What is Alex Choi’s Net Worth and How Did He make His Money?

With a net worth of $1 million to his name, Alex Choi ranks among one of the wealthier personalities that YouTube has produced. He has also generated much controversy like other personalities on the video-sharing site. For some, Choi is a super car enthusiast who is extremely talented at tweaking and customizing cars with super fast and exotic results at the end. Yet for some others, he is the driver that embarks on crazy stunts to jack up views. The fact that Choi has been involved in several controversial incidents, including a near-road mishap, has not helped matters but he couldn’t be so bothered. The young man continues indulging in his love for cars and pushing speed; amassing a dedicated social media following in the process.

He Earns Thousands of Dollars From YouTube Views Per Annum

One source of Alex Choi’s net worth, as well as the reason behind his fame, is his eponymous YouTube channel. The racing enthusiast first created his YouTube channel in July 2017 and began posting videos of the exotic cars he had customized. These videos also involved him performing super-fast races with those vehicles and he soon gathered a decent following. That decent following has since grown to 681,000 subscribers and his videos have more than 50 million views. One of the most popular videos that Alex Choi has on his channel is titled Funniest Lamborghini Launch Control Reactions.

The 5-minute clip features him giving several different passengers a ride in his Lamborghini. During the short ride, he initiates the vehicle’s launch control, which greatly increases speed, with the unsuspecting passengers giving various hilarious reactions. The video was released in 2017 and has thus far garnered 13 million views, making it the most-watched content on Alex Choi’s channel. It has also contributed to his YouTube earnings. The social media platform has a CPM policy that sees creators earn about $5 to $10 for every 1000 views. Social Blade estimates show that Alex Choi now makes as much as $8,200 from ad revenue per annum.

He Has Also Done Sponsored Ads for Different Brands Including Kove Speakers

An even more lucrative way for YouTubers to make money is through affiliate marketing and Alex Choi is tapping into that source. Affiliate marketing involves YouTube personalities reaching an agreement with different brands who pay them to promote their products in the middle of their clips. These brief promotions often direct consumers to use a particular code associated with the YouTuber to make their purchase and get a discount. The YouTuber in turn gets his fee as well as a cut, 5% to 20%, of any purchase that was done with his code.

A run-through of Choi’s videos will reveal that he has done affiliate marketing for several brands, including Kove Speakers. Kove Speakers is described as one of the most affordable premium Bluetooth speakers out there and regularly costs about a hundred dollars. Fans who use Alex Choi’s discount code – DDE65, however, got as much as 65% off. This brought numerous customers flocking to the brand thus increasing the percentage of Choi’s earnings from the deals.

It Is Also Highly Probable That Alex Choi Hails From a Wealthy Family

All of us love exotic cars but only a few of us have the funds to indulge in that love or go the extra length of buying expensive parts to customize them. It, therefore, means that Alex Choi must have another source of income that provides him with good money with which he snaps up his luxurious vehicles. There have been several permutations over the years but it is obvious that a regular 9-to-5 job does not pay enough to fund Choi’s passion for super cars.

This has made many people conclude that he must hail from a rich background from where he gets the thousands of dollars that he spends on his exotic cars. It is also feasible that he has some high-paying corporate job but that seems unlikely as such won’t give him the time to film his videos. All these remain permutations though and only time will tell us the exact fact.

The YouTuber Owns Several Choice Cars

Being that his passion is racing and customizing cars, one would expect Alex Choi to own several vehicles and he does not disappoint. The YouTuber is the owner of an exquisite car collection that includes:

  • Audi RS7 ($113,900)
  • BMW M7 ($86.4K)
  • McLaren 720s ($299,000)
  • Tesla Model X ($81,000)
  • Lamborghini Huracan (N/A)

The YouTuber was inspired by Fast and Furious 6 in making the extreme modifications that he did to his Lamborghini Huracan that he lovingly shows off most times. Choi removed most of the car’s body panels and replaced them with pink monkey bars. He also added 42 different lights, plenty of flush-mouthed strobes, and a roof light bar. The engine gets a Sheppey Race twin-turbo kit (which gives about 800 horsepower) and the wheels are upgraded to Bespoke Brixton Forged Wheels.

The result of all these changes is better seen than imagined and it has made Choi quite popular. It has also made the vehicle highly sought after but the YouTube personality remains adamant that he was not selling it. This refusal once resulted in a scammer trying to cash in on the situation. The scammer listed Choi’s beloved car for sale on the e-commerce website, Carousell, for $1.5 million. He, however, deleted the posting following an outcry from Choi that he was not behind the account and that he had no intentions of selling any time soon.

Alex Choi Has Faced Criticisms for Dangerous Driving and Leaving His Tesla on Autopilot

Alex Choi may receive a lot of love for his videos but he has also been mired in some controversies as a result of his stunts. Back in September 2018, the YouTuber was out and about with his beloved Huracan when he made what many deemed a reckless pull-out in front of a Yamaha R1. Thankfully, the rider escaped unhurt and Choi also escaped any criminal charges. He, however, got a lot of bashing from members of the public for driving in that manner on a public road.

Fast-forward to June 2019, Alex Choi came under scrutiny once more for posting a video of himself running his Tesla on autopilot with nobody in the driver seat. Even though some Teslas have driver-assistance software and self-driving capabilities, the instructions from the company remain that full self-driving functionality is not available for now and as such, there must be active driver supervision. These guidelines meant that many people did not take it lightly when Choi posted his now infamous video. The act spurned several headlines and many called for his driving license to be seized. Luckily, he was able to escape any charges once more.

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