What is Shayanna Jenkins’ Net Worth After Aaron Hernandez’s Suicide and Where is She Now?

Shayanna Jenkins’ Instagram bio describes her as a person who life has knocked down but always gets up and this is quite fitting. Back in 2013, the lady found herself in a position that she couldn’t wish her worst enemy as her promising football star of a fiancée, Aaron Hernandez, was charged with murdering one of his pals. As can be expected, such a sensational revelation threw a spotlight on Hernandez’s loved ones including Shayanna.

That invasion of privacy continued all throughout his trial and things went from bad to worse after he committed suicide in prison in 2017. It has been years since that unfortunate turnout and Shayanna has valiantly moved on with her life and even has a new man on the horizon. Fans however keep on throwing her name together with that of Hernandez including insinuations that she inherited a large sum of money from him which has largely contributed to her present net worth of $2 million.

Sources that have contributed to Shayanna Jenkins Net Worth

She Reportedly Got about $500,000 from her Late Fiancée

A large portion of Shayanna Jenkins net worth comes from her late fiancée who was a promising NFL star. Aaron Hernandez initially made waves as a tight end in the collegiate division where he won the BSC and SEC championships and also received first-team all-American and all-SEC honors. He was subsequently drafted into the NFL in 2010 and received a four-year contract, worth $2.37 million, from the New England Patriots.

This contract only ran for two years as the Patriots offered Hernandez a much improved five-year deal worth $40 million in August 2012. This was in recognition of his impressive team contribution and he was set for even greater things. Unfortunately, he was charged with murder barely a year later and so much of the contract sum went down the drain. The Patriots voided all of Hernandez’s salaries from 2013 to 2018. They also withheld part of his signing bonus meaning that he most likely did not earn much from that $40 million sum.

According to Spotrac estimates, Hernandez earned about $11.236 million during the three years that he spent the Patriots. He also made a tidy sum from endorsement deals with the likes of CytoSport and Puma. Much of these earnings were dissipated by the player over the years and so by the time he landed in prison, he didn’t have much. It was from the little remaining that he informed his attorney to give $500,000 to Shayanna. He also instructed that she be given a monthly allowance of $3,000 for her and their daughter’s upkeep.

Shayanna Jenkins Inherited Hernandez’s $1.5 Million Home in Massachusetts

By the time Aaron Hernandez committed suicide, his estate was worth $0 and had no identifiable personal assets or monies available. The only thing of value remaining was the 11-bedroom house that the deceased star had in North Attleborough, Massachusetts. He and Jenkins had lived in that house for several years and seeing as he had no will, she was given the power to dispose of the property. She put it on the market for $1.5 million but it could only fetch $1 million. It is reasonable to assume that this amount went to Jenkins but it is also possible that the reverse was the case as they were many legal claims against Aaron Hernandez’s estate.

The team of lawyers who defended him in his two separate murder trials, one of which was a double homicide, claimed that they were owed about $2 million. The families of the three men that the player had been accused of killing, namely Odin Lloyd, De Abreu, and Safiro Furtado, also filed separate wrongful death lawsuits against his estate seeking compensation of about $6 million each. The exact outcome of these lawsuits is not known. It is either it was settled or was withdrawn by the parties who sued after making peace with the fact that they could wring nothing more out of Aaron Hernandez’s estate.

Shayanna Jenkins has Moved on To a New Relationship

Shayanna Jenkins faithfully stuck with Aaron Hernandez all throughout his legal ordeals and indeed hoped that they would one day put the whole thing behind them and moved on together as a loving family. That failed to materialize but the young lady is not giving up on life. She is forging on as much as she can and now has a new man on the horizon. Named Dino Guilmette, Jenkins’ new beau is a former model-turned-amateur boxer. He is originally from Rhode Island and has an MBA in finance.

Jenkins and Dino kick-started their relationship in 2017 after meeting through mutual friends. They make their home in Providence, Rhode Island and their romance is going strong.

She is Now Engaged and a Mother of Two

The couple is engaged to be married and even welcomed a daughter, named Giselle, in June 2018. This is the first for both of them together but they each have a daughter from previous relationships (Shayanna and Aaron previously welcomed a daughter named Avielle in 2012).

The blended family of five make their home in Providence and details about their lives are really scarce. The only sneak peeks that the public got was Shayanna’s Instagram posts (which showed that they were living rich and full lives) but even that has stopped as she took a self-imposed exile from the platform in January 2020. This followed the release of a Netflix documentary relating to Hernandez which she criticized.

Jenkins is part of Netflix’s new docuseries, Killer Inside.

Aaron Hernandez’s life story reads like a movie script and as such, it is not surprising that many news articles and investigative reports have been dedicated to it. One of the latest is the Netflix documentary, Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez, which was released in January 2020. Geno McDermott directed the documentary, and it came in three parts which x-rayed the player’s formative years, rise to fame in the NFL, subsequent murder trials, life in jail, and suicide.

Utilizing court recordings, interviews from relatives, and close pals as well as phone calls made by Hernandez in jail, the documentary also explored speculations that the deceased player was possibly gay or at least bisexual. It was this part of the documentary that Jenkins had issues with.

“You can’t describe someone’s sexuality without them being here,” Shayanna told GMA, per People. “Although I have had a child with Aaron, I still can’t tell you what he was feeling inside, no one can.”

She disclosed that you can’t describe one’s sexuality without them being there and maintained that she couldn’t say whether her late fiancée was bisexual. She however maintained that she wished that he had opened up to her as it wouldn’t have made any difference in her love for him.

Another issue that the documentary explored was that the fact that Hernandez suffered from severe CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). This is a brain disease that causes repetitive brain trauma and results in poor judgment, lack of impulse control, aggression, anger, emotional volatility, and rage behavior. The disease was reported to be a result of the hits that Hernandez took to the head as a football player, and many argued that this might have resulted in his murderous actions. Shayanna Jenkins agreed with this portion of the documentary as she had pursued a similar claim. Back in 2017, she sued the NFL on the grounds that they were responsible for the severe CTE that Hernandez suffered before and at the time of his death. She demanded the sum of $20 million but this did not go far as she dropped the suit a month later. She stated that she would reinstate same but that is yet to happen.

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