Say Hello To The 15 Richest Families In Hollywood

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A celebrity on his/her own already makes a lot of money but when they marry which most times is to another Hollywood celebrity or even better a business tycoon, their combined net worth automatically increases, for some who decide to have kids, their children contribute to the wealth of the family by involving themselves in the Hollywood business. Others are just so rich that their children may decide not to work for the rest of their lives. So which Hollywood “power family” is the richest? From the Osbournes to the Kardashian klan these are the 15 richest families in Hollywood. We do hope the couples that make up these families don’t have divorce on their minds…

15. John Travolta & Kelly Preston

Combined Net worth: $190 million

The controversial scientologist actor has made a lot of money from his numerous movie gigs, enough to bring him a net worth of $170 million. The couple met while filming 1986 movie ‘The Experts’ and 4 years later they tied the knot and have since remained married. Kate, a former model is known for her role in movies like Mischief and Jerry Maguire, she supports their marriage with a $20 million net worth. The couple, together with their 3 children live in a $5 million estate in Jumbolair Aviation Estate Ocala, Florida which comes with its own aircraft runway.

14. Vanderbilt Family

Combined Net Worth: $300 million

The affluence of this family goes way back to the Gilded age- the late 19th century. The Vanderbilts were once the richest family in America. Years have passed and they’ve seen their wealth suffer a fall. Notwithstanding, the family still have contemporary descendants who are holding up the family name. One of such is Gloria Vanderbilt. With the $5 million trust fund her late father left her, she built her life and found a career as an actress, fashion designer and artist. Today she is worth $200 million. Her son Anderson Cooper is a CNN journalist and anchor is worth about $100 million.

13. Will Smith & Jada Pinkett

Combined Net Worth: $300 million

Will-Smith-and-Jada-Pinkett 1


The Independence day actor is one of the most successful black actors of our time. His talent have seen him make every list of world’s highest-paid actors giving him a net worth of $250 million. Actress wife Jada Pinkett has appeared in a number of movies including The Matrix and its sequels of which she is most known for. Her net worth is a fair $20 million. Their kids Jaden and Willow are part of the show business and are already rich young stars, together they are worth $11 million. They practically don’t have to beg their parents for money. The family lives in a $20 million mansion in Calabasas, which is one of the most expensive celebrity homes.

12. Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson

Combined Net worth: $420 million

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

These pair are one of the most stable couples Hollywood has ever seen, having stayed married for 26 years and counting. Tom Hanks have graced our big screens for as far back as we can remember, and most of them have been blockbusters. With a global box office grossing of $8.4 billion, Forrest Gump actor is the third highest grossing actor of all time. All that success have netted him wealth worth over $400 million. His actress wife Rita Wilson isn’t doing bad either, the Runaway Bride actress is worth $20 million. The pair have 4 children including two from Hanks’ first marriage.

11. Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones

Combined Net worth: $405 million

Michael Douglas and Zeta Jones

Michael Douglas followed in the footsteps of his father, the legendary Kirk Douglas who is now 100 years old and worth $60 million. As appropriate Michael has made more success than his father as an actor and producer. The Basic Instinct actor married British actress Zeta-Jones in 2000 after they met at a film festival in France. The Mask of Zoro actress is worth $45 million.


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