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When it comes to power couples, there are a variety of options to pick from, especially in the entertainment industry, where there is no shortage of popular and attractive men and women. So, rarely do you find a cross-industry power couple, like actress Gal Gadot and her business tycoon husband, Yaron Versano. Theirs is an admirable relationship as the only commonality between their professions is the element of creativity.

Regardless, they have been able to build a solid relationship for more than a decade, and currently, the pair even share the same perception about feminism as they continually advocate for equality between men and women. More so, their cultural connection, as both couples are Israelis, has also played a very pivotal role in strengthening the bond they share.

Yaron Versano’s Background Details

Yaron Varsano’s birth details revealed that he was born on June 23rd, 1975, to Israeli parents in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He also spent his formative years in his place of birth in Amsterdam. He was raised, along with his brother Guy Versano, with the ideals of the Jewish community where they originated from. For his education, Yaron attended the International School of Amsterdam, and later, he proceeded to the New York Institute of Technology, in Old Westbury, New York, where he graduated with an Engineering degree in the year 2000.

The completion of his education gave Yaron Versano a chance to pursue a career, and he did so by going back to his country in Tel Aviv, Israel. There, he teamed up with his brother to set up their own real-estate company. While business isn’t exactly a smooth ride, especially real-estate, they have done impressively well in their field. Notably, they once sold the Versano Hotel, which was built like an apartment complex, to Roman Abramovich, a Russian billionaire and owner of the English team, Chelsea.

It was gathered that Yaron Versano served in the Israeli Defense force for 2 years, and it is believed that his time there contributed to forming him into a patriotic citizen. This has rubbed off positively on his personal life, as well as his career as he has shown an admirable resilience in business, which in turn makes him a valuable asset to his nation.

His Tremendous Success In The Real Estate Business

To describe Yaron Versano as a true replica of someone with cancer zodiac sign is not an over-exaggeration of his personality. The real estate businessman is truly gifted in using his intuition to his advantage because in his type of business, only those who can quickly figure out profitable deals, enjoy the benefits of buying and selling properties. More so, having his brother as his business partner from the onset was equally a soft landing for him back then.

The two brothers worked on numerous deals together. However, when they had the inspiration to build Versano Hotel, the pair had little or no idea it would get the attention of famous Russian billionaire and Chelsea football club owner, Roman Abramovich. The luxurious hotel, which was a cozy place that reminds travelers of their home, fetched them $25 million richer after they successfully sold it to the billionaire. Yet again, Yaron completed another lucrative deal in 2006, selling one of his properties, The Cherlouche House, for $16 million, to the Israeli entrepreneur Marius Nacht.

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Owing to his tremendous successes as a businessman, there is no doubt Yaron is very rich. However, he seems to keep the real details of his net worth away from the public. Nonetheless, some sources have estimated the Israeli businessman’s net worth to be $25 million. His wife, Gal Gadot, on the other hand, is also not doing badly in her acting career, which has earned her about $10 million. Altogether, the couple has more than $30 million combined net worth.

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How Yaron Versano Met and Married Gal Gadot

Yaron Versano
Yaron and Gal Gadot on their wedding

It may surprise many to know that the very wealthy real estate businessman is a helpless romantic. Yaron, who met Gal Got back in 2006, was so smitten by her that it did not take him long to know that he had found his soulmate. It was reported that he told Gal Gadot on their second date that he was going to propose in less than 2 years, which he did. According to the actress, their relationship had always been very serious from the onset, and with Yaron being 10 years older than her, she believed he knew what he wanted, and he was not going to play games. The pair eventually tied the nuptial knot sometime in September 2008, which is about 2 years after they met.

With over a decade and counting, the couple has not ceased to show their admiration and support for each other. The actress revealed that she wouldn’t have achieved so much in her career without her husband’s inspiration. Yaron has always advised her to follow her dreams and pursue her career no matter the challenges involved. When their first daughter, Alma came in 2011, Yaron supported his wife in every possible way and kept her from quitting her job as an actress, despite the busy schedule of shuttling between Israel and the USA. When she was on set for the production of Wonder Woman, Gal was pregnant for their second daughter, Maya.

It would also interest you to know that Yaron Versano, like his wife, is a feminist, and he believes that men and women should have equal rights. Well, one can easily agree with him as the business tycoon has ensured that his wife gets to the zenith of her career against all odds. More so, Yaron is a very dedicated father who cares deeply for his adorable daughters, and in the absence of his wife, he gets along very well with his girls. In addition to the above, the businessman is often seen on the red carpet with his wife as he accompanies her to different Hollywood events.

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