Jewel Brangman – Bio, Family & Facts About Scott Eastwood’s Late Girlfriend

Jewel Brangman was an American fitness trainer who worked as a gymnastics coach and was also an aspiring model. She became famous after she got identified as a romantic partner of Scott Eastwood – a popular American actor and model who has appeared in many movies and TV series. For the record, Scott is the son of Clint Eastwood, a man who happens to be an internationally acclaimed actor, filmmaker, musician, and politician; he is considered one of Hollywood’s finest legends.

Because he is quite famous as an actor around America, Scott Eastwood’s popularity rubbed off on his girlfriend, Jewel, and she became a known face. Scott and Jewel dated for some time before she sadly passed away in 2014. Her death sparked an outpouring of grief around the country. We have gathered some facts about the late model for your reading pleasure.

Who is Jewel Brangman?

The exact day and month in which Jewel Brangman was born have not been established, however, some reports have shown that she was born in 1988. She was born and raised in the United States.

Not much is known about Jewel Brangman’s childhood and what she did while growing up. In fact, information about where she had her elementary and high school education remains unknown. It has, however, been reported that she attended college and successfully graduated before turning to fitness training.

Having always loved to keep fit and look good, Jewel discovered she would thrive as a fitness model and trainer and it was not long before she found her footing in the fitness scene.

Details about Jewel Brangman’s career are not very bountiful as very little is known about how she began her journey into the world of fitness. However, some reports claim she went into fitness to get into shape and fell in love with the gym. She consequently decided to become a professional fitness trainer.

She also aspired to become a popular model and actually landed a few modeling gigs before she sadly passed away. As a fitness trainer, she is reported to have worked with some celebrities and other persons. She was known to post photos and videos of herself working out on social media. She also loved dancing.

Her Family

Jewel Brangman was born to a father identified as Alexander Brangman, however, her mother’s identity remains quite vague at the moment. Jewel was very fond of her parents during her lifetime and often shared their photos on social media to celebrate them. Her death shook the family to its core.

It is not certain if she had any siblings with whom she spent her childhood. This is mainly because of the dearth of information about her early days.

Her relationship with Scott Eastwood

Jewel Brangman
Jewel Brangman and Scott Eastwood

The story of Jewel Brangman cannot be completely told without the mention of Scott Eastwood. It was her romantic connection with the movie star that launched her into the limelight, considering that Scott is a very popular movie star in America.

The exact time that the couple met and fell in love with each other is not known. However, we know that they dated for quite a while before she passed away. The couple kept the details of their relationship away from the public at first but it was later confirmed that they were dating.

How she died

Jewel Brangman died in a really painful manner. She perished in an accident on the 7th day of September 2014, while she was traveling from the city of San Diego to the city of Los Angeles, California. During the journey, she collided with the rear-end of a van and the airbag in her car burst open. However, the airbag was faulty and eventually caused her death.

Talking about how she died, Scott Eastwood explained that after the faulty airbag exploded, it shot a projectile through her body and even split her spine. Jewel died shortly afterward causing an outpouring of grief.

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How her father reacted after her death

Jewel Brangman’s death deeply affected her family. Granting an interview to ABC-10, her father explained that when Jewel died, his life changed because it was so horrific. He later told Los Angeles Times that he could not breathe and just had to collapse on the floor out of grief.

The man later filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Honda, Takata Corporation of Japan. He also filed a lawsuit against the rental company of the vehicle which she was driving; it was a 2001 Honda Civic.

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