Bree Morgan – Profile and Facts About Cole Sprouse’s Ex Girlfriend

Always sporting a good-natured smile on her lips, Bree Morgan is an Instagram star whose gentle appearance has endeared her to many people on social media. Bree has managed to build a community of loyal followers over the years who were attracted to her digital-savvy designs which she employs to spice up the videos and photos she posts online. She also has a YouTube channel where she regularly posts her videos. Additionally, Bree is active on different social media platforms including Twitter, Twitch, and even Tumblr.

Apart from being known for her work on Instagram and YouTube, Bree Morgan is also known as the ex-girlfriend of Cole Sprouse, a popular American actor who is known for the role he played as Cody Martin on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, a Disney Channel series which made waves with its comical touches.

Bio of Bree Morgan 

Bree Morgan was born on the 7th of February 1992; the Instagram star was born in the US state of Washington. The identity of Bree Morgan’s parents has not been revealed but we know that she is very fond of her parents. She has often spoken about her father and mother and how they gave her an enabling environment to become who she has become. It is not known if Bree Morgan has a sibling with whom she grew up or if she is an only child of her parents.

Not much is known about how Bree spent her early days in Washington. However, we know that was an avid lover of gaming right from when she was a child. Her father is credited with teaching her how to play video games and she became obsessed with it.

The high school that Bree Morgan attended is not known, however, we know that she attended the University of New York. Though a gentle-looking woman, Bree Morgan has always been known to be a strong-willed person who is determined to do things her own way. This has helped her become the social media sensation she has come to be.

1. Her romance with Cole Sprouse

Bree Morgan’s story will not be complete without the mention of Cole Sprouse. This is because her relationship with him is what helped her popularity to grow on the internet. Cole is a very popular actor who has made appearances in some topnotch Hollywood movies and has even won awards in recognition of his awesome work on screen. His fame rubbed off on Bree and she gained popularity herself.

Bree Morgan
Bree Morgan and Cole Sprouse

Bree Morgan and Cole Sprouse met while they were students at New York University. Cole, who started acting as a child, was already popular at the time and so had many fans. When the news emerged that Cole was dating Bree, his fans began to try to find out who she was and this brought her to the limelight. Their relationship was quite widely talked about around social media. However, they did not last for too long together.

In 2015, the couple started to fall apart and their relationship went sour. They soon parted ways and moved on to other partners.

2. Journey to social media stardom

Bree Morgan started her adventure on social media in 2013 when she opened a Tumblr account and began blogging. She gained quite some attention on Tumblr and then branched off to other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Bree became famous on Instagram when she started posting pictures and videos that were digitally enhanced and thrilling to view. She later created her own YouTube Channel under the name Bree Bunn. She now has as many as 80,000 subscribers on the channel.

Over the years, she has worked with other social media stars and YouTubers including Rachel Whitehurst and Daun Mckenzie to spice up her posts.

3. Who’s she currently dating?

After leaving Cole Sprouse, Bree Morgan moved on to another person. She is now in a relationship with a man identified as Ryan Williams. She is often seen uploading photos of the man on her page every now and then. The photos show them in loved-up positions.

4. She has been a brand ambassador

Over the years, Bree Morgan has gained quite a lot of attention for the work she does on social media and brands came calling for her to model for them and be their ambassador. Bree has been the brand ambassador for companies like MixxMix and others.

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5. Bree Morgan’s net worth

Apparently, Bree Morgan has made quite a fortune for herself over the years. With a YouTube channel that boasts of over 80,000 subscribers and an Instagram page that has nearly 150,000 followers, the social media star is expected to have made money off her trade on the platforms. She has been a brand ambassador and has modeled for brands in the past. These ventures have, without doubt, fetched her good money.

However, her exact net worth has not been revealed at the moment. With time, the figure might emerge.

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