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For many, Mike Busey represents the best thing about the modern world. The dream of the liberal movement to create a world where everyone is free to be whoever they want, and do whatever they want, as long as they are not inflicting harm on others. To some, he is the definition of the danger of a world where personal freedom is the order of the day, where sexual debauchery and a lack of self-control are commonplace.

Regardless of what side of the coin one might be on when it comes to Mike Busey, there is no denying that his lifestyle and actions have made him one of the notable personalities in America today. Here is a quick look at his life, his background, and the famed Sausage Castle.

Mike Busey Biography

For every gospel, for every movement, there are those whose job is to preach and there are those whose job is to act. When it comes to the liberal movement, Busey certainly belongs in the latter. Mike Busey, whose real name is Michael Andrew Ward has been at the forefront of the quest for personal freedom. To him, everything is a party, everything is interesting, even boring details about him such as his date of birth which was on the 19th of December in 1980 is quickly made interesting when one learns that he was born to chronic drug users. Although he lived with his parents for a while, Mike was ultimately removed from his parents care and was split between living with other family members and in foster homes.

This childhood resulted in Busey living in a total of seven states during his formative stages. Despite the difficulty that plagued the beginnings of his life, Mike Busey endeavoured to live an upstanding life. He attended a private Christian college, Florida Christian College after graduating from high school in 1999. He joined the college on a basketball scholarship and while he was there, hoped to become a youth pastor. This dream got derailed after he was expelled from the school for accusing the President of the college of misappropriating funds.

This expulsion inadvertently led to the creation of the first iteration of the Sausage Castle. After expulsion, Busey was homeless and was forced to move in with seven friends who lived together in Kissimmee in 2001. Having grown up bouncing from place to place, unable to cement a place to call his home, Busey found home with his seven friends.

The first Sausage Castle (which is the name Mike Busey calls the home where he hosts his parties) hosted its first party in 2001. The party was promoted via fliers and mouth-to-mouth advertisement. As time went on, Busey became notorious for his parties, which became known for their craziness. His parties were known to feature different forms of entertainment and personalities, including notable members of the entertainment industry.

The popularity he garnered as a result of his parties has seen him get interviewed by national media outlets like ABC News Network, VICE, TMZ, and other major media organizations.

Mike Busey in one of his Sausage Castle parties

Since the first Sausage Castle, Busey and his friends have had seven different Sausage Castles, moving often as a result of complaints from their neighbors and losing one of them to a fire. Currently, the Sausage Castle is located on 80 acres in Lake County in Florida. During the growth from one Castle to another, Mike Busey has built his brand to become an all-around entertainer and entertainment provider. He owns the Mike Busey Live Show, The Busey Beauties, a podcast called Mike Busey Live Broadcast, and is also a club promoter.

Net Worth

Mike Busey has a reputation that makes him a national figure but it hasn’t reflected in his net worth just yet. The party man currently has a net worth of $250 thousand. His income is mostly from membership to his Live Shows and revenue from occupants of his Sausage Castle.

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Snapchat and Membership Information

One of the several entertainment options the Mike Busey brand offers is his Snapchat live show, MikeBuseyLive. He also offers exclusive membership to an array of Mike Busey entertainment options on his website, mikebusey.com. The membership provides benefits such as free Mike Busey T-shirts, a 15-year catalogue of videos and pictures of the Mike Busey lifestyle, online access to watch happenings in the Sausage Castle 24/7, chat with the Busey Beauties and document proof of monthly donations to veteran groups in the country.

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