Who Is Tiffany Trump, What is Her Financial Standing & Does She Have A Boyfriend?

The ascendancy of Donald Trump to America’s top job has come with relentless publicity on his person, his businesses, and his family. Ivanka and her husband—Jared Kushner—have been visible around the corridors of power taking up roles in Trump’s administration. Donald Jr. and Eric are never far away from the spotlight either and when they are, their twitter engagements cause quite the buzz just like their father’s. Amongst all of the President’s adult children, Tiffany Trump probably is the least involved in their father’s political life and often stays away from some of the gatherings her other siblings enjoy these days.

She was the only of Trump’s adult children who weren’t part of the Presidents transition team. Since his father assumed office she has opted to fly under the radar, doesn’t give media interviews, and generally stays off politics. However, we’ve gathered a lot of interesting things about her for you.

Tiffany Is Trumps Only Child With His Second wife Marla Maples

Tiffany was born on the 13th of October 1993, in New York to businessman and politician father Donald Trump,  and former wife Marla Maples. Trump and Marples were married In 1993 and divorced in 1999.

After the divorce, Tiffany moved with her mother to California where she was raised. She attended the private, non-denominational Viewpoint School in Calabasas, California. After which she enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania where she studied sociology.

She majored in sociology and urban studies while also an intern at Vogue. In 2017 Tiffany enrolled at the Georgetown Law School in Washington, D.C. where she is pursuing her law degree. She also works as a research assistant to lawyer and professor Shon Hopwood.

Unlike most of her siblings who are either involved in the family business or in Trump’s political administration, she is more interested in music and showbiz and has released her debut ‘Like a Bird’ when she was 17. Her interest in music and acting might have been influenced by her mother, Marla Maples, who was an actress and TV personality in her hey days.

She has also worked on movies like ‘Whispers in the Wind’ and ‘Section B’. She first expressed her desire to work in the entertainment industry during her appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show. However, after her debut song received a cold reception, she has not made any known effort to reignite her career in that regard.

She Is Popular Within Elite Social Circles

A social butterfly, Tiffany Trump is often pictured in the company of celebrities and children of some of the wealthiest men in the world. She hangs out with celebrity children like Harry and Peter Brandt (son of model Stephanie Seymour), EJ Johnson (son of Magic Johnson), among others.

Tiffany Trump with Reya Benitez, Gaia Matisse, Kyra Kennedy and Andrew Warren
Tiffany Trump with Reya Benitez, Gaia Matisse, Kyra Kennedy and Andrew Warren

Tiffany clearly enjoys the lavish lifestyle, she is part of a group that has been dubbed “Snap Pack” which is mainly made up of children with famous last names, New York socialites, fashion designers, and wealthy kids. They include Gaïa Jacquet-Matisse, the great-great-granddaughter of the painter Henri Matisse, Kyra Kennedy, daughter of Robert F Kennedy Jr, hotel heir Barron Hilton and Andrew Warren, the grandson of New York textile tycoon David Warren.

With a massive online following, their Instagram feeds are awash with pictures of their nightlife experiences. When they are not at some exclusive New York party they are attending a fashion gala-night or just hoping between exclusive condos in New York, and five-star hotels in Paris.

How Much Is She Really Worth?

When your father is as wealthy as Donald Trump its quite tricky disusing your financial standing without recourse to the vast fortune at your disposal.

Personally, she has interned at Vogue and modeled at 2013’s New York Fashion Week. She released her single “Like a Bird” in 2011. Asides her interests in showbiz, it’s clear she intends to pursue a career of some sorts in Law after graduating from Law School.

She is said to be worth around $600,000 a paltry figure considering her exotic lifestyle. She should definitely have access to her father’s estimated net worth of $4.1 billion sometime time in the future. Whatever the case, her fortunes will always be linked to her father’s wealth.

Tiffany Trump’s Relationship Life

Tiffany began dating Ross Mechanic in 2015 while they were both students at the University of Pennsylvania. While she studied sociology, Ross majored in computer science. He comes from a wealthy New York family that has huge investments in real estate. His dad is the billionaire real estate lawyer Jonathan Mechanic.

Tiffany Trump was a regular visitor at Ross’ family vacation house in the Hamptons during the summer. However, Ross and Tiffany have parted ways, rumors had been flying around and were more or less confirmed when he posted pictures of him and his new girlfriend Carly Berns, a New York-based marketing professional. Tiffany and Ross grew apart after she moved to D.C to focus on her Law program.

Sometime in 2019, Tiffany began showing-off a handsome Georgetown Law School student—Michael Boulos—on her Instagram feeds, and soon it was no longer news she had found love again after the break up with Ross.

Tiffany and Michael Boulos met on vacation in Mykonos, Greece in the summer of 2018. She took him to see her dad at  Mar-a Lago that same year and since then he has become a more visible presence at their family functions.

Michael Boulos was born in Lagos, Nigeria to Lebanese-Nigerians Massad and Sarah Boulos who run the multi-billion dollar Boulos Enterprises. The family has a history in the African country dating back to 1936 when their grandfather first arrived Lagos and quickly settled in to become the city’s foremost jeweler. The business expanded into assembling Suzuki motorcycles, and tricycles and today is West Africa’s biggest motorcycles manufacturer.

Michael Boulos who was born in 1997 ( four years younger than Tifanny). He attended an international school in Lagos and lives in London from where he shuttles between D.C and London.

In early February 2020, rumors surfaced in Lebanese news outlets that the pair were engaged, these were shut down as the couple is obviously taking their time. Michael and his parents have been guests at the White House Christmas party and have also been spotted at President’s State of the Union address in 2020.

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