What Really Happened Between Marc Daly And Kenya Moore, How Much Is He Worth And Where Is He Now?

Reality shows have been fun and engaging ways for the American audience to learn more about some of their favorite public personalities and fall in love with new ones. On Reality shows like The Real Housewives of Atlanta, fans got a chance to meet and fall in love with Kenya Moore, who starred on the show between 2012 and 2019. It has also allowed fans to learn about her husband, Marc Daly, whom she got married to in 2017.

Though their union has since strained, Marc Daly has seen a growth in popularity through his marriage to Kenya Moore. With his fame comes curious questions from fans clamoring to learn about his background and life before Kenya Moore. In this article, we answer some of the questions often asked about him. Read on.

Marc Daly’s Life Before Kenya

Much is unknown in terms of the family background of Marc Daly. But he is known to have been born on the 12th of August, 1970, somewhere in the United States.

Daly didn’t get anywhere close to the spotlight until he met Kenya Moore and subsequently became a part of the show mentioned above. But then, this hasn’t done much to improve the depth of information about him. That said, he completed his education up to the higher level and has had a professional career as an investment banker.

Although the exact timeline of his career is unknown, Marc Daly is known to have worked for Credit Suisse First Boston Bank. He also spent time at Citibank as an investment banker, where he worked his way up to become Vice President.

Marc Daly spent a decade working in the banking sector before he quit the industry to become a restaurateur. A line of work that would later lead him to Kenya Moore, and make a public personality out of him.

He established his restaurant, a southern fusion restaurant named Soco in Brooklyn, and the restaurant boasts of cooking talents like Chef Kingsley John and mixologist, Bryan Smith.

Marc Daly
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Marc designed the restaurant to cater to blue workers in New York, and it has thrived well enough for him to attract the attention of one of the famous reality stars on television.

Other than his entrepreneurial efforts, Daly is also a philanthropist who has committed himself to several charity organizations and events. 

As you can probably tell from his fit stature, Marc Daly is a sports enthusiast. He is a huge soccer fan and primarily supports the English Football Club, Arsenal. He also coaches the Brooklyn-based kids’ team, Williamsburg Soccer Club.

He Is A Multimillionaire

Being the owner of an innovative restaurant has made Marc Daly a noteworthy businessman. His restaurant, SoCo in Brooklyn, is one of the better-patronized establishments in the famed city. According to an April 2020 estimate, the restaurateur has been able to amass a whopping net worth of $35 million. 

His wealth is also attributed to his previous career as a banker at Credit Suisse First Boston and Citibank. Mainly, his role as vice president for the latter must have contributed immensely to Marc Daly’s net worth today.

An Insight Of His Ex-wife’s Background And How They Met

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As for his popular wife, Kenya Moore is a former Miss USA and the second black woman to hold the crown. She made her entry into the spotlight in 1992 as a model and has modeled for a couple of brands, including the cosmetic line, Ebony Fashion Fair. 

She is also an actress who has starred in Under One Roof, Meet The Browns, and a couple of others. She also owns a haircare company, Kenya Moore Haircare.

Marc was introduced to Kenya Moore by a friend, Chef Roble Ali, in 2015, and according to the RHOA star, the spark was instant. Despite the magnetic attraction, however, the couple did not begin dating until the following year.

Despite being known for her perpetual quest for love on the reality show, Moore withheld details of her new-found love from everyone for the longest time. When she did, she referred to him only as “baby”.

The RHOA star was sure about her feelings for Marc. So confident that she was willing to marry him a month after their first date, but they both decided to take some time to get to know each and other and make sure it wasn’t just a crush.

Marc Daly’s Marriage To Moore And Their Subsequent Split

Whatever Kenya Moore felt at the beginning of her relationship with Marc Daly was not one-sided. Her decision to keep him away from the public glare was mutual, and he reportedly assured her that they were both in it for the long haul. 

According to Moore, their relationship was stuff for fairy tales. She wanted an incredibly romantic man who brought her peace and security, and Marc Daly was all that and more. Little wonder the two decided to make it a forever thing in June 2017.

In a small wedding that had a total of 10 people in attendance, Marc Daly got married to Kenya Moore on 10th June 2017. The wedding was so small that not even Kenya’s father was in attendance. The event held in St. Lucia.

The couple maintained the romantic theme of their relationship even after marriage; only this time, the public gets carried along via their social media pages. In November 2018, following a complicated full-term pregnancy, their baby girl named Brooklyn Doris joined the Marc Daly family, and all seemed to be going well.

Unfortunately, Moore would later reveal that their marriage had not been as smooth as it was at the beginning. In addition to constant fights and arguments, the former beauty queen said there she didn’t feel completely let into her husband’s life.

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When she had had enough, Kenya Moore released a statement on September 19, 2019, informing her fans of her separation from her husband. Her reason for not being able to continue in the marriage wore a blanket of privacy. Marc Daly also released a statement of his own saying the same thing. They both stated clearly that their daughter is their sole concern and would continue to co-parent her with love.

Rumor suggested that their divorce a result of multiple infidelities on Marc Daly’s side, but Moore put out the flames saying there was no proof of infidelity. 

Marc Daly’s Whereabouts Since The Split

Marc Daly
Marc is trying to reconnect with his lost family: image source

Despite their split, neither Moore nor Daly has filed for divorce yet. The two are currently working their way back to each other even as they focus on co-parenting their daughter Brooklyn.

Daly continues to tend to his business in New York. However, thanks to technology, the distance is taking nothing away from his efforts to get back together with his daughter and estranged wife.

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