Unveiling The Hidden Details of Jon & Nicole Taffer’s Marriage, Kids and Divorce

The premise of the reality TV show Bar Rescue revolves around a man helping restaurant and club owners transform their businesses into successful franchises. This might seem boring on paper, but it has transformed Jon and Nicole Taffer into successful public figures. They built the show, which has been airing for over six years.

Aside from the success of the show, Jon and his wife have formed a marital partnership that has lasted for several years, beating the odds of marriages in the entertainment industry. We took a closer look at their marriage and relationship and here’s what we found.

Details of Jon Taffer’s Life Before He Met Nicole

The restaurateur and TV personality was born on the 7th of November 1954 in Great Neck, New York. He is a graduate of William A. Shine Great Neck South High School and also attended the University of Denver, where he studied political science, minoring in cultural anthropology.

His journey in the world of bars began in 1973 when he worked as a bartender for Barney’s Beanery in West Hollywood. At the time, he also worked as a member of a live band. Jon worked as a bartender for five years before he got his chance to become a bar manager in 1978 at The Troubadour night club. After two years of managing the bar, he gained full control and infamously fired every single staff.

Jon Taffer would later become a bonafide owner of a bar in 1989 when he opened his first bar. Since then, he has grown in reputation and prestige in the nightlife circle, recording several achievements, including getting inducted into the Nightclub Hall of Fame.

Before getting his role on Bar Rescue, he accomplished significant achievements like patenting an apparatus and method for bars to select and play music. He is also credited with inventing an NFL Sunday Ticket pay programming package and serving on the NFL Enterprises Board for three years.

Although there is a popular belief that Nicole Taffer is Jon’s first wife, the truth is that she is his second. Jon was previously married to another woman in his younger days, and so far, he has kept details of her existence and their marriage away from the media.

How Has Jon and Nicole Taffer’s Marriage Fared?

Jon and Nicole Taffer got married in the year 2000. While details of how they met and fell in love are hard to come by, it is believed that they dated for several years before deciding to seal their marriage at the altar in the year 2000. While it is clear that they love each other and have a strong marital partnership, the couple has also proved to be strong business partners over the years.

Jon and Nicole Taffer work together on his show, Bar Rescue; while Jon is the primary host of the show and the protagonist who goes around the country looking for a failing bar to fix, his wife plays a spy. She would visit a bar as a customer, but her goal is to determine how it runs and see if it is worth rescuing.

Officially a market recon specialist, Nicole Taffer began appearing on the show in 2011, making her debut in the Fallen Angels episode. She has appeared in a total of twelve episodes thus far.

Are They Getting a Divorce?

People began to ask that question when she stopped appearing on the show in 2013. While the reason for this is yet to be known, it was rumored in some quarters that Jon and Nicole Taffer are getting a divorce. Among other things, it was also rumored that she is dead.

As time has always been faithful in revealing the truth of any matter, it was later confirmed that none of the rumors were true. After a couple of years of working from outside the show as her husband’s biggest supporter, she made her reappearance in 2015, although it was just for a solitary episode.

Despite her absence on the popular show, Nicole Taffer has continued to remain a popular figure on social media, where followers of the show have embraced her Instagram and Twitter pages.

Jon Taffer and Nicole Taffer
Jon and Nicole during a Keep Memory Alive event

Jon and Nicole Taffer’s partnership extends to philanthropy as they are joint supporters of Keep Memory Alive, a nonprofit organization focused on raising awareness and funding the research and diagnosis of memory disorders. With Jon Taffer expanding his show catalog with the premiere of Marriage Rescue, Nicole Taffer is expected to become more active in the Jon Taffer media empire. They live together in Las Vegas with their dogs Moxie and Winston

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The Kids of Jon and Nicole Taffer

For a couple that has been married for decades, it is widely expected that Jon and Nicole Taffer are parents to some kids. However, this is not so. To the best of our knowledge, the couple hasn’t had any child together but are parents to Samantha Taffer and two dogs.

While Samantha Taffer is often reported to be their only child, and rightfully so, she is Jon’s child from his first marriage. Samantha was born in 1989 and has bagged several credits for serving as a Bar Recon Specialist on Bar Rescue. Practically, nothing is known about her biological mother, and why she parted ways with Jon, but we have been able to make some deductions from some facts the latter offered. 

In a chat with brobible, Jon related that he and his first wife got a divorce after they became business partners. With that, he implied that they abandoned their marriage over financial issues. Jon also hinted that his marriage to Nicole has endured many years because he prioritizes her in the union. Based on what he said, Nicole is very significant to him, and he goes all out to please her because of that.

Jon and Nicole Taffer are now grandparents as Samantha gave birth to a daughter named Rhett Hanley sometime in 2019.

Yeah, Samantha is a married woman. She has been a wife to Cody Hanley since 2015, and they reportedly got married on the 15th of September that year.


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