Kim Anderson – Bio, Family and Facts About Stevie Nicks’ Ex-Husband

If you are well acquainted with the multiple award-winning songwriter and singer named Stevie Nicks, then you’d be happy to know more about her ex-husband, Kim Anderson. Stevie has become a household name in the American music industry, all thanks to her soothing voice and soul-touching songs. The songwriter/musician garnered huge fame through her stints with the British-American rock band, Fleetwood Mac where she serves as their lead vocalist. In addition to that, she has equally had a successful solo career through which she has released several chart-topping songs.

While her popularity has continued to increase, her fans have been so curious to know more about Kim Anderson; his relationship with Stevie and what led to their divorce. It is quite imperative to note that it was as a result of his relationship with Nicks that, Kim came into the limelight and since their divorce, he resorted to keeping a low profile. Learn more about Kim Anderson below, including his biography, family, and other interesting facts.

Kim Anderson’s Bio

Kim Anderson was born several years ago in the United States of America. However, the exact date and month in which he was born are not known. The much we know is that he is an American national and he belongs to the white ethnicity. More so, there is no information regarding his parents and what they do for a living. Similarly, it is not known if Kim is the only child of his parents or if he has other siblings.

Regarding his educational background, Kim has never given any insight with respect to where he completed his basic and higher education, when he graduated and what certificates he obtained.

While nothing is known about his childhood and educational background, it is also hard to deduce what career he pursued as an adult. There is no information online about what he does for a living. He only graced the limelight through his relationship with Stevie Nicks.


Kim Anderson was previously married to a lady named Robin Anderson (nee. Snyder). She is the daughter of Belva Boering Lucas Snyder and her husband, Robert lane Snyder. Born in the United States in 1948, Robin and Kim were married during the ‘80s. There’s also a dearth of information about Robin; however, it is known that she and Stevie Nicks were best of friends.

As the story goes, a few years into their marriage, Kim’s wife was diagnosed with blood cancer (leukemia). During this time, she was pregnant with her first child. After a long battle with the illness, Robin finally surrendered to the cold hands of death after giving birth to their son, Matthew in 1982.

Soon after her death, Kim got hitched to Stevie Nicks and their marriage didn’t last long before they went their separate ways in 1983. Since then, there is no news of Kim’s subsequent relationships and life after their divorce to date.

Kim Anderson Enjoys Keeping a Low Profile

There are so many celebrities who enjoy keeping their lives away from the media eye and Kim Anderson is not an exception. Stevie Nick’s former spouse has always been keeping a low profile, despite being married to a successful singer. He doesn’t enjoy the glitz and glamour that comes with the limelight and that is why nothing much is known about him.

He Married His Wife’s Best Friend – Stevie Nicks

According to reports, Kim Anderson was previously married to Stevie’s best friend – Robin Anderson. Robin and Stevie was an inseparable pair while she was alive. Just like the singer, Robin was also born in 1948 and they have known each other since they were 14. These two were very fond of each other and according to the singer, Robin was her speech therapist and it was Robin that taught her how to sing.

Their Marriage Lasted for Just Three Months

Although the best part of marriage is to live together forever until death do you part, this was not the case in the case of Stevie and Kim. The couple’s marriage ended right before it started. They got hitched in 1983, soon after Kim’s wife Robin Anderson passed on. However, three months later, their relationship crumbled, thus leading to a divorce which was finalized in the same year.

Stevie’s Marriage with Kim Anderson Has Been Her Only Marriage­

Stevie Nicks has been involved in several relationships, but her union with Kim Anderson happens to her only marriage. Beyond that, she has been romantically linked to notable music stars in the past. Some of her acquaintances include Lindsey Buckingham (1969-1976), Don Henley (1977-1978), Mick Fleetwood (1978), Jimmy Lovine (1981-1982), and Joe Walsh (1983-1986).

Despite her numerous relationships, Nicks does not have any kids of her own. According to her, having children will limit her chances of getting to the climax of her career. Meanwhile, during her relationship with Don Henley, the singer became pregnant. However, she had an abortion after a few months and since then, she has never been pregnant to date.

What is Kim Anderson’s Net Worth?

While it is not known what Kim Anderson does for a living, it is believed that he is currently living a decent lifestyle. However, his net worth is currently not known. As for his former spouse, Stevie Nicks, the singer has amassed a huge net worth currently pegged at $75 million.

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