Who Is Bessy Gatto? The Wife Of Joe Gatto From Impractical Jokers

Fans of Impractical Jokers, one of the best comedy shows on television will certainly know Joseph ‘Joe’ Gatto, one of the members of the comedy troupe called The Tenderloins who present the show. He is a married man who has been married to Bessy Gatto since 2013.

Bessy Gatto and her husband have been able to live a comfortable life thus far based on the success of the show, which has spent a total of eight seasons on the air with over 170 episodes. Since their marriage in 2013, the family has grown in size too as they currently have two children. Learn more about Bessy Gatto, wife of one of the funniest men on television below.

Who is Bessy Gatto?

There are several paths to fame and for many, it is down to what they have achieved in their chosen profession. For others, it is their proximity to what someone else has achieved, like a friend or family member. Bessy Gatto was a regular civilian before she was transported into a higher level as a celebrity through her marriage to Joe Gatto.

She was born on the 11th of April, 1982, and until she fell in love and got married to Joe Gatto, nothing was known about her background. This has largely remained the same since the marriage. Her education history and the possibility of siblings are all part of her life that is best described as pre-Joe Gatto. When it comes to her parents, all we know is that they live in California.

While we do not know what she did prior to meeting Joseph Gatto, we know that since she met him, she has become his social media manager, with certain sources also referring to her as his business manager. Bessy Gatto has an active social media presence on Instagram and Twitter that she uses in the promotion of her husband’s work. She has a combined followership of over 50,000 people. She is also known to be a vegan and an advocate for animal rights.

What is Her Net Worth?

Not much is known about her career independent of her husband, but it is believed that due to her position as the wife of Joe Gatto, who has a successful show, Bessy Gatto has been able to build a net worth of $500,000.

Meet Her Husband (Joe Gatto) and Their Kids

Bessy adopted the Gatto name on the 2nd of September 2013 when she got married to Joe. Their marriage was officiated by the notably Revered Sal Vulcano, who used to be a former member of the comedy troupe. Since that time, the couple has been flourishing. A quick look at her Instagram handle @bessygatto, shows the growth of their family and the love that resides in it.

Bessy Gatto, her husband, Joe Gatto and their daughter, Milana

They gave birth to their first child, a girl in May 2015 and named her Milana Francis Gatto and their second child, a boy was born on the 31st of July, 2017. He is named Remington Joseph Gatto. They also own two dogs. The family currently resides in Lynbrook, New York.

What To Know About Joe

Bessy’s husband, Joe Gatto was born on the 5th of June, 1976. He started his career in 2000 as an improvisational comedian. It was a strong deviation for someone who studied accounting and worked briefly as a salesman. He is considered a co-founder of The Tenderloins which comprises of three other members. The comedy troupe was originally formed in high school at Monsignor Farrell High School in 1990 but after graduation, they pursued their individual interests only to be reunited permanently in 1999 as an improv group.

Apart from his Tenderloins responsibilities, Bessy Gatto’s husband, Joe Gatto is also the co-host of a podcast named PBR which is short for Pizza Beer Revolution. As a man of considerable popularity and influence, he is a philanthropist who uses his platform in the promotion of nonprofit organizations. Some of the notable organizations he supports are Daniel’s Music Foundation, Hero Round Table and Pop Culture Hero Coalition.

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Height & Weight

Being funny has its privileges and one of it for Joe Gatto was marrying Bessy Gatto who is a stunningly beautiful woman. The wife of the comedian stands at 5 feet and 3 inches tall. Her weight is currently unknown. The comedian’s social manager has dark brown long hair and has dark eyes, both of which complement her beautiful frame. She is also of white ethnicity.

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