Is Darren Knight Gay or In A Married Relationship? What is His Net Worth?

The profile of comedian Darren Knight on the Bang Productions website describes the humor artist as the fastest rising comedian in the history of America. Although this claim is certainly arguable, it is quite considerable in many ways. This reputation which is predicated on Darren’s social media alter ego ‘Southern Momma’ saw him named second on the list of ’10 comics to watch’ in 2018 by the very prestigious theater and vaudeville publication, Variety Magazine. He is surely one to talk about as we are doing here. Read on to get all the facts you need to know about the Just For Laughs star.

Darren Knight’s Early Life

Darren Knight
Darren Knight, his mother Donna Hills, and grandmother Faye Edwards (Image Source)

Born on March 14, 1986, Darren Knight is a white American social media comedian whom fans often liken to the Atlanta-born veteran stand-up comedian, actor and TV personality Jeff Marshall Foxworthy.  Darren, however, is an Alabama native from Munford.

Prior to becoming famous via social media, almost nothing was known about Darren except that he once worked at some K Mart and Sears stores. Therefore, details regarding his family background, education history and details of his early life are lacking.

As already said, Darren Knight came to be known via social media where he thrills his audience with the character of ‘Southern Momma’, especially on Facebook and Youtube. The first video he ever uploaded is entitled ‘Southern Momma Picking The Kids Up From School’. He testifies that the ‘southern momma’ character was inspired by his mother and grandmother as it portrays a typical mother from the Southern US going through the challenges of life and motherhood and the fusses that accompany it all.

As far as astrology goes, Darren is a Pisces. By this, he is expected to be open-minded, non-judgmental and compassionate. In agreement with this description, Darren has been noted for his advocacy against the use of comedy to criticize racism or promote discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation. He currently resides in Anniston, Alabama, the United States of America.

As an artist, Darren Knight is promoted by Bang Productions as already hinted. He has his online presence across Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. He also owns an official website where you can book for any of his tours and connect with him. If he owns up to the pedestal that his fans are placing him on, Darren is expected to succeed Jeff Foxworthy as the next star of redneck comedy.

Is Darren Knight Gay or In Any Relationship? 

Darren Knight is widely recognized as a gay rights activist. In addition, his stand-up routines are usually directed at the lifestyle of the LGBT community. He is not known to be dating or to have dated any lady in his over-thirty-year life on earth. As a result, it is speculated in certain quarters that Darren is a closeted gay. However, considering his gay advocacy, Darren is also known for advocating for racists because he is a firm believer in American freedom. For instance, he was recently under fire after complaining about fellow stand-up comedians using their sets to address issues of race, gender, and sexuality. Therefore, his gay advocacy may not be enough ground to conclude that the comedian is gay.

In any case, as already said, the details of Darren’s dating history remains a mystery. This may be blamed on the fact that he uses his comedy acts to divert a lot of attention away from his personal life. Despite being very much out-going in his attitude, Darren is known for keeping his private life really private. The result of the entire scenario is that no one can say for sure what his sexual orientation is. Nor can anyone tell who his romantic partner is.

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Darren Knight’s Career Earnings And Net worth

Darren Knight Just For Laughs
Darren Knight at a ‘Just For Laughs’ Comedy Pro Event In Quebec, Canada: Image source.

Darren Knight’s career as a comedian has a very recent start, but he is already going places with a series of tours in his schedule. Although his exact net worth is still under review, he is reported to have a yearly estimated earning of $20,000. He first went viral in 2015 after he had posted his ‘Southern Momma Picking The Kids Up From School’ video. The Alabama native then cashed in on the spotlight he received to build a very promising comedic career with huge amounts of dollar turning in.

Now described as the “fastest rising comedian in American history” across the web, Darren’s pedigree received a further boost when Variety Magazine listed him among its Top 10 Comics to Watch in 2018. Consequently, his social pages began to receive more views. With over 154,000 Youtube subscribers currently, Darren promises to be named among the topmost earning Youtubers on the Planet.


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