Samantha Colley Biography – 5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know

Samantha Colley is a brilliant British actress whose adaptability behind the camera has won the admiration of many TV viewers. Her love for acting has become a topic of discussion among her many followers on social media who think she is a workaholic. The actress has often talked about how she cannot do without acting and this is proven by her love for the make-belief world. Having only been in the acting industry for quite a short while, she has managed to put out a body of work that has stunned industry execs and her many fans.

As a TV star, she is known for her work on the National Geographic TV series called Genius in which she played the role of Mileva Maric. She has also acted in other series like Endeavour and Victoria. Samantha is also known for her various theatre productions.

Samantha Colley Biography

Samantha Colley was born on the 22nd day of March in 1989. The actress was born in Kent, a county in southeastern England, however, as a child she moved to Devon, another country in Southwest England with her family. It was in Devon that she grew up.

The identity of Samantha Colley’s parents has not been revealed. The actress is not an only child; she revealed in an interview that she has four siblings but has not disclosed what their names are or what they do for a living.

Details about the early life of Samantha Colley is not available. Nevertheless, we know that she has always been keen about acting and this informed the choice of what she studied in school. With her passion for acting boiling over, Samantha enrolled at the Oxford School of Drama where she honed her acting skills. She enrolled at the school in 2011 and graduated in 2014 with a diploma in professional acting.

Following her graduation, Colley went on to do some pretty great things both on theatre and on TV.

1. She has been both on stage and TV

Samantha Colley is experienced both on stage and on TV. She began her acting career on stage before transitioning to TV. She made her debut on stage in 2014 when she was cast in The Crucible, a play by Arthur Miller. Samantha played the role of Abigail Williams in the play which held at The Old Vic in London and wowed the audience with her stunning performance. In fact, her performance was so good that she received rave reviews and was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress WhatsOnStage award for her performance in the stage play which was considered by many as a five-star show.

After her performance in The Crucible, Samantha Colley went on to act in Far Away, a play by Caryl Churchill which also held at The Young Vic. Samantha acted as Joan in the play and also received favorable reviews. The next year, in 2015, she was cast in Klippies, a play by Jessica Siân which held at the Southwark Playhouse.

Samantha transitioned to TV in 2015 and scored her first role after she was cast in Endeavour, a British TV detective drama series in which she played the role of Nina Lorimer. The next year (in 2016), she was cast in Victoria, another British TV drama series in which she played the role of Eliza Skerrett. She played the role through 2017 and appeared in 11 episodes.

She got her biggest break on TV in 2017 when she was cast as Mileva Maric in Genius, an American anthology period drama TV series. The role gave her wider exposure as an actress and won her many more fans. In 2018 she returned to Genius, this time playing the role of Dora Maar.

Samantha Colley
Samantha Colley acting on stage with other actresses in the play ‘The Crucible’

2. Her net worth

This actress has made quite a fortune for herself over the years considering the work she has been able to do on TV and stage. She has appeared in top-ranked stage plays which even got her a nomination for an award. She has also appeared in TV series which earned her a lot of praise for her talent. Without a doubt, these have fetched her a considerable amount of wealth.

However, at the moment, the exact net worth of Samantha Colley has not been revealed. Some sources have claimed she is worth about $1 million but this has not been confirmed at all.

3. Love life

Samantha used to be in a relationship with Richard Armitage, an English movie star. The couple met and started dating in 2016. Their love affair intrigued fans as both Samantha and Richard seemed to be head over heels in love. The couple got engaged in 2017 and got fans anxiously expecting their wedding bells to ring. But then, to the shock of everyone, the couple called off their engagement and broke up. Neither Samantha nor Richard has talked about why they broke up.

At the moment, it is not clear if Samantha is in any relationship with anyone yet. With time, more details will emerge in that area of her life.

4. She is a tomboy

The actress once revealed in an interview that she is a tomboy. According to her, when she was a child, she hated to wear dresses and opted to wear men’s clothes. As she grew up, she still maintained her tomboy views of life. Today, she claims she is still a tomboy.

5. Height and Weight

Samantha Colley is not a tall or short woman but stands at an average height. The actress is reported to be 5 feet 6 inches tall. In addition, she has a commensurate weight of ‎127 lb (58 kg).

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