6 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Jack Kesy

Deadpool 2, the second film in the Deadpool film series, is one of the most popular movies to come out in recent times. The film introduced the world to several other stars like Zazie Beetz, Brianna Hildebrand and gave us another dose of Karan Soni. It also gave Jack Kesy the chance to star in a major Hollywood production.

Jack Kesy has been in the industry as an actor since 2009 when he appeared in a video short, Emina as Zoran. He has since starred in several other films and television shows with Deadpool 2 being one of the major productions of his career thus far. Here is a quick look at who Jack Kesy is and six interesting facts to learn about him.

Who is Jack Kesy?

Jack Kesy is a rising actor with roles across television and film. When it comes to his background, very little is known of Jack Kesy. He is known to have been born in New York City in 1986, but the month and date currently unknown. Not much is known about his parents except that they traveled across the globe. This resulted in Jack Kesy growing up in multiple countries like Germany, Italy, and Poland. His parents are also believed to be of Polish background.

After he spent some time in the US Military, specifically the United States Marine Corps, he headed to the United Kingdom, in London to study Theater Art at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. As someone who had his training in London, where Theatre is a big part of the industry, Jack Kesy appeared in a couple of stage plays. As previously mentioned, Jack made his first onscreen appearance in 2009 in Emina, a short film. After his onscreen debut, Jack Kesy did not appear in another project until 2011 when he starred in Yelling to the Sky. In the same year, he appeared in 8:46.

For the next couple of years, Jack appeared in a number of films with several of them being low budget productions until 2017, he starred alongside Dwayne Johnson as Leon on the film remake of the classic show, Baywatch. In 2018 when he starred as Black Tom in Deadpool 2 and Charles Jones in 12 Strong.

Jack Kesy
Jack Kesy and Niecy Nash on The Set of ‘Claws’

In Television, Jack Kesy made his debut in 2014 in The Strain, playing the character, Gabriel Bolivar; he starred on the show from 2014 to 2016. Other shows he has appeared on include Ray Donovan and The Alienist.

1. He Was Once Arrested for Cocaine Possession

It is not a surprise that celebrities, both in the music and film industry tend to engage in hard drugs, they simply try and hide it. However, Jack Kesy failed in the second part of the tradition when he was arrested in May 2015 for cocaine possession. Although he did not go to jail, he had a lenient judge who set his bail at a meager $10,000.

2. He is a Sports Enthusiast

It might be stereotypical to say but it comes as no surprise that Jack, a man, loves sports. However, while most men, especially in America, derive their joy from Basketball or Football, Jack enjoys Tennis and Boxing. He is known to frequently partake in the sports himself as part of his fitness regime and as a hobby.

3. He is Buff

Jack Kesy has played a couple of roles in Film and TVthat have benefited from his amazingly fit body. The 12 Strong actor stands at a height of 6 feet 2 inches with a bodyweight of 85kg.

4. He Has Strong Polish Roots

We still don’t know exactly who his parents were or what they did but we do know that they were of Polish background. In fact, Jack spent some time living in Poland before he settled in the United States. His Polish roots also manifest in his birth name – Jacek Kesey.

5. He is Single

Despite his astonishingly good looks, Jack is a single man. Since he became a part of the industry, he hasn’t been known to be involved in any public relationship. This has started rumors that the actor is gay but there hasn’t been any confirmation of that from Jack himself. He has, however, shown an interest in playing a gay character someday, as part of his desire to follow in the footsteps of several acting stars before him.

6. His Favorite Actor is Al Pacino

Jack, like several movie watchers after they saw The Godfather is a fan of Al Pacino. The Deadpool 2 actor has identified Al Pacino has his favorite actor.

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