Michelle Phan And Dominique Capraro – Are They Engaged Or Married?

Celebrities might live in a reality different from a majority of the population but there are still a few regular human realities they still get to be a part of, and that includes falling in love and getting married. All over Hollywood, there are plenty of couples who are locked in a loving relationship with each other. One relationship that might join them is that of Dominique Capraro and Michelle Phan.

Dominique Capraro and Michelle Phan, a model, and a makeup artist took the relationship between their professions to the next level in 2010 when they began to date each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. Now, it appears they are set to take that relationship further and become husband and wife.

Here is everything you need to know about Dominique Capraro and Michelle Phan’s relationship.

Who is Dominique Capraro?

As mentioned earlier, Dominique Capraro is a model. He has been one since he came onto the limelight via his participation in a beauty pageant, Mr Swiss some years ago. Born on the 16th of May, 1988 in Visp, Switzerland, Dominque Capraro began his career as a dancer before he found his calling as a model after the beauty pageant.

He has since grown his career to becoming a nationally recognized model signed on to Jaffa Models, a modeling agency based in Chicago. Over the course of his career, he has modeled for a number of brands but while his career has been a moderately successful one, it is his relationship with Michelle Phan that has elevated his popularity.

Additionally, Dominque Capraro is a graduate of Art history from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland and has an Instagram account, @dominiquecapraro with just over 90k followers.

Who is Michelle Phan?

Michelle Phan became a public personality through YouTube. Born on the 11th of April, she became popular via her channel, MichellePhan where she provided makeup tutorials. She was one of the pioneering channels of the beauty YouTube genre and was equally rewarded for it with over 8.9 million subscribers and over 1.1 billion views through her active period as a YouTuber.

Today, she is the owner of her own makeup line, Em, and she has her own company, Ipsy, a beauty products subscription service which was established in September 2012. As at 2015, the company was valued to be worth over $500 million.

Additionally, Michelle Phan is also the recipient of several awards and nominations, including the Streamy Award and the Teen Choice Awards. She has also been named in both Forbes and Inc’s 30 under 30 lists. She also has a TV and online network, ICON Network which is dedicated to creating beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment content for millennials and a music marketplace company, Thematic. Her entrepreneurial ventures have seen her accumulate a net worth estimated to be around $50 million.

Michelle Phan is an American-Vietnamese and a graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design and was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She has an Instagram account, @michellephan, with over 1.8 million followers.

What To Know About Their Relationship

Dominique Caparo and Michelle Phan
Dominique and Michelle are a married couple

As mentioned earlier, Michelle Phan and Dominique Capraro began to date in 2010 but they did not meet until 2012, engaging in a long-distance relationship for a period of two years. After they met each other for the first time in France, their love and affection for each other deepened and they have been in a relationship ever since.

For a long period of time, Michelle Phan and her boyfriend, Dominique Capraro were all over social media, posting pictures of each other as they went on trips together to different cities, including Japan and the US. Dominique also made appearances in some of Michelle’s YouTube videos.

Both of them seemed to be on track to become the next power couple and that possibility was further solidified when they were rumored to be engaged to each other.

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Following Michelle Phan’s decision to keep her relationship private and her subsequent disappearance from social media, there was speculation regarding the status of her relationship with Dominique.

However available information suggests that Dominique Capraro and Michelle Phan may have gotten married in the secret following some comments back in 2018 by Michelle on her Instagram page. Whatever the case might be, Michelle Phan and Dominique seem to continue to be a happy couple.

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