Who Is Julie Yaeger (Paul Rudd’s Wife)? Here Are Facts You Need To Know

You would be forgiven if you can’t tell a thing or two about Paul Rudd’s Wife, Julie Yaeger. To a large extent, only a handful of people can really tell who she is apart from the obvious – being the love of Paul’s life for about two decades.

While her actor and comedian husband is super-famous for his starring roles in films and television series which are widely acclaimed, the same can’t be said about Julie. She has been contented with living in her husband’s shadow, but that ends here. The following are the facts of her life, the things you should know about her.

Who Is Julie Yaeger?

Even though we have been unable to precisely substantiate Julie’s place and date of birth, there are reasons to believe she was born in the United States of America and in the early 70s. Like most things about her, nothing is known about her early life and the family she came from. Her parents are not known just as it has been difficult to ascertain if she has siblings and who they are. Similarly, her educational background has been left to speculations. While it has been reported that she was a student of Whitesboro High School and an alumnus of Saint John Fisher College where she studied Marketing, we have been unable to verify these reports.

Nonetheless, it was authenticated that Julie is Jewish. She once worked as a writer, producer, and publicist sometime in the mid-90s. From what we learned, the lady equally spent some time working with establishments like Goodway Group and McDougall Communications where she carried out managerial functions. As a writer, she has been credited for being the brain behind the 2017 comedy film, Fun Mom Dinner and 2012’s This Is 40.

How She Met Paul Rudd

It all began when Paul was done with the shooting of Clueless and decided to relocate to New York. He eventually did and immediately commenced looking for a publicist, little did he know that fate has arranged a meeting with the woman who would become his life partner.

According to the Ant-Man superhero, Julie Yaeger was the first person he met when he arrived in New York. They started talking and he was promptly attracted to her perception of the world. It was only a matter of time before he asked her out.

Julie Yaeger’s Children

Julie Yaeger and her Family (Image Source)

Julie and the actor were lovers for 5 years before they became man and wife on 23rd February 2003. The Julie-Paul union blessed with two kids thus far has been a happy one. The couple welcomed their first child, a son in 2006 and named him Jack Sullivan Rudd. A handful of years later (in 2010), they had their daughter Darby Rudd.

Paul once expressed his hopes to have an enduring marriage with Julie; this was sometime in August 2011, during an interview with Elle. The actor pointed out that his parents were married until his father’s death. With that, he specified his intent to follow in his parent’s footsteps and hinted at his resolve to shun media attention in order to attain the feat.

Her Husband, Paul Rudd

Unlike Julie Yaegers, it is common knowledge that Paul Rudd was born on the 6th of April and in the year 1969. Named Paul Stephen Rudd, his place of birth was in Passaic, New Jersey. He’s Jewish and his heritage has been traced to Poland, Belarus, and Russia.

Paul spent the earliest years of his life in Passaic, his family later relocated to Lenexa, Kansas where he attended a public high school – Shawnee Mission West. Following his graduation in 1987, he moved on to the University of Kansas, majored in theatre, and then buttressed his knowledge at the British American Drama Academy. His acting debut came in 1992 with his Kirby Quimby Philby role in Sisters and marked the birth of his acting career which has been phenomenal.

Among the many prestigious awards and honorable recognition that Paul has earned for his contribution to the movie industry, he got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in July 2015. From his entertainment endeavors, it is believed that Julie Yaegers’ husband has accumulated a massive wealth estimated at $30 million.

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