Unveiled Truths Of Jessica Rogan’s Life With Joe Rogan and Facts About Her Family

Rising through the ladder of success from the scratch may have its ups and downs but is surely an interesting journey; one exciting part of it is that once you are at the peak of your journey, many find it difficult to believe that you were once at the lower part of the ladder. Jessica Rogan is just one out of the many Hollywood celebrities with such grass to grace story. We now see her on TV, the cover of magazines, and that makes many find it hard in believing she was once a cocktail waitress. Yes, beautiful Jessy who came into the limelight following her marriage to the notable standup comedian, actor, and television host Joe Rogan, was once a waitress.

However, today, she is not only famous as Joe Rogan’s wife; she has also worked so hard and made a name for herself in Hollywood and beyond. She is currently a TV producer with most of her husband’s shows in her name. There is certainly a lot to know about Jessica, especially on her marriage to Joe Rogan.

Jessica Rogan’s Family Background

There has been this misleading and confusing info online about Jessica Rogan being the same person as Jessica Schimmel, daughter of comedian Robert Schimmel; take it from us, the women are two separate individuals leaving their individual lives.

Jessica Rogan (Nee Ditzel) is not the daughter of the popular comedian and the daughter of late comedian Robert Schimmel is not married to Joe Rogan, has never been and will probably never be. Jessy, like her husband, is a very private person who enjoys keeping her profile and personal life away from the public; that has not in any way stopped the media from digging into it.

She has actually, to an extent, succeeded in becoming a mystic woman when it comes to her family background, but we certainly have found out a few things about her. She was born Jessica Sloan Ditzel on the 18th of July 1975 to an American middle-class family who resided in Sugar Land, Texas. Not much is known about her parents but she has an older sister named Trinity Ditzel.

For her education, she graduated from Doherty High School in Colorado Springs, CO, in 1993, after which she headed to California State University-Long Beach where she bagged a degree, her course of study is also a mystery.

Her Rise To Fame

With no prior background in the world of entertainment and showbiz, Jessica has today carved a niche for herself in the industry and become a name to reckon with but that didn’t happen in a day. After graduation, she tried her hands on so many things, including working as a cocktail waitress in order to earn a living before luck finally smiled at her and she landed a few modelling contracts, after all, she has the looks.

She actually modelled under a Chinese company called EM Model Management and after a while. Over the years, she has campaigned for a few brands as an ambassador. She still finds time for fashion and has been seen a couple of times at the Los Angeles Fashion Week. In 2013, she got a job with Volvo Motorsports as a product analyst and she has been working there for a while. She has also worked as an assistant for Rent-A-Car Enterprise.

Jessy is currently a TV producer, producing most of her husband’s shows. Asides that, she is also a member of his behind the scene crew of his movies and shows and has on countless times appeared in Joe’s podcast. She is also credited as an assistant producer for the documentary – “Hollywood and Divine: Beauty Secrets Revealed”.

Intriguing Facts About Her Marriage To Joe Rogan Revealed

Jessica was doing well and famous in her own little corner before her marriage to famous comedian Rogan brought her out and into the glaring eyes of the media.

Jessica Rogan spotted with her daughters – Image Source

Although the two love to keep their private life away from the eyes of the media, they have not totally succeeded in doing that. According to reports, the duo met in 2008 but some sources claimed they have known each other longer than that. They have always kept details about their relationship under wrap. The couple is hardly seen together in public places and events.

They got engaged later that year and exactly one year later, they tied the knot at a small wedding. Prior to their wedding in 2009, the couple welcomed their first daughter in 2008 and after their wedding in 2009, they welcome a second daughter in 2010.

As has been stated above, Jessica is a very private person just like her husband and has preferred not to share any of her personal details with the media, including the names of her children. Joe equally hardly talks about his family on his shows, as well as interviews. He has succeeded in striking a balance between his professional life and personal life.

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We currently don’t know what Jessica Rogan’s love life was like before she met and married Joe. What we do know is that she has a daughter from her previous union with H-Town leader Keven “Dino” Conner. The duo reportedly got married in the 1990s and welcomed a daughter Kayja Rose in 1996. The marriage collapsed on the basis of infidelity on the part of Kevin who died in 2003 in a car accident alongside his girlfriend (Teshya) at the time.

Kayja is all grown and bears the last name Rogan after being adopted by Joe Rogan. She is into music and is active on Instagram (ggoldencurlss) where she once shared a photo of herself as a baby being held in a warm embrace by mom with the caption ” Love of my Life”.

Joe currently serves as Kay’s stepfather, making the number of their children three. Unlike her husband and daughter, Jessica Rogan is not active on social media and has not granted any public interview, you can only catch a glimpse if you run into her on the streets of L.A with her adorable younger daughters. The family of five currently lives in Bell Canyon, California.

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