What Movie Is Christopher Backus Best Known For and Who Are His Wife and Kids?

Christopher Backus is a star among a galaxy. The American actor, director, and screenwriter is the husband of the 2006 Amnesty International Artist of Conscience Award winner Mira Sorvino. Through his marriage to Mira, he is a son-in-law to the veteran opera singer, sculptor, writer, businessman, and actor, Paul Sorvino. Also, the actor, director, producer, and screenwriter Rob McElhenney who created FX’s hit series, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, is a close friend of Backus. What is more? Backus is a son to a retired colonel in the United States Marine Corps.

The achievements of all these big names in the life of Christopher tends to becloud his career accomplishments. Yet, he has enviable records which we are here to share with you among other details about him.

How Did Christopher Backus Become an Actor?

It was on October 30, 1981, that the actor was born as Christopher Paul Backus in Mission Viejo, California. His mother is Teryl Backus who was a Colonel in the United States Marine Corps as already hinted. As for his father Late Terry Backus, he was a great attorney while he lived. Terry died while Christopher was only three. So, Christopher was primarily raised by his mother together with his sister Michele in Kansas City.

At some point as a child, Christopher Backus fell in love with acting. Not just as a spectator but as a career he sees for himself. It is difficult to tell which came first – college or moving to New York. But in 2003, he and his friend, Rob McElhenney, left the American capital of art and relocated to Los Angeles to kickstart their careers along with the start of the TV pilot season.

He Now Has Tens of Film Credits to His Name

The brave move to relocate to Los Angeles did not take long to yield fruit. Shortly after landing in the City of Angeles, he landed his first movie role ever. A starring role in the 2004 short comedy-drama film Benjamin Splits. In TV, he started with supporting roles in NBC’s hit sitcom Will & Grace and The WB’s teen drama series The O.C in 2005. He then starred as ‘Pete’ in Nick Vallelonga’s 2006 film All In opposite the superstar actress Dominique Swain. He also starred as ‘Lucas Snow’ in the 2008 action mystery-thriller film 3 Days Gone.


Now, more than a decade since he became a bona fide member of Hollywood, Christopher Backus has more than 49 acting credits to his name. His work cuts across TV and the big screen. His recent appearances include titles like Jett, Big Little Lies, Mindhunter, Beneath the Leaves, Bosch, and a few others.

His Best Work is on TV

Since he became a professional actor in 2004, Christopher Backus has done his most significant work on television. From Underground to Roadies to recent titles like Jett and Bosch, he is better known for his work on the small screen.

However, that is not to say he doesn’t have a footprint on the big screen. He has starred in more than nineteen movies, after all. Out of the 19, Domino Falling remains his best-known film. He earned an award nomination from A Madrid International Film Festival nomination for Best Lead Actor for his role.

Christopher Backus has Made a Lot of Money Pretending to be Other People

Christopher Backus has a net worth estimated at $7 million. He acquired the bulk of his wealth from his work as an actor though it is not the only source of his wealth. His other creative roles, such as directing and screenwriting, have also been significant sources of income.

Combined with his wife, Mira Sorvino, who has a net worth of $16 million, Christopher Backus is financially set for decades to come.

A Look at Backus’ Love Life

Christopher Backus
Christopher Backus and Mira Sorvino – image source

Christopher Backus is married to actress Mira Sorvino. The duo met in August 2003 at a friend’s charades party and fell for each other. After a few months of dating, they wedded on June 11, 2004. They married in a private civil ceremony in Santa Barbara, California before jetting to Capri, Italy for an exotic wedding ceremony and honeymoon.

Backus and Mira so far share four kids – two boys and two girls. Their first kid/daughter named Mattea Angel was born on November 3, 2004. Mattea was followed by a son named Johnny who was born on May 29, 2006. Another son, Holden, was born on June 22, 2009. Lastly, they had a daughter named Lucia, who arrived on May 3, 2012.

Husband to an Award-winning Actress

Christopher Backus’ wife Mira is a Harvard graduate and a respected actress. About 14 years older than Backus, Mira is the daughter of the famed opera singer and actor Paul Anthony Sorvino. Apart from being an Academy and a Golden Globe Award winner, Mira has won several other prestigious awards and nominated for even more.

For instance, in 1995 alone, she was the winner of a Broadcast Films Critics Association Award, Dallas Forth Worth Film Critics Award, National Board of Reviews Award, and the New York Film Critics Circle Award all under the category of ‘Best Supporting Actress’ for her work in the romantic comedy film Mighty Aphrodite.

She also won the San Diego Film Festival Award under the ‘Best Actress’ category in 2009.

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Backus’ Wife is Also a Prominent Activist

Also, a political activist, Backus’ wife Mira worked as U.N. Goodwill Ambassador to Combat Human Trafficking between 2009 and 2012. She has lobbied the U.S Congress to end human trafficking in the Sudanese region of Darfur.

Further recognition of Mira’s accomplishments includes getting named after a biological substance. The German-American entomologist, Thomas Eisner (1929-2011), known as ‘Father of chemical ecology’ named a dangerous substance after her. The substance, excreted by sunburn diving beetle for self-defense as ‘mirasorvone’, was named after her in honor of her role as ‘Dr. Susan Tyler’, an entomologist who was investigating deadly insect mutant varieties in the 1997 feature film, Mimic.

Other achievements include winning the 2006 edition of Amnesty International Artist of Conscience Award. The award goes to artists who have manifested a commendable philanthropic attitude.

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