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Marshmello is currently regarded as one of the best DJs on the planet. One of his stand-out features has to be his signature mask used to disguise his identity. Forbes, after thorough research, revealed the identity of the unknown DJ to be Christopher Comstock. Marshmello was launched into limelight after he began creating remixes of highly-rated songs.

Dotcom, as he is fondly by his fans, is also a record producer and internet personality. Notable amongst his released songs are Friends, Happier, Silence, and Wolves. Interestingly, all of these songs have received multi-platinum certifications in many countries all over the world. As an internet personality, Marshmello operates a YouTube channel that has over 42 million active subscribers and about 8.3 billion views.

However, the personal life of the award-winning DJ still remains a mystery despite Forbes’s revelation. This has led many of his fans into trying to find out more about their favorite DJ. Learn more about Marshmello, details of his net worth, and some other facts about him below.

Details of Marshmello’s Personal Life

Christopher Comstock was born on May 19, 1992 in the U.S state of Pennsylvania. This is primarily the only information about his personal life in the public domain. Not much is known about his family, educational attainments, and family background.

On the career front, it is known that the talented DJ marked his entertainment debut on March 3, 2015 with the release of his song Wavez. Prior to the release of Wavez, Marshmello was everything but popular; but unknown to his doubters, the single was the first domino to fall in a series of dominoes in his rise to stardom.

Following the release of Wavez, Marshmello went on to release other follow-up singles which went on to become instant hits. As soon as his songs began gaining traction on the SoundCloud music platform, notable DJs in the game began offering their respects and support. Skrillex, a popular musician and DJ, was the first amongst many to offer his admiration of the talented DJ.

As time went by, Marshmello began to transition out of SoundCloud into mainstream entertainment. The widely acclaimed DJ then started performing at live shows and concerts. Marshmello is credited to have performed at top venues like Pomona and Pier 94 in New York. The Pennsylvania native also got an opportunity to ply his trade at the Miami Music Week which he grabbed with both hands.

Regarding the talented DJ’s relationship status, there is very little information available. This is not surprising for someone who prefers putting on a mask when interacting with the public. From what we were able to gather, Marshmello is reportedly in a relationship with a popular Instagram star named Kelsey Calemine.

Kelsey Calemine
Kelsey Calemine: Image Source

The Release of Marshmello’s First Studio Album 

DJ released his debut studio album, Joytime, in 2017. The 10-track album topped the iTunes electronic albums chart on the first day of its release. The album, which featured songs like Keep It Mello and Alone, was both a critical and commercial success. Joytime was certified platinum in several countries across the globe, including the United States of America and Canada. The highly-rated album reached number five on The Billboard Dance/Electronic Songs chart.

Marshmello soon began going on tours across the United States and the world at large. His second album, Joytime II, did not enjoy as much critical acclaim as his first album. Despite that, the album was number 1 on Billboard’s Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart. His third studio album, Joytime III, was released in 2019 together with his debut EP which dropped in April 2019 and it featured a list of talented rappers. Other music stars he has featured during the course of his career include the likes of Noah Cyrus, Slushii, DJ Khaled, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato, among others.

Marshmello with the music group, Chvrches

An Insight Into His Career Growth And Other Exploits

The talented DJ also operates a YouTube channel, named eponymously after his stage name, on the sidelines of his DJ career. The channel displays contents ranging from music, gaming, and cooking. Marshmello’s channel currently has over 42 million subscribers and its videos have registered over 8.3 billion views so far, as previously mentioned.

Only most of his gaming fans know that Marshmello is an avid fan of Fortnite. Interestingly, his fondness Fortnite led him to create his own character in the popular game. He also organized a musical concert in the game which allowed many of his fans to attend.

Due to his successful career, Marshmello has been on the receiving end of many prestigious awards and accolades. So far, he has received about 21 award nominations, out of which he has won 6. The popular DJ is a one-time recipient of the American Music Awards, the Remix Awards, International Dance Music Awards, and the MTV EMA Awards. He is also a two-time recipient of the acclaimed iHeartRadio Music Awards.

How Rich Is The American DJ?

The DJ has made quite a fortune from his career and Forbes placed his net worth at an estimate of $21 million. This is quite impressive as Marshmello has not spent up to a decade in the entertainment industry. The above figure is partly derived from proceeds made from his career as a DJ and record producer.

Marshmello’s YouTube channel also adds significantly to his overall net worth. He is believed to be earning as much as $1 million per month and about $12.3 million annually from his YouTube channel. Another part of his earnings come from sponsorship and endorsement deals.

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Marshmello Has A Heart Of Gold

Christopher Comstock is not only known as the talented DJ Marshmello but also as a selfless philanthropist. He has helped raise several millions of dollars for charity across the globe. Marshmello, together with Tyler Blevins, after winning $1 million from a celebrity charity tournament, decided to donate half of it to Kids in Need of Defense (KIND) which provides legal counsel to immigrant and refugee children.

He has also shown support to many charitable causes across the globe. In October 2018, Marshmello supported a campaign by the ASPCA – American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. His acts of philanthropy is another reason why his fans love him.

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