Jessica Delp – Bio, Parents & Facts About Kris Bryant’s Wife

Here is for you a clear proof of that agelong saying that behind every successful man is a woman. While the third baseman and outfielder for the Chicago Cubs, Kris Bryant has been making waves in the Major League Baseball (MLB) since he was drafted in 2013, many of his fans have been wanting to know more of his wife Jessica Delp.

So, in this post, we are focusing on Jessica who had been Kris’ girlfriend from when they were teenagers and who has inspired many of his successes over the years before they were finally married in January 2017. Her biography and family background shall have our attention as well as a host of other facts about the WAG.

Early Life

It was on March 4, 1992, that Jessica Delp’s birth occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada, the United States of America. An American national from the White ethnic background, Jessica also grew up in Las Vegas. Given her date of birth, Jessica’s constellation sign is Pisces by which astrologers would expect her to be uniquely intuitive, sensitive and self-sacrificing in her character.

Concerning her education history, we are yet to get details on her elementary school background. However, her high school days were spent at Bonanza High School (BHS) in the Las Vegas Valley. While at BHS, Jessica is said to have excelled in the classroom as well as on the sports field, distinguishing herself in Softball and Basketball. She graduated from BHS in 2010.

With high school over, Jessica Delp proceeded to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) where she majored in Psychology. She also continued to do well on the softball and basketball pitches, although there are no available records to show that she ever made it into the college teams in either game until her graduation in 2014.

Parents and Husband

Very little is known to us about Jessica Delp’s parents and family background. While nothing much is known about her dad, we already know that her mother’s name is Yoko Delp. As per Yoko’s Facebook page, she studied at Arizona State University and still resides in Las Vegas where she had given birth to and raised Jessica and her elder brother Tomo Delp. She also describes herself in her profile as a mother/baseball lover/business owner/LVACC (by which she most probably means Las Vegas Athletic Club).

By this, we know she owns her own business although we cannot tell her exact line of business at this time. We also deduce from this that she is a sports lover who even belongs to a foremost sports club. From here, one can understand where Jessica got her love of sports from and what helped to bond the family with Jessica’s future husband, Kris Bryant, which now brings our focus to Jessica’s marriage with Kris and the young family that marriage has ushered in.

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It may be of interest to you to know that Jessica and her husband had been dating each other from when they were both 16 and in their sophomore year in high school. Both of them attended Bonanza High School and seem to have been stuck to each other by Cupid’s arrow since then. After their high school and while Jessica Delp proceeded to the University of Nevada in Las Vegas (UNLV) for her college education, Kris went to the University of San Diego. Yet, the duo had bonded enough that even such a distance and time lag could not separate them.

So, as soon as both of them graduated from college in 2014, the next thing on their mind was to get married. With Kris having been drafted into Major League Baseball in 2013, they had little worry about finance. In December 2015, Kris proposed to Jessica while they finally got married in January 2017.

Other Facts About Jessica Delp

Social Media Presence

Jessica Delp has a social media presence on Twitter where she currently has over 30,000 followers since 2013 when she joined the platform.

She Is Her Husband’s Biggest Fan

On her Twitter account, Jessica Delp can be seen canvassing votes for her husband’s club, Chicago Cubs with the hashtag #VoteCubs while directing her fans to the voting page on the Major League Baseball’s official website.

Jessica And Her Husband Gifted Her Mom With A Car At Christmas

It was on December 26, 2017, that Jessica shared a video of the occasion where she and her husband gave her mom a black Grand Cherokee jeep as a surprise Christmas gift. In the post, Jessica explained how much her mother deserved the gift, having sacrificed so much for them both and supporting them all the way.

Where Does She Live?

Although one could have assumed this from the fact that Jessica and her husband come from Las Vegas while her husband plays with a Chicago-based club; nevertheless, we have confirmed from her Twitter account that Jessica has a residence in both Las Vegas and Chicago.

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