Who Is Maureen McPhilmy’s Current Husband After Bill O’Reilly’s Divorce?

If you are well acquainted with Fox News, then you will surely remember Bill O’Reilly’s ex-wife Maureen McPhilmy. She has been in the news for a long time following her divorce and custody battle with her ex-husband. O’Reilly’s 20-year-old career at Fox News Channel abruptly came to an end in 2017 after his settlement for the sexual harassment claims involving six different women.

Maureen McPhilmy is a public relations executive who came into the limelight following her marriage with the famous American journalist, political commentator, author and television personality Bill O’Reilly. He is the star of the Fox Channel’s Show The O’Reilly Factor and prior to his Fox News Career; he has also worked with CBS News and ABC News. Ride on, as we take you through McPhilmy’s bio, her husband, children and other interesting facts you need to know about her.

Maureen McPhilmy’s Early Life

Born on May 11, 1966, as Maureen Elizabeth McPhilmy to a middle-class family in Chittenango, New York in the United States of America. Her mother worked as a gardener while her father worked in a market. Her childhood was faced with series of hardships and terrible experiences. While she was growing up, her parent’s separated when she was just five years old and it wasn’t easy being raised by a single mother. There is no much information about her childhood including her educational background. It’s known that she attended St. Peter’s School and also graduated from a notable university. McPhilmy has been working as Public Relations Executive at the Public Relations Department till date.

What Happened Between Maureen McPhilmy And Her First Husband Bill O’Reilly

maureen mcphilmy
Jeffery Gross, Maureen, and Bill O’Reilly

Maureen McPhilmy has been married twice to date. She came into the limelight following her marriage to the notable political commentator Bill O’Reilly in 1996. The duo met in New York in 1992 and got married four years later in St. Brigid Parish in Westbury, New York. They were blessed with two children, a son named Spencer born in 2003 and a daughter named Madeline born in 1998. The couple was happily married and their marriage flourished until 2008 when things started turning sour between them. It all started when her husband’s long record of sexual harassment saw the light of the day.  Many reports have shown that O’Reilly has been settling sexual harassment claims since 2004. He has paid half a dozen women almost $50 million in settlement of sexual harassment lawsuits while he was still married to Maureen.

In addition to his infidelity, he constantly abuses his wife Maureen McPhilmy which led to her filing for a divorce. The couple separated in 2010 and the divorce process was finalized on September 1, 2011. She also filed a lawsuit for domestic violence, infidelity and emotional abuse in 2015. As per the custody of their children, O’Reilly lost the custody of his children to his wife following his daughter’s testimony against him. She witnessed her father chocking her mother while dragging her down the stairs by her neck. Madeline’s testimony led the court to grant McPhilmy the sole custody of their children.

Life After Divorce

After their separation, Maureen started a relationship with a Nassau County Police Detective named Jeffrey Gross. Her ex-husband continued to torment her in so many ways; he alleged that Maureen had tricked him into signing the divorce papers so she could use the money realized to fund her extramarital affair with the detective. He also alleged that Maureen had been receiving Holy Communion in the church despite being divorced and remarried, which is against the Catholic doctrine. This revelation got her ex-wife reprimanded in the church.

Additionally, Maureen has been living a peaceful and happy married life with her partner Gross. The detective had two children from his previous marriage to actress Kathleen McBride who died of cervical cancer in 2006. The couple has been living together with their four kids and there are no signs of divorce or controversies. They currently reside in upscale Manhasset on New York’s Long Island.

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Other Interesting Facts about Maureen McPhilmy

1. She was born as Maureen Elizabeth McPhilmy on May 11, 1966, in New York USA

2. There is no much information about her childhood and educational background. Nevertheless, she is a public relations executive.

3. Maureen married the American conservative political commentator and author Bill O’Reilly in 1996.

4. They have two children – a daughter named Madeline born in 1998 and Spencer born in 2003.

5. Her ex-husband O’Reilly was involved in so many controversies including sexual harassment, emotional abuse, and domestic violence which got him fired from Fox News.

6. O’Reilly’s 20-year-old career at Fox News Channel ended in 2017 following series of sexual harassment claims from several women.

7. Maureen and Bill went their separate ways in 2010 and their divorce was finalized in 2016. She got the sole custody of their children.

8. She is presently the wife of Jeffery Gross who is a Police detective and they both have four children. Two each from their past relationships.

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