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Sir Paul McCartney is arguably one of the most prominent figures in rock and pop culture. McCartney is an exceptionally talented musician, songwriter, and record producer. One of the highpoints of his life which invariably earned him international acclaim and recognition was being the lead bassist and co-lead vocalist for The Beatles. The popular English rock band comprised of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison. The group was adjudged the driving force behind the development of popular music as well as the most influential rock band of all time by music critics. More so, McCartney and fellow Beatles star John Lennon formed what is now known in modern history as the most successful songwriting partnership in history.

Interestingly, a death hoax that started in 1967 about McCartney did not only gain the musician more recognition but his band also benefitted from the rumor. The controversial issue which was tagged ‘Paul is dead’ lingered until 1969 and during that period, the Beatles recorded a tremendous increase in the album sales. However, with the kind of attention the death hoax got. one can’t help but wonder if Paul McCartney really died and was secretly replaced by a look-alike.

How True Is The ‘Paul Is Dead’ Claim?

In the world of showbiz, it would amaze you how a story can get so much attention especially with regards to notable persons. In the case of Paul McCartney, apart from being a member of the widely acclaimed 60s band, The Beatles he was also an exceptional musician. So when the incident of his car crash in November 1966 occurred the news spread like wildfire.

The alleged accident happened after a heated argument between Paul and his bandmates on that fateful day. This left many to believe that the musician did not survive the accident. However, things got even more complicated when rumors about the Beatles replacing the allegedly demised musician with a look-alike which they coached on how to act like Paul McCartney. More so, some other sources had it that top British units were aware of the plan as they used it as a way to avert any form of uproar amongst fans of the Beatles if the news about Paul’s death was made public.

However, after a lot of views being circulated in different forms, The Beatles had to issue an official statement denouncing the allegations in 1969. Paul who was also working on his solo career launched his album the next year and the band was dissolved in April 1970. This move also paid off really well as McCartney’s solo career soared and he is currently a Grammy Award-winning musician. To date, he is still active musically, playing in sold-out concerts and tours. His most recent tours include the 2018 Secret Gigs and Freshen Up.

Paul McCartney’s Career Achievement and Legacy Is Legendary

The globally acclaimed composer has been active in the music industry for over six decades. McCartney began his career in 1957 after he joined the Quarrymen- an English rock and roll group formed by John Lennon. The Quarrymen later metamorphosed into the Beatles in 1960. Ever since then, the award-winning songwriter has mastered the art of playing the bass guitar and has developed a unique melodic approach to it. The talented tenor singer is also notable for his impressive vocal range of well over four octaves.

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney with his Beatle bandmates Image source

During his time with the English band, Paul McCartney was referred to in many quarters as the de facto leader of the Beatles and the creative genius behind most of their projects. He was the brains behind hit songs like ‘And I Love Her’, ‘Blackbird’, ‘Eleanor Rigby’ and ‘Yesterday’, all of which still rank among the most covered songs of all time.

To further explore his capabilities, the musician decided to go solo which eventually led to the disbandment of the Beatles in 1970. That same year, the talented bassist went on to release his debut studio album as a solo artist titled, ‘McCartney’ which became quite successful. It is also gathered that 32 of the songs he had written or co-written have topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. More so, he has 60 gold discs and a record sale of over 100 million singles and 100 million albums to his credit. Guinness World Records recognized him in 1979 as the ‘most honored composer and performer in music’ and again in 2009 as ‘the most successful songwriter’.

As a solo artist, McCartney has over 16 million RIAA certified units in the United States of America. The popular musician is also a two-time inductee into the hallowed Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He was first inducted in 1988 as a member of the Beatles group and in 1999 as a solo artist. In 1965, Paul McCartney was appointed by the Queen as a Member of the Order of the British Empire. Her Majesty the Queen knighted the rock icon in 1997 for his numerous contribution to the music industry.

McCartney received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2012. The English songwriter is also an 18-time recipient of the prestigious Grammy Awards. Paul also has an Academy Award, the prestigious Gershwin Prize, and the BRIT Award among his accolades.

More so, the award-winning musician is also a philanthropist as he promotes many charities all over the world. He is very passionate about subjects ranging from animal rights, land mines, seal hunting, music education, and vegetarianism to poverty. The songwriter spent about £3 million to keep his late wife’s company, Linda McCartney Foods, afloat. This was part of his campaign against genetically modified foods.

The Intriguing Relationships Which Make Up The Musician’s Family Life Is A Lengthy List

McCartney has had his fair share of relationships. His earliest girlfriend was Dot Rhone whom he met in 1959 at the Casbah club. They dated for about three years but the relationship fell through after Rhone had a miscarriage. The English composer began dating Jane Asher shortly after his relationship with Rhone ended. He met the British actress on April 18, 1963, at one of the Beatles performances held at the Royal Albert Hall.

The two moved in together by November of 1963 at Asher’s family home in London. Some of McCartney’s hit singles like ‘Yesterday’, ‘I’m Looking Through You’, ‘And I Love Her’, and ‘You Won’t See Me’ were written while they were together with many insinuating they were inspired by the couple’s love affair. However, the English actress ended the 5-year relationship after she learned of the singer’s affair with Francie Schwartz.

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney with Linda Eastman Image source

The musician met his first wife, Linda Eastman, at one of Georgie Fame concerts in 1967. Eastman worked as a photographer for many rock groups across the United Kingdom. Asides the Beatles, she has also covered groups like the Doors, the Grateful Dead, and The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

The duo got married sometime in 1969 at a beautiful wedding ceremony. The couple formed the Wings band in 1971 a year after the Beatles group was disbanded. Paul and Linda also shared four lovely children together- Heather, Stella, James, and Mary. Heather was Eastman’s daughter from a previous relationship whom Paul adopted. Sadly, the marriage was dealt a heavy blow following Linda’s passing in 1998. She died at the age of 56 after suffering from breast cancer.

Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney with his children, Mary, James and Stella image source

He remarried in 2002 after years of going through counseling sessions. His new wife, Heather Mills, was an anti-landmines campaigner and a former model. They welcomed their first child named Beatrice Milly in 2003. However, after several misunderstandings, the couple separated in 2006, and about 2 years later, the marriage was officially annulled in March 2008.

Paul McCartney
Paul and Heather Mills image source

Sir Paul McCartney decided to marry again for the third time. This time, he married Nancy Shevell on October 9, 2011, at a civil ceremony held at the Old Marylebone Town Hall. Prior to their wedding, the couple had been in a relationship since 2007. Nancy is a business executive with decades of experience in the transportation industry. The couple does not have any children at the moment but continue to enjoy their marriage together.

Paul McCartney
Paul with Nancy image source

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Paul McCartney’s Net Worth Is Beyond Outstanding

McCartney is regarded as the richest rock musician of all time. The English singer reportedly makes an average of $60-$70 million annually. His Out There Tour which ran from 2013 to 2015 grossed about $300 million. Currently, McCartney has an estimated net worth of a whopping $1.2 billion. Part of his earnings also come from his brand endorsements and royalties earned from his songs with the Beatles. The British celebrity also has interests in Apple Corps and MPL Communications. More so, Paul owns a music publishing catalog that accesses over 25,000 copyrights, including those of the musicals A Chorus Line, Grease, Guys and Dolls, and Annie.

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