Inside TJ Miller’s Relationship With Wife and How Controversies Affected His Net Worth

TJ Miller is a multitalented actor and comedian famous for works like Silicon Valley, Deadpool, and How to Train a Dragon. Beyond just being an actor and a comedian, Miller is also a musician, writer, and producer. He started his career in 2007 and has since appeared in more than seventy movies and TV shows, as well as voice roles for three games.

Beyond his budding career, one thing that has also kept TJ in the limelight is the numerous sexual assault allegations that have hit the comedian lately. As a result, many of his fans have become curious, wanting to know how these controversies have affected his relationship with his wife, as well as his career and net worth.

A Peek into TJ Miller’s Denver Background

Although he is famous as TJ Miller, the actor and comedian’s real name is Todd Joseph Miller. He was born on June 4, 1981, in Denver, Colorado, the U.S. Miller grew up in Denver and had a Christian father and a Jewish mother; he is of German, Scottish, English, and Irish descent.

For his education, Miller went to Graland Country Day School, and then he moved to Denver’s East High School from where he graduated. He has always had an interest in performing arts, and so when he was still in high school, he got involved in drama production and was regarded as the class clown by Melody Duggan, his drama teacher at East High.

After that, he proceeded to George Washington University in Washington, D.C, from where he graduated in 2003 with a B.A. in psychology. He joined a comedy group there and later moved on to Frichess Theatre Urbain in Paris, where he studied the circus arts. Then he studied Shakespeare in London at the British American Drama Academy for a summer.

TJ Miller’s Road to Fame

TJ Miller started his career as a standup comedian. He was an improv comedian, and he performed with several local troubles. One of them is the popular The Second City. He was with the group for two years. As a comedian, Miller has featured on shows like Funny or Die and released comedy specials.

But while he has found considerable success as a standup comedian, movies and TV shows is where how he became truly famous. His first onscreen appearance was in 2007 when he starred as Marmaduke Brooker in Carpoolers. The following year, he made his film debut as Hudson Platt in Cloverfield.

TJ Miller made subsequent appearances on TV and in film, but it was his role as She’s Out of My League (2010) that made him a recognizable act. In the romantic comedy film, he played Stainer alongside Jay Baruchel. He made other appearances in popular projects like Get Him to the Greek, How to Train Your Dragon and its sequel, Transformers: Age of Extinction and Search Party.

While these appearances gave him staying power in Hollywood, none took his fame to a higher grade than his starring role as Erlich Bachman in Silicon Valley. He played the role between 2014 and 2017, starring in 38 episodes. His role as Weasel in Deadpool and Deadpool 2 was also another major boost to his fame.

TJ Miller
TJ Miller as Erlich Bachman in Silicon Valley: image source

Since he began his onscreen career in 2007, TJ Miller has more than 76 credits to his name across film and television. But while that is a significant achievement, some believe his controversial persona has kept him from achieving more.

His Career Has Been Plagued with Controversy

In December 2016, the first major controversy in TJ Miller’s career happened. He allegedly assaulted an Uber driver over a debate about Donald Trump. The assault led to his arrest, but he got released on bail. Two years after, in April 2018, while drunk, he placed an emergency call during a train ride about a fake bomb threat. While the Uber incident had little to zero impact on his career, the fake bomb threat led to his exit from How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.

One controversy that has had the most impact on his career was his exit from Silicon Valley. A fellow actress, Alice Wetterlund, accused him of creating a toxic environment on set. She alleged the actor of inappropriate and unprofessional behavior on set. The accusation came around the time an ex-girlfriend accused him of sexually assaulting her when they were in college back in 2001. An adult film star also made a similar accusation, giving legitimacy to the allegations on the strength of the number of accusers.

The allegations did not contribute directly to his exit from Silicon Valley (he left because he was tired of his character). But it has resulted in lesser roles for the actor onscreen. The high-flying comedian/actor has appeared in only four projects since the allegations came out. Of course, this is not a representation of the long-term state of his career. But there is no denying that there has been a reduced enthusiasm for TJ Miller onscreen.

The Scandals Have Done Little to Affect His Wealth

Before Deadpool and Silicon Valley, TJ Miller made steady money appearing across movies and television, either as a voice actor or a plain actor. He also made money through comedy, selling out shows and making bank from comedy specials.

With them, his earnings have skyrocketed, enough to bring his estimated net worth to $9 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. No one knows precisely how much impact his scandals and controversies have affected his career. But early evidence suggests not so much, at least not in a permanent fashion. As for August 2019, the comedian is still selling out comedy shows across the US, particularly in Denver, his home state.

He Has A Weird and Long-term Relationship with Kate Gorney

TJ Miller
TJ and Kate: image source

Miller is a married man who tied the knot in 2015 to his girlfriend of many years, Kate Gorney. Born Kathryn Titus Gorney, she is also in the entertainment business just like her husband. But more than just that, Kate, who is a daughter of a poet and priest, is also an artist.

The couple first met when they were both studying at George Washington University while working on a production of A Chorus Line. During their relationship, the couple went through difficult periods. Such as the time Kate discovered TJ Miller had installed spyware on her phone and computer, tracking her location, emails, and browser history.

Yet their relationship only got stronger. In 2014, the actor finally took things to the next level and proposed to the mixed-media artist. By 2015, they were already man and wife. They got married in September in Colorado at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

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Their Marriage Continue To Thrive Despite TJ Miller’s Controversial Figure

Kate has continuously stood by her husband since the two got married. When an anonymous woman accused TJ Miller of sexual assault, Miller and Kate wasted no time in releasing a joint statement claiming that the accuser was only a vindictive individual. According to them, the accuser tried breaking them in the past and was merely attempting to do the same thing many years later, taking advantage of the MeToo Movement.

That said, some witnesses corroborated the story. More so, even though it came to light after Miller had graduated, it was claimed that he got expelled after proceedings were held in that regard. However, Kate still stood firmly by her husband.

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