Shane Deary – Inside The Life And Family Of Keri Russell’s Ex-Husband

There is a widely believed notion that Hollywood personalities prefer to marry only those of their kind, that is, someone within the industry. It is a belief that has been reinforced through years of marriages between actors and actresses but that belief gets a knock when a personality gets romantically entangled with an outsider – like Keri Russell was with Shane Deary.

Keri Russell, who is a Golden Globe-winning actress popularly known for playing a titular role in the series Felicity, got married to Shane Deary, a contractor, and craftsman in 2007. Although their relationship did not last, with their relationship ending after seven short years, Shane Deary and Keri Russell have remained in each other’s lives as parents to their children. While the actress has moved on with her love life, the craftsman is solely concentrated on his business.

Early Life of Shane Deary

Shane Deary was born in Massachusetts in a year that is unknown at the moment. Details regarding the identities of his parents and siblings are also unknown, as his relationship with the actress Keri Russell did very little to reveal his background information. He was brought up by his parents along with his younger brother in Massachusetts. His father worked as a contractor and this hugely influenced Shane Deary’s career choice of becoming a contractor later in life.

If Shane Deary attended college after completing high school, that is a fact that we do not know at this time but we know his professional career, carpentry, is the result of a hobby he had since he was a child growing up under his parents, as he assisted his father in the construction of a farmhouse with reclaimed materials while still in high school.

How He Began His Business

Shane Deary grew older and had an opportunity to be his own man, and thus, established Deary Construction company based in Brooklyn, New York City. The home interior renovation and millwork company deal on different types of wood species and furniture, which ranges from farm tables and benches to entertainment center built-ins, as well as reclaimed shelving.

Shane Deary
Photo of Deary Construction handiwork (Image Source)

Through his works as a carpenter and contractor, Shane Deary has been able to create a comfortable life for himself and marry a Hollywood personality. Until he began dating Keri Russell, who is known for shows like The Americans, Felicity Porter, Mission Impossible III, and Waitress, Shane Deary existed outside the consciousness of the media.

Shane Has Amassed Impressive Fortune From His Craft

Shane Deary has not starred in a movie nor appeared in a TV show, but he has been able to build a net worth estimated to be over $1 million through his business as a woodworking contractor. He has been able to build a significant financial base for his children, giving them a comfortable life.

His ex-wife, Keri Russell is estimated to be worth $8 million, earning as much as $100,000 per episode of her shows, having built a career with over 40 films in her filmography featuring several blockbuster successes like Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, August Rush, and a couple more others.

Facts About His Marital Relationship with Keri Russell

Before Tinder and social media platforms became the leading avenue to meet women or men, people met potential partners through a network of friends who introduced single people to each other. This is how Shane Deary and his ex-wife, Keri Russell met each other for the first time and began building the foundation of a relationship.

Their first meeting led to a relationship and they got married in 2007, after one year of engagement. At the time of their meeting, Keri had already been a movie star, having won a Golden Globe award for her role in Felicity. To say things moved very fast while they were together would be an understatement. The couple tied the knot on the 14th of February 2007 in a private ceremony in Manhattan, with a reception organized at the Harrison Restaurant situated in Tribeca.

Shane Deary
Shane and his ex-wife, Keri Russell during a day at the park with their children

Keri Russell was already carrying the first of the couple’s two children at the time of the wedding. She gave birth to the child, a son named River Deary in 2007, and gave birth to the second child, a daughter named Willa Lou Deary in 2011. Married with two children, things seemed to be perfect in the Deary household until the news of their separation hit the news wave after seven years of being married. The marriage came to an end after Shane Deary filed for a divorce against Keri in 2013, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the separation.

While it would have been understandable if they remained bitter enemies after the abrupt end of their marriage, Shane and Keri have tried to maintain a cordial relationship for their children.

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Here’s What The Duo Has Been Up To Since Their Divorce

Since the divorce, Keri Russell has remained in the public eye, starring in various films and television shows while Shane Deary has retreated into the background, living outside the spotlight. He is reportedly single and has not been linked to any romantic partner in recent years. He seems to be focused on his business, as well as catering for his kids.

Though Shane and Keri are no longer together, they still relate with one another as co-parents. Soon after their divorce in September 2013, the two were seen together three months later, taking their children to school. Also in the same month, his ex-wife moved on with her love life as she was spotted cozying up with her co-star in The Americans, Matthew Rhys in New York. They eventually became a couple in the year 2014.

Matthew Rhys
Keri Russell with Matthew Rhys and son (Image Source)

Although Keri and Matthew are said to have first met and fallen for each other in 2013, on the set of the aforementioned series where they portray the characters of married Russian spies Philip and Elizabeth Jennings, they have previously met more than a decade ago at a kickball party but didn’t get romantically involved then.

Subsequently, Shane Deary’s ex-wife welcomed her third child, a son named Sam Evans in 2016 together with her partner Matthew Rhys. The two have been going strong as a couple since then and are yet to take their relationship to the next level. They seemed focused on their careers and not thinking of rushing into marriage, though they are enjoying their family life together.


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