Whatever Happened To Calysta Bevier Since Her America’s Got Talent Days

America Got Talent show remains one of the biggest shows in the world which not only entertain millions of viewers but also help in raising lots of young stars and giving them that rare opportunity to perform in front of the world. Without shows like this, the likes of Calysta Bevier may not have gotten the chance to live their dreams of letting the world know what they have in store within them.

Calysta Bevier blew millions of viewers away with her performance at the 2016 America’s Got Talent show. Caly, as she is often called, tug at people’s heartstrings with her beautiful rendition of Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song,” which earned her a golden buzzer from one of the show’s judges.

Although she never made it to the final stage, her impact was largely felt by millions of viewer who were in touch with her story, strength, and personality even as she sang her heart out. Years after her appearance in the show, millions of her fan still wonder what and where the talented star is and how far she has gone in her cancer survival journey. Here is what we are able to gather about the inspiring singer.

Calysta Bevier Biography

Born to Adam Bevier and his wife Missy Mason Bevier on September 17, 1999, Calysta Bevier is a native of Northwest Ohio. She was raised by her parents along with her three siblings namely Adam Bevier, LaVaya Bevier, and Gavin Bevier. The family now reside in Grand Rapids, Ohio.

Calysta’s father is a firefighter while her mother is a manager but despite their very busy life, her parents were able to discover her passion for entertaining other people when she was just three years of age. During her high school years at Otsego High School, Caly joined her school’s cheerleading team. She also participated in different talent competitions which she won some. Caly is largely known by her friends and close family as a fun-loving teenager who has an eye for fashion. Her hobbies include singing, making up and hanging out with friends.

The world, however, turned dark for the young and vibrant lady when at the age of 15, she was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. However, she received treatment at the ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital where the tumor that has grown within her body was removed and she recovered from the illness in August 2015.

Her Rise to Stardom

Calysta Bevier made her first attempt to stardom in December 2015 when she performed a rendition of Platten’s hit song, ‘Fight Song’ at the popular Ellen DeGeneres Show. Actually, Calysta first sang the song two months before she was invited to join Ellen DeGeneres. She first sang the song at a fundraiser event held by a cancer patient’s family, after she survived her own cancer challenge. The lyrics of the song embodies the strength and determination one needs to keep fighting. It actually speaks of her in her fight as a cancer survivor. Her beautiful rendition earned her the first taste of fame as the song went viral, gaining lots of views after her father uploaded it on a social media site. She became an internet sensation after she caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres who invited her to her show where she, in fact, got the chance to meet with Rachel Platten, the original Fight Song singer.

Calysta Bevier at Ellen DeGeneres Show: Image Source

Thanks to her popularity, Calysta got the chance to perform at America’s Got Talent season 11 where she sang so beautifully and earned a Golden Buzzer from Simon Cowell, the show’s main judge. This gave her a straight pass to enter the show’s quarterfinals. At the quarterfinals, she received a standing ovation from the show’s four judges – Mel B, Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, and Heidi Klum. She was also voted to enter the semi-finals where she performed but could not make it to the finals. However, Calysta Bevier got in contact with a good number of well-known celebrities like Joe Garrett and Bonnie McKee. She also signed a contract with a famous management company known as Primary Wave Entertainment.

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Where Is She Now?

Despite not being able to make it to America Got Talent’s final episode, the stage 3 cancer survivor is still making an effort to reach her dreams of becoming a famous singer. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Caly appears to be grossly engaged with different activities as she’s being booked for different events all over America. She is working out her musical career with celebrities like Bonnie McKee (Katy Perry), Jocelyn Alice, Drew Pearson, Joe Garrett, Kinetics & Hailee Steinfeld and many more.

Other activities Calysta Bevier has been involved with include the Philly Fights Cancer which she co-headlined with John Legend; sang the US national anthem at 3 NFL games, and performed on the CBS show Jump, Jive & Thrive. You may also be seeing her in a film where she would be cast as the daughter of  Keith Urban and Sandra Bullock. The film will also feature her singing.

As a cancer survivor, Calysta Bevier is also involved with different programs that include awareness about the disease, restore hope to cancer patients and survivors, and more importantly, raise funds for cancer research. In 2008, she released her first original single called “Soar.” The song, according to Bevier, talks about letting go even if it concerns death.

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