Marshall Trenkmann – Everything To Know About Karla Souza’s Husband

The name Marshall Trenkmann might not immediately ring a bell but it should definitely matter to fans of How To Get Away With Murder. Since the critically acclaimed TV show hit the airwaves on the ABC Network, a number of actors and actresses have gained popularity through the success of the show, one of those actresses is Karla Souza, who famously plays Laurel Castillo on the show. The popularity of the Mexican actress has drawn interest in her personal life where we find that she is married to Marshall Trenkmann.

The union between Marshall Trenkmann and Karla has unwittingly made him a subject of interest to fans and admirers of the actress and a closer look at who he is has revealed the following information about him and his relationship with the actress.

Read below to learn everything you need to know about Marshall Trenkmann.

Marshall Trenkmann’s Biography

Unlike his wife, Karla Souza who was born in Mexico City, Marshall Trenkmann was born some time ago in America to American parents. The exact date and year of his birth are unknown and along with the unknowns are facts about his parents and siblings.

Not much is known about his basic education either but at the completion of it, Marshall Trenkmann attended Texas A&M University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. His exact course of study at Bachelor’s level is unknown but he went on to earn a Masters degree at the completion of it.

Since completing his academic journey, Marshall has worked in the finance and Oil industry. Considering the lack of abundant information about him, it is difficult to establish a timeline of his career journey thus far, but since he graduated, he has worked as a credit risk director based in Mexico working for CIB LATAM credit team, he has also worked as a manager of the CCB West Diversified Portfolio under the umbrella of J.P Morgan. His experience in the Oil industry comes from working with CIB Oil and Gas credit team out of Houston, Texas.

He currently works for J.P Morgan in Los Angeles, California as a credit risk director. His relationship with Karla Souza has also helped him develop a considerable interest in the film industry and he is currently a board member of the Center Theatre Group, and according to his wife, the couple has plans to have a production team.

What Is His Net Worth?

The Entertainment Industry and the Finance Industry are two industries where success is bound to make you wealthy, at least very above the average person. As for Marshall Trenkmann, via his career as a credit risk director for the finance titan, J.P Morgan, he has been able to accrue a considerable net worth estimated at $7 million.

His wife, Karla Souza, on the other hand, is believed to worth as much as $2 million having starred in a number of productions, including the long-running show, How To Get Away With Murder.

His Relationship with Karla Souza

Marshall Trenkmann
Marshall Trenkmann with his wife, Karla Souza during an event

Those who are familiar with Karla Souza knows she is a Mexican actress and she began her acting career in the North American country. Karla and Marshall Trenkmann met while she worked in Mexico and while he was working as a credit team leader.

Considering the disparity in his job and her job, the circumstances that brought them together is unknown but we know it did not matter as they went on to date for a long time, building a companionship that transcended the differences in their careers.

For a working actress like Karla Souza, finding someone who understands and supports the nature of your job is a critical element in a partner; thankfully this was something Marshall Trenkmann possessed in abundance and thus it was easy for her to say yes when he proposed to her in December 2013.

Marshall Trenkmann and Karla Souza got married in May 2014 in Tequesquitengo, Mexico, in a wedding that had their family and friends in attendance. After getting married, the couple relocated to Los Angeles, California and have since had a child, Gianna Trenkmann, a daughter, who was born in April 2018.

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Not only is Marshall Trenkmann a perfect fit for Karla Souza because he is a kind-hearted man, but he is one because he matches Karla’s physical beauty.

Marshall Trenkmann’s height and weight are not currently listed but it is known that his wife stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches and has a body weight of 53kg. However, there is no denying that he has a good-looking body with an athletic build that is further defined with dark brown hair and black colored eyes. He also wears a pair of glasses.

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