million as at 2021.

His Early Life and Journey To Stardom

Ludacris was born Christopher Brian Bridges on September 11, 1977, in Champaign, Illinois. He would first put on the hat of a rapper at nine years old when he moved to Atlanta and began rapping. He became a member of an amateur rap band at 13 and later studied music management at the Georgia State University and interned at an Atlanta Radio Station, Hot 97.5. where he was a DJ with the name Chris Lova Lova.

After his brief stint as a DJ, he released his first album ‘Incognegro’ in 1998 under his own label Disturbing the Peace. Incognegro was, unfortunately, unsuccessful but Luda refused to give up. In the year 2000, he repackaged his first album into ‘Back for the First Time’ adding singles like ‘Southern Hospitality’, and ‘What’s your Fantasy?’ The singles introduced the sub-genre ‘Dirty South Sound’ which later became popular and made him the most successful southern rapper at the time. Ludacris later signed into Def Jam South.

The album made number 4 on the billboard 200 and has been certified platinum 3 times. After that success, he released about seven other albums, each climbing to the top 5 on the Billboard 200. Three albums topped the Billboard consecutively: ‘Chicken-n-Beer’, ‘Release Therapy’, and ‘Red Light District’. ‘Stand Up’ and ‘Money Maker’ are his 2 hit singles.

Luda has worked with popular artists like Mary J. Blige, NasLil WayneUsherDMX, Missy Elliot, Mariah Carey, and 50 Cent. He has been on tour with Eminem and Busta Rhymes.

He has 5 BET Awards, 3 MTV Music Video Awards, 3 Grammy Awards and a Critic’s Choice award. He won his first Grammy with the song ‘Yeah’ with Lil Jon and Usher, the other two were won in the same year in 2007 – one was awarded for ‘Money Maker’ as best rap song and the other best rap album for “Release Therapy”. Two of his BET Awards are for the best male hip-hop artist.

As mentioned earlier, though starting with music, Ludacris has worn many hats some of which include:

  • Playing roles in ‘RocknRolla’, ‘Crash’, ‘Fred Claus’, ‘Fast 2 Furious’ and ‘Hustle and Flow’. ‘Crash’ won him a Screen Actors Guild Award.
  • Co-founding ‘Disturbing Tha Peace’ records. The label has released music for Bobby V., Playaz Circle, Shawnna, and Field Mob.
  • Endorsing Tag body spray, Pepsi, Trojan condoms and featuring in an advertising campaign for Puma. The later released a 3 edition model of a sneaker which had an image of Luda on the heel and DTP on the heel window.
  • Launching headphones called ‘Soul by Ludacris’, a cognac, Conjure and a boutique label at Def Jam.

Luda also established Ludacris Foundation in 2001. The organization’s aims include; Leadership and Education, LudaCares, and Living Healthy lives. He is also involved in initiatives like Do something and Better World Books which collects books used to restock library shelves in New Orleans.

How Tall is Ludacris and How Did He Achieve His Huge Net Worth? 

In metric units, Ludacris is just 173 centimetres. That is 5 feet and 8 inches. At that height, he is taller than the average celebrity, but just by a little.

Over the years, Luda made over $25 million in album sales. The third album, ‘Chicken-n-Beer’, debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200. The single ‘Stand Up’ from the album was #1 on Hot 100. His 2004 album, ‘The Red Light District’ debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 and was certified double platinum.

His 2008 album, ‘Theater of the Mind’ debuted at #5 on Billboard 200 and sold 214,000 copies in the first week, while his 2010 album, ‘Battle of the Sexes’ debuted at #1 on Billboard 200 selling 137,300.

Luda has a number of real estate holdings. He owns a Bentley Continental GTC, a Recreational Vehicle and still drives his first car, an Acura. He also owns a private Hawker 700 jet. In all, it is believed that the star’s net worth is about $25 million.


Career Earnings By Year

2007 $16 million
2008 $14 million
2009 $10 million
2010 $16 million
2011 $12 million
2012 $12 million
2013 $12 million
2014 $8 million
2015 $8 million
2016 $10 million
2017 $8 million
2018 $6 million
Total $132 million

Meet His Wife and Children

Ludacris found love in Eudoxie Mbouguiengue whom he married in 2014. He had been dating the Gabonese model since 2009 and they got engaged and married on the same day – December 26, 2014, in Costa Rica.

Ludacris currently has three children. His first daughter, Karma Bridges was born in August 2001. Cai Bella Bridges, his second daughter, was born in December 2013.

In 2014, Tamika Fuller, Cai’s mother, filed a lawsuit for child support demanding $15,000 per month. Luda cited the fact that Paul Walker’s demise would affect the release of the film, ‘Fast and Furious’ which was taking a toll on his finances and as a result, he could only pay $1800 per month. After financial details were reviewed, he was ordered to pay $7000. Luda was later awarded his daughter’s full custody and $2,000 in monthly support.

Ludacris and his wife Eudoxie welcomed their own child, another baby girl in June 2015. She was named Cadence Gaëlle Bridges.

Profile Summary
First Name: Christopher
Last Name:Bridges
Estimated Net Worth:
$25 million
Salary:Not available
Source of Wealth:His music and acting career, his record label, series of business ventures such as Conjure Cognac liquor, line of headphones, various real estate holdings, and a restaurant named "Chicken N Beer"
Last Updated:
Also Known As:
Chris, Ludacris, Luda, Tha Ludameister

Rapper, actor, songwriter, entrepreneur, and record executive
Famous For:His rapping skills in various songs and also for his Fast & Furious movie series where he played the role as Tej Parker.
Colleges/Universities Attended:
Georgia State University
Educational Qualifications:

Birthday & Zodiac
Age/Date of Birth:
46 years old (September 11, 1977)
Zodiac Sign:Virgo
Birth Place:
Champaign, Illinois, U.S.
Country of Residence:
The United States of America
Physical Attributes
In feet: 5 feet 8 inches
In meters: 1.7 m
In Kilogram: 77 kg
In pounds: 169.7 lbs
Eye Colour:
Dark Brown
Hair Color:
Other Body Measurements:
Chest – 44 in,
Arms / Biceps – 15 in,
Waist – 33 in
Marital Status:
Eudoxie Mbouguiengue ((m. 2014))
Family and Relatives
Wayne Brian Bridges (Died in 2007)
Mother:Roberta Shields
Karma Bridges (born August 2001), Cai Bella Bridges (born December 2013), Cadence Gaëlle (born June 2015)
Siblings:He is the only child.
Other Relatives:
Monica Denise Arnold (cousin), Richard Pryor (cousin)
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