This Is Everything We Know About Jaiden Animations’ True Personality, Boyfriend & Brother

Creative people have always expressed themselves through various means, one of which is animations. While big-budget studios like Pixar dominate the animation world, the emergence of YouTube has given a chance for smaller names like Jaiden Animations to rise to the top of their craft and garner a huge following. Jaiden Animations is no doubt one of the leading animated video creators on YouTube, particularly in the film and animation genre. With over seven million subscribers to her channel, Jaiden has risen to massive internet popularity.

Her collaborations with other YouTube stars such as GingerPale, SomeThingElseYT, TonyVToons, and many others, have contributed largely to the wealth and fame she currently enjoys. While Jaden tells her stories using only animations, it’s been so hard to understand her true personality. Hence, many of her fans have become so curious, wanting to know more about their favorite YouTube star.

Who Exactly Is Jaiden Animations?

Before she became famous as Jaiden Animations, she was Jaiden Kiyomi Dittfach. She was born on the 27th of September, 1997 in Arizona to multi-racial parents. While her father is Caucasian, her mother is Japanese. Jaiden grew up in her birthplace of Arizona, where she attended the Red Mountain High School. Following her high school graduation, she enrolled at the University of Arizona, where she earned her bachelor’s degree.

Growing up, Jaiden usually spent her leisure drawing and playing video games. Her interest in animations seems to emanate from these childhood hobbies. Further developing this passion, Jaiden, who is already talented in drawing and storytelling, taught herself how to create animated videos with the help of some apps. In addition to creating animations, Jaiden also learned how to create soundtracks, which helps in making her stories engaging.

Considering her level of expertise in the field, one might begin to think that she trained professionally in the art. But no, Jaiden never studied animation in school or any institution. Surprising right? Outside of animation and YouTube content creation, Jaiden Animations is a fan of sports, especially individual sports like karate and tennis. She is also competent in playing the piano and violin. According to Jaiden, she was introduced to the latter instrument in high school.

A peek at Jaiden Dittfach’s personality reveals yet another surprising fact about the YouTube sensation. Contrary to what many might believe, Jaiden is a shy person in real life. The famous animator describes herself as awkward, anxious, and self-conscious. She has particularly suffered from disorders such as depression, anxiety, anorexia, and bulimia. Meanwhile, Jaiden adheres to a vegan diet, and she lives in Los Angeles, California.

How She Became So Famous on YouTube

After acquiring skills in animation, Jaiden didn’t launch an independent YouTube career immediately. She initially started with helping already established YouTubers to create animations. Jaiden precisely debuted on YouTube as an animator for Tiffany Herrera’s channel, iHasCupquake.

After she clocked 17, Jaiden decided to officially launch her career by creating her own YouTube Channel called Jaiden Animations. The channel came alive on the 16th of February, 2014, and she posted her first video some months later, precisely in July of the same year. Her videos are often anecdotes from her life, which she shares in an animated story format. She is also known to regularly vlog with her pet bird, a parrot named Ari, whom she often calls a brat or a dog.

After creating her channel, Jaiden Animations developed a good relationship with fellow animators like iHasCupquake, TheOdd1sOut, and TonyvToons, among others. Alongside her colleagues, Jaiden formed what they refer to as the “animation squad.” This friendly co-existence helped the then-budding star to increase her fan base, and just within a year, she was able to move from 100k subscribers to over a million.

Since she created the YouTube channel, Jaiden Animations has been able to grow it to almost 8 million subscribers with over 1 billion views as of this writing. Most of her videos garner views from 5 million upwards, with some reaching up to 15 million and more for just an individual video. With that, the animator has become one of the most popular animators trending on the platform.

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How Much Is Jaiden Animations Worth Now?

In addition to fame, Jaiden has also been amassing tremendous wealth from her YouTube career. Her channel reportedly rakes in an average yearly revenue between $61k and $990k. Jaiden Animations’ popularity has also led her to create her merchandise store,, and she also owns a Merch account, where she displays her merchandise, from plushes, backpacks, and stickers to t-shirts and hoodies. All these successful ventures have helped to grow Jaiden’s net worth to a whopping $4 million.

Meet Jaiden Dittfach’s Family Members

Jaiden with her brother and only sibling, Jax Image Source

Jaiden was born to Hugo Dittfach III and Lynn Dittfach. Both of her parents migrated to the U.S from Canada. Jaiden’s parents attended the same high school – the Georgetown District High School in Canada, and they both led a private lifestyle. Despite being active on Instagram, Jaiden’s mom, Lynn Dittfach keeps her account private.

Sharing her parents with her is Jaiden’s brother and only sibling named Jaxen Dittfach. Jaiden’s brother, who is popular as Jax, was born in 2001. He also attended the same secondary school as Jaiden – the Red Mountain High School. At Red Mountain, Jax was very active in athletics and aspired towards making a career out of it. He, however, seems to have shifted his focus owing to his sister’s massive media breakthrough. He continues to form part of the storyline in several of Jaiden Animations videos.

Jaiden’s Love Life At A Glance

A run through Jaiden Animations channel will reveal several interesting anecdotes about her life, but what you are not likely to find are details about her personal life, specifically the identity of her boyfriend. Jaiden isn’t known to be in a relationship, and that is certainly not for a lack of trying as one of her anecdotes once revealed that she was stood up on a date. It’s either that Jaiden is single at the moment or that she is doing well to completely keep that aspect of her life away from the media.

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