Korean Hulk (Je-Yong Ha) – All About Lindsey Lohan’s Rumoured Boyfriend

For someone who dominated tabloid and gossip headlines during her younger years, much hasn’t been heard or seen from Lindsay Lohan in recent years, which resulted in her gradual decline in the public interest towards her. However, a resurgence in public consciousness has seen Lindsay feature in a number of bizarre stories, including converting to Islam and most recently, a rumored relationship with a South Korean bodybuilder, Je-Youg Ha, who is mostly referred to as Korean Hulk.

As far as couple pairings go, it is one of the strangest yet, and although the relationship has not been confirmed by either of the parties, the rumor mill hasn’t stopped churning out stories, fueled by pictures of them traveling around the world together.

As a result, we’ve come to take a closer look at who this possible boyfriend is, and why it is a strange pairing. Read on to learn more.

Who is Korean Hulk (Je-Yong Ha)?

He is popularly known as Korean Hulk but his real name is Je-Yong Ha. Not much is known about his background, including facts about his date of birth. So far, we only know that he was born in South Korea.

We know that he has spent over a decade as a bodybuilder and as a result, has been able to compete in various international and national bodybuilding events. He has also been featured in major bodybuilding platforms like Generation Iron.

Apart from his bodybuilding competitions, he is also a competitive arm wrestler and is ranked in the Top Ten best arm wrestlers in his home country. Korean Hulk also works as a spokesperson for a couple of brands such as Mate M Box, a company that owns and runs karaoke rooms.

He is also an entrepreneur who owns and runs a number of night clubs across Russia and Dubai. Aside from showing up his wealth and running his entertainment business, Korean Hulk is also a philanthropist who has his own charity foundation.

Relationship with Lindsay Lohan

Korean Hulk
Je-Yong Ha during one of his trips with Lindsay Lohan

Since Lindsay Lohan’s relationship history has been filled with enough strangeness to fill the pages of a book, it would be unwise to suggest that Je-Yong Ha, aka, Korean Hulk is not her type.

She has been on a number of trips with him, including trips to Russia, Greece, and Dubai, with videos posted from their various trips suggesting a close bond between the two of them.

However, since they have been appearing together in public together and in Instagram videos, they haven’t confirmed the existence of a romantic relationship between them, and at this moment, they are believed to be simply close friends. Especially, when you consider that in an age when celebrity couples make it a point to post pictures and videos of each other on their respective pages, Lindsay Lohan does not have a picture or video of herself and the Korean Hulk on her page.

Since she came onto the limelight, Lindsay Lohan has been in a relationship with over ten personalities, ranging from movie stars to sports stars, including names like Samir Nasri, Gerald Butler, Wilmer Valderrama, and many others.

Other Facts About Je-Yong Ha aka Korean Hulk

Je-Yong Ha, aka Korean Hulk has a body profile of 5 feet 4 inches. While his height is not the most impressive thing about him, he has a bodyweight of 109.7 kg. He also has massive biceps that are 22 inches in size.

As for his net worth, many publications have referred to him as a billionaire although there is little evidence of this. We do know, however, that he has a significant amount of personal wealth, enough for him to own a private jet and go on multiple luxurious trips around the globe.

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Due to his ostentatious personality, which has seen him draw comparisons to Dan Bilzerian, Je-Yong Ha is an avid social media user, particularly on Instagram, where he has a following of over 340k people on his account, @koreanhulk.

As a bodybuilder, he has competed and won a number of competitions, such as being named the national champion for bench press in the 270 kg category, the deadlift 340 kg category and the squat 320kg category.

Je-Yong Ha is a dog lover and has a large dog named Taeja. The dog is a Caucasian Ovcharka and he is a dog show world champion. The dog has a height of 1 meter and 20 centimeters and weighs 130 kg. The dog is worth an estimated one million euros.

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